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Leonardo da Vinci is fading (SIKE)

"Leonardo, the complete man of the Renaissance, paces forth, as far removed from medieval man as imagination can conceive."

Da Vinci's self portrait, drawn in red chalk (One of my most favorite drawings of all time) has been reported that it is beyond repair. The culprit? - Mold. I'm kinda pissed that whoever was taking care of him - didn't spray some Lysol on it. Fortunately there have been probably thousands of pictures taken - saving it for posterity's sake.

This sketch hasn't gotten the same kinda attention as the Mona Lisa - and that's ok. By attention I mean super-high-tech scans and analysis. The Mona Lisa is made up of thousands of layers of transparent paint - applied at microscopic levels. ( We don't even really know how he applied the paint!) It's not only complicated, it's THICK. The coating on only one of her layers amount to the single plain on Leo's self portrait sketch.

What this means is that a single HD pic of this d…


Black And Gold lyrics
Songwriters: Falson, Samuel; Rogg, Jesse;

If the fish swam out of the ocean
And grew legs and they started walking
And the apes climbed down from the trees
And grew tall and they started talking

And the stars fell out of the sky
And the tears rolled into the ocean
And now I'm looking for a reason why
You even set my world into motion

'Cause if you're not really here
Then the stars don't even matter
Now I'm filled to the top with fear
But it's all just a bunch of matter

'Cause if you're not really here
Then I don't want to be either
I wanna be next to you
Black and gold, black and gold, black and gold

I look up into the night sky
And see a thousand eyes staring back
And all around these golden beacons
I see nothing but black

I feel a way of something beyond them
I don't see what I can feel
If vision is the only validation
Then most of my life isn't real
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The Last Supper - Detailed

This started out as something I was working on for another project but after spending hours staring and sketching each and every detail about the Last Supper - I have learned a LOT about this painting. Lets just say the "Last Supper" Section of my book (Discovering Da Vinci's Daughter) just got a lot longer. 
One of the main difficulties in sketching a detailed version of the Last Supper is that it started to fall apart hundreds of years ago - while Leonardo was still alive. Not only that but there are pictures that have been taken of it before - during - and after it's most recent restoration which took over 10 years. This means that most of the pictures of the painting are slightly different. 
I'm attempting to re-construct it to it's most accurate form. So I've been using multiple pictures of the painting as references. I'm working on the main outlines of everything first, then I will go in and sketch out the details (down to the individual flecks…

Computer Generates "Perfect" Song

Scientists create 'perfect' pop song through natural selection link "Just as the strongest and healthiest plants and animals pass on their good genes to future generations, researchers claim music evolves as musicians copy the best aspects of other artists' work while filtering out their less popular traits.This means that every time someone buys a song, they are contributing to the "natural selection" process by which the best songs are rewarded with success and the worst ones fade into obscurity, the scientists said.The researchers, from Imperial College London, tested their theory by combining a series of random noises into 100 eight-second loops, before asking 7,000 internet users to listen to them and rate how much they enjoyed them."
They had people choose which music they liked best then let a computer generate a new song based off of those - and then did this over and over for over 2000 "Generations" This is the sound that was born:

Rapidity, then it is known

How to draw? Leonardo Quotes and links and video's online.

Scientists Make Easter Island Statue Walk

This makes sense!

Shadows of the Past

Neanderthals may have been first human species to create cave paintingslink

"Several times in the past 10 years scientists have had to rewrite the textbooks on Neanderthals, the latest species of human to go extinct. Once the archetype for primitive, uncivilised behaviour, the species, illuminated through fossil excavations and lately analysis of their genome, has emerged as being not too dissimilar from our own. Contrary to their dim-witted image Neanderthals have been found to have used tools, to have worn jewellery, and, lastly, to have interbred with our Homo sapiens ancestors to such an extent that 4% of every modern European's genome is traceable to Neanderthal origins."
A cave is very likely the home and origin of humanities first art. Actually not all "art" but painting/ drawing in particular. A cave creates an artificial and natural projection system which is not only similar to how camera's work - but also our own eyes. Our pupils are the entrance …

"Shark Tank collapse in Kuwait scientific center"

This is going around the internet - it's not real. It's a flooded train station with photoshopped sharks. Look really close.

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Numb - Usher

"They say life is a battlefield
I say bring it on!
If you wanna know how I feel
Live it till it's gone I'm just saying that what don't kill 
only makes you strong If you don't recognize what is real Then forever is a long, long, long


 Some things never change
 (here we go again)
Feel like i'm losing my mind
Shake it off, let it go
 I don't care anymore Just go numb You never know until you let it go Let's go numbbbbb

I can feel you now

Keep on doing the same old thing
And you expect to change
Well is that really insanity?

Discovering Da Vinci's Daughter: Placcards

These are somethings I made a while ago to be visual representations for each chapter/ section of my book. I thought they would help to figure out the order of the chapters. Not all made it into this re-write but I think they are kinda cool anyways! They could possibly just be another way to prolong actually working on the book itself. I am reallllly good at that!


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"When designing a robot, it's interesting that the ideal design is already here to be copied - the human form. Not only it's form but it's mind. The ultimate computer chip would eventually take the form of a neuron and brain. And we would realize how well designed we really are. Think about designing a humanoid robot, the power supply, the mobility, the dexterity, the learning abilities, the weight and strength - then realize that these problems have already been solved by nature. Through us.

Theory: Our bodies are not random or chaotically evolved any more than our eyes are to see the world around us. Our vessels - our bodies are perfectly and adequately designed for it's own purpose. A frog, even with the know how, could not build a space ship. he could not text on a cell phone, he couldn't swim in the ocean, walk in the desert, or go to the top of the Himalayas. The more advanced a species, the less specialized it has to be. A fish can't …

Black Lions

There are some pictures going around (ha!) that show "Black Lions" - these do not exist! (Do they?!) I could turn a Lion into a black lion in photoshop. It would take a few hours but I could make it look pretty realistic. There are albino Lions, and Ligers (Lion & Tiger Hybrids) but there is no such thing as black lions.

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Pro Me The Us (Part 2)

The scientist who is in a relationship with the other main scientists, goes back to his room. They talk about what they had found and it's revealed that the woman scientist is barren/ infertile and is religious and went on the expedition to find her creator, not necessarily the engineers. Her husband says "Doesn't this mean you were wrong, they created us." She answers: "Who created them?" They have sex. (This is important and comes in later) ((thats what she said!))

The two members of the crew who were left behind have to wait until the storm passes to get back to the ship - (they never make it.)

They make their way back to the tomb and all the canisters are leaking the liquid. The worms have apparently evolved into much larger alien snake looking creatures. Obviously very very similar to the "Face suckers" from the other alien films. This comparison is hammered home when one of them attacks one of the two crew members and goes down his throat…