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The Secrets of Nim's

"You will speak with animals of every species in human speech and they with you in human speech."  - Leonardo da Vinci

I watched a documentary called: "Project Nim" which was about a chimp named "Nim Chimpsky" that was raised at birth by humans to study how, and if, a chimp could learn human language. Since chimps don't have the ability to vocalize human language they decided to teach him sign language instead. I won't get into the details about his life or the documentary but it was very sad. He was thrown around from family to researchers. From living and being treated like a human child to being kept in a small cage. He eventually ended up in a sanctuary where he lived out the remainder of his life. 

Animal communication is one of my biggest fascinations and ever since owning a few parakeets (Record for being able to speak almost 2000 words) I am fully confident that they could be taught to speak. Speaking of which - I haven't been able to ge…

The Elephant

Wild Elephants gather inexplicably, mourn death of “Elephant Whisperer”


The huge elephant has by nature what is rarely found in man; that is Honesty, Prudence, Justice, and the Observance of Religion; inasmuch as when the moon is new, these beasts go down to the rivers, and there, solemnly cleansing themselves, they bathe, and so, having saluted the planet, return to the woods. And when they are ill, being laid down, they fling up plants towards Heaven as though they would offer sacrifice. --They bury their tusks when they fall out from old age.--Of these two tusks they use one to dig up roots for food; but they save the point of the other for fighting with; when they are taken by hunters and when worn out by fatigue, they dig up these buried tusks and ransom themselves.

They are merciful, and know the dangers, and if one finds a man alone and lost, he kindly puts him back in the road he has missed, if he finds the footprints of the man before the man himself. It drea…


Dark sky: why the sky is blue.

Discovering Da Vinci's Daughter - Facebook

Discovering Da Vinci's Daughter is now on facebook. Feel free to "like" it! (please please) I figured it would be the easiest way to post pictures and updates. I will be adding more stuff soon, check it out! ;-)

The Inquisitor’s Key - Shroud of Turin

The Inquisitor’s Key is a new fiction book by Jon Jefferson about the Shroud of Turin.
Others have claimed that Leonardo created the Shroud of Turin and it was possible with the materials at the time. It's basically an image with 3d photographic characteristics. One of the arguments against Leonardo creating it -besides it being so advanced - is that he wasn't alive in 1357 when the Shroud was first documented. In my book I explain that there is no way to know what Cloth is the "original" or at least the one form the 1300's let alone from the 40's when it was supposedly on Jesus himself. Not only that but an image could have been added on that cloth by Leonardo. 
I realized that Leonardo's Vitruvian Man sketch combined with the Shroud. I also discovered a mirroring and artistic phenomena present in the Shroud that i've attributed to Leonardo and his other works. More on my site HERE

Holy Shroud or clever hoax?

"For centuries, believers…


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Charadiumistic Contemplations

Charadium is an app/game that is a lot like an online-multiplayer pictionary that I am currently obsessed with.

There are two types of way to play.

1. You are in a chat room with other people and everyone takes turns drawing and guessing what the person drew. The goal is to draw your word as quickly as possible and for everyone to guess it as quickly as possible. After a few seconds it will start to give you letters. You get points for guessing the correct word as fast as you can. Both when you are guessing and how fast someone can guess what you drew.

2. Ping-pong games: You get 10minutes to draw your word and after you push "finish" what you drew gets sent to another player. It is then re-drawn exactly how you drew it but its sped up. So what took you 10min to draw is re-drawn for them in 10 seconds or so. The goal is basically the same but you are free'd up from trying to draw as quickly as you can - which makes for a lot more complex sketches.

This game is fascinat…


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