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Shroud of Turin vs Salvator Mundi

Since easter was the day the Shroud of Turin was potentially created I figured it would be a good day to post this.

This is a visual comparison between the face of Jesus from Leo's Salvator Mundi and the Shroud of Turin both normal and inverted. The shroud has 3d optical qualities that have given it a mystique and divinity for hundreds of years that still causes controversy today. It's been carbon dated to be way too young to be from the time of Jesus and various experiments have shown ways the image could have been created with materials of the time. (500 years ago) other explanations from earth gas to electricity to jesus's spiritual impression to simply and carefully painted have been given. Although some can't even agree on what the image is made of. The most likely seems to be from the use of photo sensitive pigments and/ or the use of the camera obscura - a process attributed to Leonardo.

I think the most interesting aspect to the image on the Shroud - besides the…