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When Budgies Attack

We're having a great new years! Here is to 2015!

Da Vinci's Demons Season 3


Herbivore | Omnivore | Carnivore

I've been thinking about how each animal seems to have it's "ivore" - opposite. Or a herbivore/ carnivore opposite. Almost as if each type of animal divided into two different types and with each comes almost universal characteristics not just shared between the two similar species but all of the herbivores/ carnivores and even more interestingly- omnivores.

This made me think of humanities place within this potential contrast.

For example a Panda bear exclusively eats bamboo (Herbivore) and a Polar Bear exclusively eats Meat - they can probably eat some vegetables (saw them eating carrots in a zoo) as well but their natural diet is almost all meat. A Panda could also probably eat some meat but the idea is they are definitely more one or the other. Another dividing factors isn't just "will eat meat" but will actually hunt or kill an animal to get it. There are a lot of animals that could or would eat meat if it was in front of them but wouldn't eve…

Concept One Curve - Escalade

This is in the back of a Cadillac Escalade. Now all it needs is a automated driver.Put in a super HD camera in the front so you could see where it is going and I could live in it.

"Lexani Motorcars has produced the Concept One Curve—the world’s first 2015 Escalade with a built-in 48" 4K Technology Curved Smart TV. The Curve is a revisited version of their latest model, the Concept One, with a television upgrade and electronic rear curtains; it is unmatched in its ability to be a premier theater one minute and a five-star mobile office the next."

Quadcopter Automobile - Quadcar

Witold Mielniczek of the University of Southampton designed an RC toy automobile that doubles as a quadcopter. It has wheels that house the quad blades that enable it to roll like a car and also to lift off and fly like a quadcopter. The deign works and they are going to try and scale it up to a full sized automobile that people could operate. 
"At the moment, B is an amazing toy which is virtually unstoppable, capable of transitioning between ground and air and performing tricks otherwise impossible to achieve,""But it has far greater potential. A full scale version could carry people and even have rescue and humanitarian applications." Kickstarter 

Samsung Gear VR - Un-boxing & Review

Oh yeahhh, look what just came! I traded in my Galaxy S5 for the Note 4 a couple weeks ago - just in anticipation of the Gear VR. I've been a fan of VR (Virtual reality) since I was a kid but it's never been something accessible until the last couple years with today, literally TODAY being the biggest step available to the general public.

 I had been playing with Google's Cardboard - which is essentially the same thing but made out of cardboard. It accepts most phones and the app splits the screen in two so that each eye see's the screen separately.  The lenses allow your eyes to focus on the screen being so close to your face and the split screen allows for 3d vision. The sensors in your phones track it's position so what you see changes with where you are looking. This allows for 360 degree videos/ photo-spheres and immersive gaming.

Cardboard was a lot of fun but the quality of the cardboard, lenses and the phones sensors made it less of an experience and more …