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Leonardo da Vinci tv show coming..

Starz tv is apparently working on a new series that will be about Leonardo da Vinci. There have been plenty of documentaries and shows about him and his art/ inventions, but not really a drama about his personal life. If it's going to follow his younger years then it could be very controversial depending on what direction they take it.. It will also be interesting to see how they do it since there isn't a lot known about his personal life. I will update as more details become available. If it's successful and gets renewed for multiple seasons, maybe it could eventually follow his entire life.

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"Leonardo da Vinci drama in the works" Link

"Starz is reportedly developing a new series based on the life of Leonard da Vinci.
Da Vinci's Demons will be written by Blade: Trinity director David S Goyer, according toVariety.

The project will focus on the famed artist's early days and will be co-produced by …

Salvator Mundi (The Savior of the world) by Leonardo da Vinci?

(The "Savior of the World" that I am referring to in this post was not the painting being considered to be by Leonardo.  It was one of his apprentices. Click on the image above to go to the blog that is about the correct painting.

Its been announced that a new Leonardo da Vinci painting has been "verified" to be authentic. A long lost Leonardo (link)

It is going to be exhibited at London's National Gallery in November and auctioned off. It has been estimated to sell for 100-200 MILLION dollars. There is still some controversy if it really is a Leonardo da Vinci painting.

 Interestingly I have a picture of Salvado Mundi in my book. I had compared it to the Shroud of Turin & the vitruvian man: both of which I think were created by Leonardo himself. I think he purposely painted the Salvado Mundi as further proof that he also created the Shroud of Turin.

They say that great artists "use lies to tell the truth."  I think the Salvator Mundi was painted …