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Taming of the Budgies

I've gotten a few questions on Danny's tumblr about how I tamed her or why she is so friendly. I thought it would be easier to explain in a single post so I could be more detailed and add more info and resources later. 
Danny was probably hand raise and I got her really young so she came pretty tame already. You can see in the GIF above that from day 01 she would go right up on my finger.  I also pretty much spend 24/7 with her and she gets a lot of attention.

My blog post about her first day: Link
It's 10x's harder to tame a budgie when you have more than one because they will bond with each other instead of you. So they get anxious and want to go back to their friends when you try to interact with them separately. I'll probably get Danny a boy-budgie when she is about a year old. I purposely only got one so that I could bond with her first. I also have the time to spend with her and she is never alone. Once I start traveling or am away more I would get her compan…

Danny's Inanimate Friends

Danny and her friends (Who she doesn't like) are taking over my desk. She is like a little ferret, she has to chew everything up and then throw it off the sides. 
Last night she came over from her area and into mine, under the TV, jumped on the bed, onto my video game controller (that I was playing) and crawled up my shoulder. That was the first time she has come over to me on her own. I thought it was cute but figured she was just hungry or something but she had food so... could it be that she just wanted to hang out with me? 
I swear this is the hardest I have ever tried in my whole entire life to get something/someone to like me. She isn't like a dog who wants to please you and seeks attention - she expects and demands it and if you don't treat her exactly how she wants (And she doesn't usually even know what that is) she turns into a lil bossy bitch. There really isn't another way to label it - Sassy? I read that girl budgies were like this but it's gotta …

Danny Singing - Run

Danny singing to Run by Nicole Scherzinger, go easy on her it's her first time being recorded singing and she doesn't know all the words yet.


Here's some advise for the next one Don't let him lead you to the dark Don't tell him all your secrets He'll leave you with a broken heart He'll try and tell you that he wants you, Just to keep you on the line And right when you're about to move on He pulls you back in every time
Here's advice for the next one Run Run Run Here's advice for the next one Run Run Run
Darling, I know that you're just like me You give your love up way to fast But once it's gone, it's gone forever And there's coming back from that He's got this perfect way about him He'll make you think that you come first, But you'll get lost in the challenge You're trying not to get hurt
Here's advice for the next one Run Run Run Here's advice for the next one Run Run Run
Don't even search for th…