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I just happened to glance up at my reflection in the mirror in my restroom. I was kinda surprised how sad I looked but then I realized something - I am not sad at all, I was just like literally skipping and singing around the house - i'm in the one of the best places emotionally and mentally that i've ever been in my entire life. Like ever, ever. So when I saw my reflection it reminded me of something - Leonardo's self portrait sketch. That expression looks sad or disappointing - but it also looked exactly like the one I just unknowingly had in the mirror.

What is it? It's being exhausted and having so much I want to do and that I'm excited to do - but don't have enough time left. For me it's until I have to sleep but for him  it was that he was about to die. It's easy to say at 31 that I'll do it tomorrow and watch a movie instead, but once you are in the zone - taking a break because you have to is a different thing entirely. It's more of a

Writing Stylez

There are people who like quick no-brainer-action-shoot-em-up styles movies and there are people who like slow, ...intricate, moving dramas or even nature films. There are some that like both equally and some that only like one or the other. If you think in terms of writing styles there is just as much of a variety because for each of those movies, both fast passed and slow detailed- is a writer who has to write in that particular style. For writing that is not for a script, we are left with an even greater amount of styles to pick and chose from. What can happen is that people who are accustomed to quick and dirty sound bites are even more quickly annoyed with anything that takes longer than 20 seconds to scan through. That doesn’t mean that what they are reading is not good, or that by something being longer it makes it better. It comes down to what you are reading and also why you are reading it. If it is a movie review a collection of 2 line punny reddric may be enough to sway yo…