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Basically my writing style is personal and journalistic. When you write a journal, you are essentially writing to yourself. So you're honest. My writing didn't evolve to be read by everyone or by "readers" it was to, and for, me. Then came along blogging, and my web site, which made my style start to change. 
I've spent the last few years learning to edit and think about you, whoever you are. Just because I like something, doesn't mean you will. Just because I dont like something, doesn't mean you won't. So i've read a lot and paid attention to what seems to be universally appealing. What keeps "our" interest. 
I'm also really interested in writing itself. How it evolved and how it works. I used to think it was this magic ability that only certain people had. Now I realize it's a acquired skill. Thats why one of my favorite things to write about, is writing about writing... 
I've figured out that everyone's biggest interest …

My Writing "style"

First I should admit that writing about my writing style seems almost arrogant. It means that I actually have a syle. If someone were to compliment you on your colthing style, or style of make up, or your style of dance, it would be different than commenting on your own style. "I'm stylish! arn't I?"

So what I guess I really mean is that I want to explain why I write, and what has influenced how I write. I dont know if I actually have a "style" I just have my way, and the following is why.
Of course I learned how to write and read in school. But I never wrote anything besides what I had to. I knew how, but never honed it outside of school work. Then one day in 1997 I decided to start keeping a journal. I dont remember why. I would write for a couple days, then stop and wait months before writing again. I only really got into what I did that day, pretty much just documenting my life. But never really included anything besides ME. As I grew up and evolved so…

All you single babies

Dog Saves Dog

I guess it's not always a dog eat dog world.

Digital Art



Experiment in Hue


I'm starting a new project, and to go along with that I bought a Bamboo Fun Waccom Tablet. It basically is a tablet that uses a pen instead of a mouse. When you write on it, it writes on the computer. It's very nice. These are the fruits of my labor so far.