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Someone has a lot of talent on their hands

Kinect - "Hackers"

Kinect is Microsoft's newest innovation in the gaming world. Instead of using controllers - a pair of cameras watches you and uses your bodies movements - as the controller. It's some pretty cool technology and although it's uses in gaming is limited by the launch titles and lack of buttons - it's going to revolutionize the industry.

The difference between hardware and software refinement is interesting. It seems that most developers can't quite get them to co-operate in the right way - right when it's released. Slowly patches and firmware updates improve the quality and dynamics of the experience - but that can take a lot of time. Well, back when there wasn't good hackers! Today there are people out there who in a matter of months/ days can do what seems to take huge companies with almost unlimited resources and employees months if not years.

Kinect only recently came out in the last couple weeks and there are already rouge programmers, aka. Hackers who ha…

Skyline - Review

So I just got back from seeing the new movie: Skyline.

Although it's gotten some pretty bad reviews and only a 22% positive rating on rotten tomatoes - I thoroughly enjoyed it!

It only cost 500k$ for physically filming it, but ended up with a total budget of 10 million. All the extra money went into the special effects - and it showed.

It was a combination of Cloverfield - Independence Day - War of the Worlds - and surprisingly a little bit of Night of the Living Dead.

Skyline is kinda a double meaning title to the movie since it's about aliens coming from the sky - and most of the movie taking place in a high rise building in LA. It basically follows a group of people trying to survive being taken up - where their brains will be taken and downloaded - and then used to power/ run a new alien body. The aliens started by sending down balls of light that - if stared at would take over the viewers body and make them go towards it - being sucked into a space ship.

There were a lot …

Autism Gene?

"Researchers from the University of California have discovered that autistic children carrying a common autism risk gene show greater brain connections in the frontal lobe when compared with non-autistic children who do not carry the risk gene.

The study, published in the journal Science Translational Medicine, also showed that this increased brain connectivity in the frontal lobe was associated with fewer connections to other parts of the brain, leading researchers to believe that this latest risk gene may be responsible for "rewiring" of the brain.

The gene variant known as CNTNAP2 was also present in some of the non-autistic children in the study, and those children showed greater activity in the frontal lobe with weaker connections from there to other parts of the brain as well. But those kids did not have autism, meaning that this single gene variant is likely not responsible for the disease itself.

"We have known for some time that in most cases…