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Face on - Face off: Salai vs. St. John vs. Mona Lisa vs. Da Vinci

This is an animation I made showing how each of the faces from these different paintings combine and align. Read More: 

From Left to Right: Portrait of Salai: 1495 -1503Mona Lisa: 1505-1507 (or up till 1519)St. John the Baptist: 1514Leonardo's Self Portrait: 1512-1515 In my 'blook' (blog + book) I try and explain why these faces align. Showing that they do is pretty obvious, but trying to show that there was intent is a little more complicated. 
"It's a coincidence."  "Artists find a certain position or formula for painting a face."

So although its apparent these painting's faces align it's not apparent why. Most people chalk it up to coincidence but I didn't stop there. I thought that for two faces to align in the way that these do that it would have to be intentional. That Leonardo meant for these faces to be viewed when they were combined together. 

  This is a sketch from da Vinci's journals, it shows three faces/ paintings being…

Another Mundi?

I received an email from an art collector who has had this painting in their family for a long time. We are trying to figure out who painted it and when. If you have any ideas please leave a comment!

When this Painting is mirrored you will notice that it does not exhibit the same perfect symmetry of the Leonardo Mundi's. It's actually almost as difficult to paint a perfectly symmetrical face as it is to find a perfectly symmetrical face... think about it.