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2016 Nissan Maxima Design

The original design morphing into my rendition. 

2016 Nissan Maxima. The front it awesome, the back is pretty nice. This is getting a lot of hate on the design. I think it’s the bulkyness of the bottom half that makes the top half look disjointed. The A and D pillars seem too thin for the rest of the design. But I think with a lot of new designs you can’t really appreciate them until you see them in person.

I was curious what it would look like with a body colored A pillar so I photo-shoped it and then got a little carried away with some other details.

My version is on the right.

update: March 2015
I coincidentally happened to see one of these by Palm Springs California. I recognized it as soon as I saw the grill in my rear view mirror. There is something about photo-shopping something that ingrains it in to the memory. What's cool about getting a video of it is that there have only been the press release pictures of it and in only one color. So I may have been one of the first …

Samsung Galaxy S6-VR Concept

Samsung Galaxy S6-VR 
This is what I want for my birthday. Maybe next year? I'm kinda over always being disappointed by a huge build up for some new revolutionary device. Everything just seems to be slight evolution from the previous design - and sometimes with some steps back! I'm like ughhhh, So I decided to play around and imagine the phone that I wished was announced today. Not the best photo-chop but you can get the idea. 

Dual 20mp Rear CamerasAuto Eye Tracking Focus from Front Cameras - it focuses by seeing where you are looking at the screen. Sync’d OIS, 120fps 4k, 240fps 1080p etc.3d Stereo Photographs or Quad HDR (Both Cameras combine into a single Super-HD image)Curved & Wrap around Display 700dpi, The curved screen enhances the Gear VR headset’s optics and provides better normal viewing with little to no glare. Dual Front facing cameras for head and eye tracking - while in Gear to provide focus and provide additional inputs. The VR view changes depending on you…