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Note 4 - Photography examples


Burpin Budgie

This picture reminds me of the ending of the Fifth Element. I ironically almost named her Leelu Dallas. Anyways i've been working on teaching her to talk and she has something very important to say:

Galpin Fisker - Rocket (Karma Killer)

Take a new 2015 Mustang and let Fisker work his designery magic and bang - you get a Rocket. Before I knew about Elon Musk - H. Fisker had my dream, or at least one of them, careers.

 To start my own car company.

The first step - like Fisker took would have been to take existing cars and rework them in what is known as "Coach Building" which is what the Rocket is and also what companies like Saleen do. The next step is to make your own car - which Fisker accomplished but then through a lot of bad luck didn't quite work out. He did build one of the best looking sedans of all time - but who's substance couldn't compete.

The car was called "Karma' and ironically it is being re-vamped by another company doing something very similar to what Fisker did with this mustang. Taking the Karma and taking out all it's eco-tech and putting in a huge Corvette V8 engine. It's going to be called the "Destino" and will end up costing around the same as …

Inside the Mind of Leonardo da Vinci - 3d Documentary

This is the poster for a new 3D documentary about Leonardo da Vinci that starts screening in New York on December 5. It uses over 6000 images from his notebooks and combines those with 3d effects and dramatically acts out some scenes of his life. It's sound a lot different than "Da Vinci's Demons" - obviously since it's a documentary and not a modern fictional version. I can't wait to see it - especially in 3D!  
"Leonardo da Vinci is best known as the painter of the immortal masterpieces The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. But he was also a genius inventor, architect, physicist, geologist, civil engineer, military engineer, botanist, anatomist, mapmaker and musician. Inside the Mind of Leonardo is a visually dazzling two-part special that offers the viewer unparalleled exclusive access to da Vinci’s revolutionary ideas and inventions, as he secretly recorded them in the famous Codex Atlanticus.
While just 21 paintings by da Vinci are in existence, 6,000…

Audi Prologue Concept (A9 Coupe)

The Audi Prologue Concept is probably alluding to an upcoming A9-Coupe. A car which would slot between the great A5 Coupe and the R8 Super-car. 

2016 Maybech

Mercedes's decked out S-class's remodel just debuted. It's looking great. I love the interior and front end. The interior dash is probably the nicest I've ever seen.


I will not say Goodbye

"yeah, I like Kelly Clarkson"
Amazingly that was the end of the conversation.
 He wasn't like me. I Would have said:
"yeah I like Kelly Clarkson, who doesn't? Have you heard her? Because of you? Because of you? Like, have you not heard "behind these hazel eyes" have you even been through a breakup - have you even emotions?!?!?"
That's not what he said. He just said: yeah - with-ought any other connotation what so ever. It was as if someone asked you: "Do you like Candy" and instead of convoluting it with:

"Well I do like how it tastes but if i eat to much of it it makes me chubby wubby whatever, I only like some flavors as long as it's in the right contextual candy"
you respond:

YES. I like Candy.

The end.
That was what he did in response to the question:

 "You have a Kelly Clarkson cd?"

He said it with the enthusiasm of someone asking: "Are you breathing" but without the absurdity of the question its…

You love me?

Every time I said I love you
I lied


You Love me
Thick skin, Soft touch, Heart of gold but it's na-na-na-not enough, Forgiving arms, The higher road, Working hard but it's na-na-na-not enough,

You say, I'm not good enough, I'm not good enough But what you really mean is, You're not good enough, you're not good enough You can't deliver so you turn it around
[Chorus] You didn't let me down, you didn't tear me apart You just opened my eyes, while breaking my heart You didn't do it for me I'm not as dumb as you think, You just made me cry While claiming that you love me You love me, you love me You said you loved me but that I I'm not good enough, i'm not good enough

Stronghold, but fun ride, But rollercoasters aren’t just na-na-na-not enough, I keep it in, you wear me out, This kind of love is na-na-na-not enough, Said I’m just a sinking ship, I’m just a sinking ship,
But what that really means, Is you can’t handle this, you can’t handle …

My heart less

I'm not heartless No I just listen to my heart less, my heart less
You have to imagine that the people who write songs for other people go through the same things that everyone else does.

You also have to imagine that every once in a while one of those song writers come across a hook, or chorus, or whatever, that we, or me, can identify with.

I didn't even know who "im5" were/ was/ are/ , but the lyric to the, that, this, song, really hit home.

This song is kinda stupid in a way. It's just some boy band or whatever. Whatever the case may be, those words resound with me. "I'm not heartless, No, I just listen to my heart less."

My life is a series of lyrics.  -
I come off a little rude
'Cause I got everything to lose
You really need to watch your step

And you think I'm heartless
Well I just listen to my heart less, my heart less
I'm not heartless
No I just listen to my heart less, my heart less
Oh I broke it one too many times
Now I liste…

DJI - Inspire 1 4k Quadra-copter

Want. This is a Quadra copter by DJI that can record 4k video and take 12mp photographs with a removable and remote-controllable - and live streaming camera. It has landing gear that automatically opens and can automatically return to it's take off spot. The Inspire-1 can also be controlled by two people at once - one flying it and the other operating the camera. It also is able to navigate without GPS indoors. At less than 3k$ it brings aerial 4k cinematography to new, or - more accessible heights. DJI
 Automatic landing gear. Removable, upgradable, camera that can take 12mp photographs or record in 4k.
 It allows you to have a two person control team. One to control the flight and the other to control the camera.

Vanishing Sculpture

This is a sculpture made up of vertical lines that make the walking figure appear to disappear when viewed from a certain perspective.

Samsung Beyond 360 3D Camera

Samsung just revealed it's new Beyond camera. Not only can it capture images from 360 degrees it captures them in 3d! This will allow people to capture content for VR goggles - especially Samsung's upcoming Gear VR. What that means is that you could put this camera in the middle of a party or event and then either record it or stream it live so that someone with VR goggles could look around as if they were there. This is a huge step in popularizing this new technology since it allows consumers to easily create VR content.