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Tesla P85D Insane Mode Launch Reactions Compilation - Explicit Version

"Holy Shit - that's not funny." "I think I just shitted in your car."

What's this world coming to?

"This world is going straight to hell" 
I always find it a little ironic that when something bad happens that people will usually take it as a sign that things are getting worse. When in fact - things are getting not just a little better but a lot better. The 'problem' isn't that more bad things are happening but that less are - so that when things do go wrong they are exemplified and sensationalized. 
In California the weather is almost always great so when it rains - it becomes a big deal even if it's just a drizzle. It's "Dangerous" and you better watch out! Meanwhile in other parts of the world it rains more often than not and it's not newsworthy at all - actually it's more news worthy when the weather is nice. 
There is also the types that find certain groups of people getting "more" or equal rights a sign of bad times. The kind that thought the world was getting "worse" when slavery was abolished or women were a…

Last Supper - Retrograde

This video (below) shows multiple photographs of the Last Supper before it was restored. They were "auto-aligned" so that they would stack over each other for the comparison. Previously they were all slightly off and you can still see that they are not perfectly synced which gives a neat transitional movement from one image to another as they warp. Like a wobbly mirror. In order for the original images to properly align they would have had to been scanned rather than photographed since even a slight change would result in two different photographs of the same thing being "off" or un-aligned. Even a different lens would cause an optical distortion between two photographs taken of the same image from the same spot.

Even though these photographs of the Last Supper were before the most recent restoration you will still notice how different they are all from each other. This is not only the result of different cameras and quality of the digital images themselves but f…

The Last Supper Pre vs Post Restorations

The pre-restoration was made by merging multiple photographs of it then that image was auto-aligned with the post-restoration image. Interestingly the computer was not able to auto-align the pre and post paintings (It requires 40% of the images being a match) but I was able to manually align the post and pre and combine them with 50% transparency - and then use that image to auto-align the two originals.

That goes to show how different the painting looks even after about 20 years not to mention what it would have looked like 500 years ago. It’s like having the same connect the dots coordinates but other artists - and time - have painted over - replaced - took off - and then reinterpreted the internal images quite a bit - but also leaving the edges of the puzzle pieces mostly intact.

Getting two photographs of the Last Supper to align like this without a computer’s help would be very difficult without taking pictures of them from the exact same spot with the exact same camera - very d…

Budgie Optics

These were some candid pics of Danny looking out the widow. I managed to get some in 3d by shifting the second picture over and keeping the focus the same. It's also interesting that the screen makes Moire patterns but only when viewed at certain distances. You'll also notice that the reflection in the glass makes it appear that she is projected outside of the window. 

You would think this could be a deep meaning picture of her wishing she could be outside - but she doesn't like the sun and isn't much of an "outdoor girl."

I've been taking her outside in the backyard the last couple mornings. Today we saw a dove, some hummingbirds (they are always there) and some kinda other little bird. They definitely seem more interested and less afraid when they see another bird on my shoulder. We are trying to establish communication. ;-)

Microsoft HoloLens

Augmented reality is a little different than virtual reality in that it superimposes images over reality rather than only generating images that track your head movement within a digital world. Its like looking through glasses that gives the impression that something is there, that is really only on the lens.

 Some VR can do 'pass- through' which uses a camera to show images in real time but so far don't add anything to those images. Microsoft's new HoloLens looks to be pushing us even further into the future. Imagine drawing lessons in real time with a digital instructor that you can just trace over. Or seeing arrows pointing the way to your destination or by our guides that only you can see - or .. Or.. The possibilities are verging on magic.

The Verge

Pyramidal Vision(s)

"Why pyramidal lines which start from the eyes come to a point in the thing seen. point in an object that is in water the lines bend as they reach the water point in an object that is in water the lines bend as they reach the water Why when the said pyramid proceeds from the eyes and comes to a How the things seen form a pyramid only in the eye. and do not keep their straightness. How the two eyes form a pyramid in the thing seen." -Leonardo da Vinci 


Vertical Horizon - Shackled 

For so long my life's been sewn up tight inside your hold And it leaves me there without a place to call my own 
I know now what shadows can see There's no point in running 'less you run with me It's half the distance through the open door Before you cut me down Again Let me introduce you to the end 

And I feel the cold wind blowing beneath my wings It always leads me back to suffering But I will soar until the wind whips me down Leaves me beaten on unholy ground again 
So tired now of paying my dues I start out strong but then I always lose It's half the distance before you leave me behind It's such a waste of time 

'Cause my shackles You won't be And my rapture You won't believe And deep inside you will bleed for me 
So here I slave inside of a broken dream Forever holding on to splitting seams So take your piece and leave me alone to die I don't need you to keep my faith alive 
I know now what trouble can be And w…

JURASSIC PARK - Evolution of a Raptor Suit


Although Stan Winston Studio created multiple raptors for JURASSIC PARK, including full-size cable-controlled puppets, half-puppets and insert legs, some Raptor shots were most efficiently captured with a man in a suit. SWS supervisor John Rosengrant was pegged as the main Raptor suit performer, with SWS concept designer Mark “Crash” McCreery also pitching in when the shot required two raptors.


To determine the suit’s configuration, the Winston team overlaid Raptor drawings on images of Rosengrant in various positions. The crew then did a body cast on him, and sculpted the Raptor form around that cast.


Split Depth Gifs

Split Depth Gifs are a type of animation that uses two lines superimposed over an animation that is altered to use them to provide a type of depth perception. It uses the rules that govern our vision system which then manipulates it to enable us to perceive the animation in a type of 3d - even though it is a single image.

In other words it is digitally including a "window" that acts as a secondary Q for depth information. If the lines are covered after something moves towards it - it means that it is now "in front of" it where as it previously was not.

I saw a comment posted on Reddit that was really interesting. People who are depth perception blind - who cannot see 3d - even 3d movies - are able to experience these in a way that other types of 3d do not allow for. To experience 3d you usually require two eyes working in tandem which process two images that are slightly different. To view 3d movies they provide two different images via various processes to each e…

Loca the Pug singing......'The pug that couldn't run'

This is one of the cutest/funniest things I've seen in a long while.

Well my name is Loca And I’m a special pug I live in Belfast Ireland And me favorite things a hug I love to eat roast chicken And my friends say I’m good fun But the one things that I cannot do is I can’t feckin run

I’m bouncing flouncing falling all around the show Rolling bowling I just can’t get it right Skipping hopping tripping up and floppying I just can’t get the hang of it though trying as I might Source:
I’ve got a brother Alfie A little pug like me Me mum says he’s a lap dog As he’s never off her knee He runs just like a bullet That’s been fired from a gun And he’s tried his best to teach me But I still can’t feckin run
I’m bouncing flouncing falling all around the show Rolling bowling at running I’m a flop I’ve tried me best I never rest to run a miles me final quest But once I do get going then I cannot feckin stop
I’ve another sister Lucy A laid back dog is she I love to cuddle up to her And she cuddles up to me She’s …