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4/28/2016 3:46:18 PM Last night consisted of a new yet all to familiar insomniatic hell. Couldn’t sleep. Couldn’t find anything I wanted to watch. Couldn’t stop thinking. I could literally feel my brain re-adjusting to yet another new ‘plan’ just as I had gotten settled into one that I felt comfortable and excited about. Now the doubt seeps in. Is this feeling of un-easiness because I am just adapting? That I have to work on something I don’t really want to – something that I’ve done before and failed to finish again and again? Or is it because it’s the wrong decision?
Are my 'feelings' of fear a genuine sign, or just a façade to keep me from progressing? It’s a feeling I get about doing anything I don’t really want to but it’s also kinda how it feels when it’s something that I shouldn’t be doing. Sometimes I can’t tell the difference. This decision makes logical sense. I think it’s just that it’s been almost 10 years and it’s the same thoughts and fears over the same thing? Like…

Mona Lisa / da Vinci/ Salai Theory: iDenity

Yesterday I checked my google alerts and saw dozens of stories with headlines like "Mona Lisa claimed to be da Vinci's boyfriend" and various other variations on very high profile news sites. I was excited at first because that has been a theory I've been developing over the last 10 years and is the basis of a book I've been working on. I then realized it had been released by someone else. Someone who was also on a National Geographic episode we were both on a couple years ago. I thought I would post another blog about the theory and the timeline in case the increased interest the news articles brought more readers here. Hi!

Click on the link to view my site which has more information and graphics. Mon Salai (my site) There is more to the theory which I'm not going to post yet for what should seem like obvious reasons if you stick around.

The themes being released by someone else does take away from the impact and validity of my work when I do try and  relea…

The Earth is Flat (sike) Intro to Magical Thinking

What if I told you there is a secret that is so big that you would never, could never, believe it could be so well kept. That would completely change everything you know about the world around you... Everything you knew was a lie. Are you ready to be be deceived?!

Cue intense music and poppy graphics pewww pewww pewwww!!!!

I'm going to talk to you about the flat earth theory/ society. No, I am not going to try and convince you either way because - ugh, there are not two sides to this debate. This is not about whether abortion is wrong or capital punishment - things that aren't really or readily provable. This is something that is either true, or false. The earth is a sphere or it is flat. There is no amount of belief or faith in one or the other that will then magically alter the shape of the earth to suit your whims - or so it seems.

First I should start out by asking you "the question" that will cause you to doubt - and from there manipulate you into what is very…