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First time lapse animation test -Skeleton Anatomy


Hey Baby, hey baby, hey

I got Danny, mostly, to research animal intelligence and to teach her to speak. I read that budgies have the record for the most # of words spoke - 1700 which means that they have the capacity to verbalize English for sure - but I wanted to know how much of those words they understood. Could they say "Give me food" or "I want broccoli for dinner" or "I want a new toy" or even answer questions like "What color is this?" or "What kind of animal is this?" These are things that some animals are capable of - African Grey Parents especially. If you train them you can hold up something and they can tell you what color it is what it's made out of and information like that. Many people will say "they are just doing what they are trained to do and just mimicking words they don't understand." Which is weird because what is a person doing if you ask them- "What color is this?" And they answer? Or if a child says "…



Mona Lisa vs. Leonardo's Selfie

The Mona Lisa morphing into Leonardo's self portrait.  More about this on my site - HERE

I received a comment on my discoveringdavinci tumblr about this gif that made me realize I needed to explain it better.  "Okay I have been hearing about this for years but finally seeing this gif makes me think that you can just morph any face into any other face.
I AM NOT ON BOARD WITH YOU, DA VINCI WEIRDOS." - Random internet person
I think that particular misunderstanding was with the actual morph that I used to compare the face of the Mona Lisa and Leonardo's sketch. I should explain that and then also address those who will discount the faces being the same as coincidence.
"Of course you can ‘morph’ any face into any other face with morphing software. That is what Morphing software does and what I used to make this gif. Obviously Leonardo did not have any morphing software 500 years ago so this was used as a demonstration. The significance of Leo’s self portrait and th…

Ninja Budgie

Apparently Danny is a Ninja. I looked over and she was going after some bamboo sticks I hung for her. Her karate skills are quite impressive - as are my first attempts at mini-movie making. 

Budgie in a Coconut

Danny is obsessed with this coconut contraption. I was pretty sure she would like it but wasn't' sure she would actually go inside it. She does all the time and takes naps in it. For the first couple day she wouldn't' even get off of it except to eat and go to bed. 

Since she liked (loved) it so much I decided to get her a bigger bridge and move her 'cage' to the other side of my desk against the wall. I also got her some more fake plants.It's got about 8 different levels. It looks a lot nicer and work much better in the corner. I also like having my computer monitors moved - it makes my whole room feel like it's new.

It's Danny approved!

Representing Deluges

Leonardo became almost obsessed with the ideas of destruction in the last couple years of his life. He drew these scenes of a deluge ravaging the earth. Casually glancing at them they appear to be just squiggly doodles or waves but if you look more closely they are filled with details. Tree’s, ruins, buildings. Some framing lines are left along some of the paper’s back edges, alluding that they were intended to be finished works - or that even though they do not seem very clear or ‘finished’ they were intended to look this way. 

'Let there be represented the summit of a rugged mountain with valleys surrounding its base, and on its sides let the surface of the soil be seen to slide, together with the small roots of the bushes, denuding great portions of the surrounding rocks … and let the mountains as they are laid bare reveal the deep fissures made in them by ancient earthquakes … And into the depth of some valley may have fallen the fragments of a mountain, forming a shore to the …

Scenes of the Apocalypse

Towards the end of Leonardo’s own life he began to consider the end of the world. Unlike many of the “Revelation” end of the world scenario’s he explained what he thought would happen in a more scientific way. This explanation could be realistic and is probably similar to what happened on mars - with the water retreating underneath the surface and without water the surface would become  ’deserted, arid and sterile’. 
"The watery element was left enclosed between the raised banks of the rivers, and the sea was seen between the uplifted earth and the surrounding air which has to envelope and enclose the complicated machine of the earth, and whose mass, standing between the water and the element of fire, remained much restricted and deprived of its indispensable moisture; the rivers will be deprived of their waters, the fruitful earth will put forth no more her light verdure; the fields will no more be decked with waving corn; all the animals, finding no fresh grass for pasture, wi…