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Sir - Vival

How cool is this? It's weird that sometimes the past seems to be more imaginative than the "future" or, present. 

So yesterday

So I've gotten back to writing my book. It's actually a lot less like writing and a whole lot more like copy and pasting between different word files. That's because i'm not really at the "writing" stage but at the "I have to take everything i've already written and organize it into some kind-of-a-draft- that I can carve out a rough draft. Then I can re-write - then I can finally "write."  I'm not sure how other people write, I'm still not really sure how I write yet either. (Obviously) I think that could be one of the more interesting aspects to my book and this blog - is that I don't really know what the heck I'm doing. It used to be that I didn't know what the fuck I was doing, but now I have progressed to "heck."

Since this blog is partly about my book and what that book is about I guess I should start posting about it. Maybe it will keep me on track and give some insight into the 'writing process.'…

Pareidolia Optical Illusionistic Art

"Pareiodolic Art" is a name i'm going to call a type of art that combines Pareidolia and Optical Illusions. 
This is a type of art that has probably been around since the very first art forms.  First we should differentiate it from Pareidolia itself. Pareidolia is accidental or natural phenomena that is interpreted as being intentional. This is like seeing a cloud in the shape of a giraffe or the face of jesus burned on toast. Things that cannot be intentional but are accidental. 
Faces on rocks in particular could inspire people to augment/carve the face even more and turn it from something random to intentional.

Pareidolia(/pærɨˈdliə/parr-i-doh-lee-ə) is a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and randomstimulus(often an image or sound) being perceived assignificant, a form ofapophenia. Common examples include seeing images of animals or faces in clouds, theman in the moonor theMoon rabbit, and hearing

Adoration of the Magi HD+

Adoration of the Magi
1481Oil (under painting) on wood panel240 × 250 cm, 96 × 97 inFlorence, Uffizi This is probably my favorite Leonardo "painting" I put it in "s" because it doesn't really even look like a painting. That's supposedly because he didn't "finish" it and this is considered more of an under-painting. Artists will usually sketch out a rough version to use as a base for applying the paint - this is called a Cartoon. Whatever you want to call it this image has a LOT going on. Most of which you can't see without seeing it with the newly released HD image of it. I think Leonardo intentionally left this painting as it is. It's borderline interactive and much more interesting with the figures melding in and out of each other. I like to think of it as an early form or "Where's Waldo" except you don't know what Waldo looks like or what he is. This image could tell a lot of stories - most of which have nothing to…

Discovering Da Vinci Daily

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Discovering Da Vinci Daily:

365 Days of Genius

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This book contains hundreds of Leonardo da Vinci’s best quotes and works of art. They are organized in a daily format designed to inspire you a little (or a lot) each day and everyday. Most entries have additional information and questions to make you think.  Whether you’re a da Vinci noobie wanting a general introduction or you’re a Leonardo aficionado looking for his best works in one place this guide provides both.


Hundreds of his sketches and drawings.All of his paintings with additional information.Hundreds of his best quotes and written works. Some entries show Leonardo's original Italian and their translations. Dated entries that correspo…

Arno Valley - Panorama'd

This is Leonardo’s first known and dated sketch which is considered the first landscape ever -re-imagined to be the first panorama. 

This is Leonardo’s first known sketch and the first thing found that he dated. August 5th, 1473 -when Leo was 21.  It also happens to be credited as the first landscape in western art. There is a note on the back that says:
"I am pleased with Anto."


The Copper Scrolls

These copper scrolls were found with the Dead Sea scrolls. They differ from the other Dead Sea scrolls in that they are made from 99% copper and not papyrus. They are also not stories or gospels but are more like treasure maps. They list different points which gold and silver are kept.

They are dated to around 100 AD and are currently being scan, tested,  translated, and will be revealed later this year.

Something interesting to consider about ancient medal artifacts is that you would think they would last longer than something organic like papyrus. What's more likely to happen when people find medal works is that they would 'recycle' it and turn it into something else more useful. Some old markings that someone couldn't even read or appreciate would make for a lot more useful shovel or plow or weapon. Throughout history there are probably many medal things that used to be much older medal things that have been re-fashioned into something else. We do something similar…

Perspective Lines

"Perspective is nothing more than a rational demonstration applied to the consideration of how objects in front of the eye transmit their image to it, by means of a pyramid of lines. The Pyramid is the name I apply to the lines which, starting from the surface and edges of each object, converge from a distance and meet in a single point."-Leonardo da Vinci

Perspective study of the Adoration of the MagiPen and ink, traces of silverpoint and white on paper, 163 x 290 mmGalleria degli Uffizi, Florencec.1481163 mm (6.42 in). Width: 290 mm (11.42 in).
Prep Sketch for the Adoration of the MagiLeonardo da VinciPen and ink over silverpoint on paper, 285 x 215 mmMusée du Louvre, Parisc.1478 and 1481285 mm (11.22 in) x 215 mm (8.46 in).

Da Valentine

“ mi ritrovai nei dì passati essendomi sollecitato: s’amor non è ch’è dunque?”

-Leonardo Da Vinci
“ I found myself in the past days having (been) urged: If there is no love, what then?”

“Amore sola mi fa remirare, la sol mi fa sollecita.”

-Leonardo Da Vinci
“Only love makes me remember, it alone fires me up.”

“Non iscoprire se liberta t’è cara ché ’l volto mio è carcere d’amore.”

-Leonardo Da Vinci
“Do not reveal, if freedom is dear to you, that my face is the prison of love.”

Da Vinci's Demons Season 2

Da Vinci’s Demons Seasons 2 Premiers March 22 on Starz.
See how the first season compared to the real life Leo on our reviews of the first season