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Leonardo da Vinci: The Wonder Years

There is an article on about Leonardo. It's good.

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"Leonardo da Vinci: the wonder years
The time that Leonardo da Vinci spent in Milan saw him develop from an erratic young painter into the extraordinary polymath we know today. As a new exhibition focusing on those years opens, Martin Gayford reports from the city where it happened."

“There was already something temperamentally peculiar about Leonardo, even at that early stage,” says Syson. The problem, he suggests, was that “he was trying to do so much more than other artists. Even in his twenties, his ambition for painting was higher than perhaps anyone else’s. Leonardo says in his notebooks that the task of the painter is to paint everything: the visible and invisible, the human soul and the natural world. It’s not surprising that he sometimes got stuck. There’s a mixture of extraordinary boldness in him with moments of uncertainty and distraction and boredom, even. It’s very…

Orville Marvick

Orville Marvick: April 01, 1919 - October 19, 2011

National Gallery of Art - Washington DC (Ginevra de' Benci)

The National Gallery of Art in Washington DC is home to the only Leonardo da Vinci painting in the western hemisphere. Her name is Ginevra de' Benci. These are some pictures I took on a trip to visit her. I included some pictures of other paintings that seemed to be da Vinci related. Enjoy! 

What did Leonardo da Vinci Look like?

Leonardo da Vinci was born in a town called Vinci in 1452. He left behind thousands of pages of journals and hundreds if not thousands of works of art. He was obsessed with mirrors and painted more portraits than anything else (that we know of) so it's been sort of a mystery as to what he really looked like. Why aren't there more, if any, obvious portraits of himself?

Almost every artist, especially painters, and even more so - painters who paint portraits paint themselves a lot. If you have the urge to start painting, and there is no one around - you are always there. I know personally that I have more pictures of myself than anything else. Why? Cause i'm there, all the time.

I would imagine that Leonardo painted himself, a lot. I would go so far as to say he was his own greatest subject. He was obsessed with mirrors, he painted a lot, he wasn't always around a lot of people, and getting people to stay still for long amounts of time is very difficult. When you are loo…