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How to stop being addicted

Originally posted 3/28/2014. Updating May 2016

This post is actually getting some views so i'm going to be updating it. I wrote most of it in a couple sittings a couple years ago. I had just figured out or at least accepted the real 'nature of addiction' and it started to work for me. That made me want to share it.

There was this desperate and excited energy which may make for a strained read - but also kinda fits in with the subject matter. It's also a little repetitive but that's because it may take hearing the same thing said 10 different ways before it clicks. If you already understood it enough you wouldn't need to read it! This is also something I come back to and re-read when I need a reminder.

I can say that in the years since I wrote this that i've been doing better than ever and the information is valid. It works.

 You're not an addict, you're a person addicted to an addictive substance. If you think it's more complicated th…