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Italy wants Mona Lisa back, Louvre says NO

The Most famous painting in the world- The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci - the greatest genius who has ever lived. 
She currently lives in the Louvre Museum in France, where she has been for most of her life. She has only been exhibited else-where twice. Oh and one other time when she was stolen for a couple years. 
She was painted in Italy, where Leonardo was from. But then when he moved to be the friend of the King of France, he brought it with him. There it has stayed. 
Italy just announced that they wanted it back, for a while. Since she is worth almost a billion dollars - and there isn't any reason for her move - France said hell no. Siting that it was too fragile. Which is obviously just an excuse. But she should stay where she is. Unless of course hanging in my bedroom. 

Louvre reject Italy's request to borrow Mona Lisa

"ROME, June 24 (Xinhua) -- Paris's Louvre Museum has turned down a request from Italy to borrow the Mona Lisa, saying the iconic painting is too fr…

Leonardo da Vinci Cannon Found?

Wow this is pretty cool! Most people know about Leonardo as a painter - especially the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper but not for his other creations and designs. I know he was attempting to cast a bronze horse which he wasn't able to finish, but I didn't realize he was actually bringing any of his other ideas to life. I wonder if this was actually made by Leonardo himself, or was only based on his design?

These are some of his sketches/ designs for his war machines.

Da Vinci cannon found

Da Vinci cannon found "Archaeologists are hailing the discovery of the forerunner to the machine gun designed by legendary Italian artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci as a sensation. At the time, Da Vinci was famous for his cannon designs that were hugely in demand among the waring factions between the North Italian city-s…