Geopolymerization and Megalithic Structures

Examples of the precision of construction in Megalithic Structures

There is a theory that the Pyramids (and other Ancient megalithic structures) were made from "Geopolymerization" which is essentially "making rocks." It's similar to poring cement - but after it hardened it would be rock that is almost indistinguishable from natural rock.

Certain materials and chemicals - when mixed together would go through a chemical process and harden into "rock" - being almost identical to natural rock. This can be done today - so that means it would have been possible in the past. Then they could be polished to "perfection." It's thought to be the origin or a type of "Alchemy" which eventually became "Chemistry."

This would have eliminated the need to cut, carry, and quarry GIGANTIC stones. It could also account for the near-perfection of seams between each block that is so precise that a piece of paper can't be fit between them. 

Isura Ranatunga (One of the largest brick structures in the world)

Basically they would be built like a brick house but with each block being custom - 'casted' on the spot- like a brick is or how cement is laid and formed into various shapes. There are various clues that this is actually how they were made such as air bubbles trapped in the stones, and no layering that would be present in natural sedimentary stones. (Chemical tests were also done...)

Something I have always thought about the Pyramids, especially since NO mummies have ever been found in one - is what could be discovered hidden BETWEEN the stones? If you really wanted to hide or preserve something - you wouldn't put it in the TOMB with an entrance - where it should "obviously" be. You would put it buried between millions of tons of stone! What would we find if we disassembled the pyramids? 

At the very least there would be things that fell between them while they were being built on accident - probably even some accidentally crushed bodies... or even stuff that the builders -or anyone really - could have placed purposely like a time capsule. And really - aren't all Megalithic Structures essentially time capsules anyways? OR even more intriguing if the Geopolymerization theory is correct (i'm going with a strong possibility it is) - What would they have placed INSIDE each stone? That would be a really cool tomb stone - not marking that your body is under - but within the stone-stone itself! Talk about preservation! We also wouldn't know unless we broke it open - it's hard to see through stone even with modern imaging and radar. 

What's the first thing people do when they see wet cement?? - We sign our names or put our hand prints in it! Even - ESPECIALLY if we aren't suppose to! That's not even mentioning when someone accidentally walks on wet cement or drops something into it... 

If true this would be an example of a technology that was forgotten - and subsequently re-discovered thousands of years later. This theory is not as far-fetched as most - even the current consensus that the stones weighing TONS were cut and moved many miles and then some-how hoisted thousands of feet in the air with ropes and man-power. 

So why haven't you heard of this? If it's true - can't it be proven? - YES. But even if it already has been proven the historians and pundits in their respected fields have already made up their minds. They also don't know anything about Geopolymerization since it is a relatively "new" field of science. They can't say Geopolymerization is impossible because we can do it today but they can say that it wasn't possible thousands of years ago - why? Why not? Humanities ancient Megalithic structures's complexity is unfathomable - both in their construction - their geometry - the planning involved - and their relation to constellations and  astronomy. (Stonehenge aligning with the solstices for example) So, to me, making what is really just 'complicated cement' pales in comparison to the structures and minds that went into making them.

New theories - even if true - will find resistance from the "experts" - why? Because then their expertise is lost and they have to start all over again from scratch! They don't want their "life's work" obsolete in one fell swooping theory... ;-)



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