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BBC: Da Vinci - The Lost Treasure


Digital Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon.


The Human Robot

The idea of "Robots" or a mechanical man - or a non-living thing that could move have been around for thousands of years. Aristotle mentioned them as a way to end slavery. The 6th Century Chinese experimented with water clocks which could be considered the first type of "Robotics" There are other myths and legends of mechanical devices but not really any direct evidence that they actually existed or were built. 
A rare exception is not surprisingly from Leonardo da Vinci. Although he probably didn't conceive of the idea he did, supposedly, design and create a working robotic man. It wore knight armor and could walk, sit, move it's arms, and head! The greatest limiting factor to a robot of that time, and other Leonardo's designs was the lack of a power source. He pushed the technology of his time to it's limits but there is still only so much you can do with springs, heavy metals, and wood. Electric power and plastics as well as computer processors …

Hidden Images in the Mona Lisa?

"The Great Ape" Page 429 Discovering Da Vinci's Daughter: Published: May 2007

Is a new blog about an artist finding hidden animals in the Mona Lisa. Although this is being presented as being a new discovery there have been many sites online that have already presented the same information. and on my site/ blog/ and book: My book is actually based off of Discovering Hidden images, pictures in pictures, within Leonardo's art.
Mona Lisa or Mon Salai?
by Louie Parsons
2006-11-17 08:26:17
"For the last few months, Derek Bair has been researching and analyzing the Mona Lisa and other art by Da Vinci and Raphael and has come up with some very intriguing theories. One of which includes that the Mona Lisa is encoded with information to render her in 3D and contains thousands of other image…

Leonardo da Vinci's National Gallery Exhibit coming to a theater near you!

Leonardo Live

"Beginning February 16, 2012, art lovers around the world will be able to experience LEONARDO LIVE, an HD presentation of the once-in-a-lifetime exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan”, captured at the U.K. National Gallery.

LEONARDO LIVE offers an unprecedented opportunity for audiences worldwide to experience these da Vinci works. The historic exhibition is sold out in London and, due to the fragility of the paintings, the exhibition cannot tour.

Captured live on the eve of the exhibition opening in London this fall, LEONARDO LIVE will provide a high-definition walk-through of the landmark exhibition, in-depth commentary about featured pieces in the exhibit and extra content."

Leonardo Live from Emily Baron on Vimeo.

This is my very good friend's and "online Mom's" Web site n2davinciandbeyond.comShe found that there are other drawings and paintings hidden within Leonardo's art. Check it out!

"Leonardo da Vinci said, "There are three classes of people: Those who see. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see." This site is dedicated to sharing the discovery of amazing hidden images and optical illusions found within ALL of Leonardo da Vinci's works of art. Special techniques such as the "Hologram Effect" are skillfully employed by the ingenious artist/inventor to hide layer upon layer of hidden images throughout All of his paintings, drawings, study sheets and sketches... Incredibly beautiful hidden images that appear suddenly right before your eyes then fade and form into another, then another astounding work of art. Learn the simple secrets to seeing an endless array of hidden images and illusions as well as a possible theory of how…

Trippin' Mantis


DaVinci THD | NVIDA Tegra3 | Transformer 2 | ETC

I don't really see anything particularly "Leonardo" about this First Person Shooter (FPS) online-multi-player game other than it's set in a quazi-Renaissance. It's real significance isn't its content but its graphics. It will be the first official full Tegra 3 game. For those who don't keep up on Graphic Processors in Smart phones and tablets, or pc's, or.. everything else they go in, Tegra 3 is the newest Processor from NVIDA which features 4 Cores.

"The world’s first mobile super processors, NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 quad-core and Tegra® 2 dual-core processors deliver unprecedented performance in a wide range of mobile devices. Extreme multitasking. The best Web experience, with up to two times faster browsing and hardware-accelerated Flash. Console-quality gaming with an integrated ultra-low power (ULP) NVIDIA GeForce® GPU. Even HD video capabilities unlike anything seen before in mobile processors."LINK

Apples first Ipad had a single core. The Ip…

Leonardo's Val di Chiana Map in the Mona Lisa

Leonardo's Val di Chiana Map in the Mona Lisa

Is an article published in Cartographica: The International Journal for Geographic Information and Geovisualization by University of Toronto Press

Written by: Donato Pezzutto

LINK to Article


"Leonardo arranged the landscape in the Mona Lisa to hold two disjoined halves of one image. That image can be reassembled by juxtaposing two copies of the painting side by side. The newly reconstituted landscape corresponds to an actual place, as depicted in Leonardo's Val di Chianamap. In this article, the identity of the sitter and opinions relevant to the background landscape are considered, Leonardo's developments in the depiction of depth outlined, and his technique of topographic perspective introduced. Analysis of these observations, along with Leonardo's investigations in perception, perspective, monocular and binocular vision, and cartography, lead to understanding of his technique. Speculation as to Leonardo'…