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Budgie Slide Show

Went to the pet store to get Danny some stuff, including a slide show.
"See Danny those are little ‘normal’ parakeets. They come in yellow and green too. Those are some blue ones, they aren’t as cute as you. That’s a kitty. Can you say "Meoooow?" That’s a turtle, and that’s a bearded dragon."

Sunset Park

Took Danny on a walk through the park. I was letting her play on a stick when the light shone through the trees begging for a picture. Besides the mirroring and re-sizing these photos are unedited and straight from my Samsung Galaxy S5. It's pretty amazing being able to carry around a device that is capable of taking such high quality photographs. Especially when I'm with such adorable and photogenic company ;-)

Destiny (of Video Games)

I've been telling my Mom about this new game called "Destiny" and how it's like a shooter and an open world combined, kinda like Borderlands combined with Call of Duty. She doesn't know what i'm talking about but apparently she was at least listening a little. She said: 
"I saw a commercial for that game you were talking about - wow the graphics on it were really amazing it was like it was real."
As she was talking I was thinking - well the graphics are pretty good but nothing that is new or different or that she hasn't seen in other games I've played - it was about half way through her description that I realized she was talking about the "Live Action" Trailer! haha. I was like - no, that is not the actual video game that is just a commercial they make to advertise it. It's real people dressed up like the people in the video game, it looks so real because it is real - and then enhanced even more!
Which is an honest mistake - …

Robert Downey Jr. As Leonardo da Vinci in Assassins Creed Movie (Rumor)

This was just a rumor.  Robert Downey Jr.  was just announced to be playing Leonardo da Vinci for the upcoming Assassins Creed film. I think he'll make a perfect Leonardo! 

The Assassin's Creed film is an upcoming, feature-length motion picture, based on the award-winning series of the same name, directed by Justin Kurzel and produced by Ubisoft Motion Pictures and Frank Marshall. The film is produced by and stars Michael Fassbender, who mentioned the film will be a mixture of "the game" and new story elements.It will be distributed by 20th Century Fox for a planned release of 7 August 2015
Assassins Creed: 
Assassin's Creed is a historical fictionaction-adventureopen worldstealthvideo game series that consists of eight main games and a number of supporting materials, as of 2013. The games have appeared on the PlayStation 3PlayStation 4Xbox 360Xbox OneMicrosoft WindowsMac OS XNintendo DSPlayStation PortablePlayStation VitaiOSHP webOS,AndroidNok…

2016 Mercedes AMG Gt

This is the nicest looking car I've seen in a while.  


Danny vs Q-Tip.