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This was my horoscope for today, wtf?

"PISCES horoscope for Mar, 13, 2010
Some people believe that the Mona Lisa holds a mystery kept by the artist, Leonardo Da Vinci. The theory goes that the famous painting is actually a self portrait in disguise. While other theories abound, this one is very popular. In fact, a group of scientists intent on solving the mystery are petitioning to open the artist's tomb, and create a physical recreation of his face from studying the remains. Even if they did, there would be no absolute proof. Don't go too far today to uncover something you're dying to know. Instead, let it go and live with the mystery, which is probably a whole lot more interesting.
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I just posted a blog about this the other day. And it's the same thing my book is about. Weird!

Happy Me Day

About once a year I take it upon myself to go back and read my old journals. Since it was my birthday yesterday, i thought, what better time?

I'm half way through the first half of 2003. I seriously dont even recognize who i used to be. Then all of the sudden i found a glimpse of my "current" self.

My favorite tv show is the "Real housewives of Orange County" which is where I live. If there were a  pinnacle "real son of oc" thats who I was. I worked out everyday, thought I  was fat - even though I had a 6 pack, verging on 8 pack. Went to college, barely. Drove a new bright yellow Mustang GT, which had over 4k$ worth of upgrades. Body kit, excessively loud exhaust system, really pumpin speakers, and a short throw shifter. I bought new clothes every week. Running up my credit cards.. Superficial, spoiled, bored, lonely, and depressed. The only thing that made me happy were working out and energy drinks.

Since my "job" wasn't much "wor…


im watching precious right now and whats really sad to me, and also really well.. almost comforting, and  prideiful, if thats even a word. is that i treat my dog and cat ands birds better than the characters in this movie. its sick how some people treat other people.  its almost, just ... i dont even know the words to describe it. i  feel bad when i dont take my dog for a walk. i cant even imagine that these kind of things actually happen in the same world i live in. im stuck in between being ignorant just to get by, and trying to actually make a difference. but seriously, if this is what really goes on, whats the point, its like... almost pointless. how do u help the helplesss. what can u really do, why should u even try, is this what the world is really about. if it is, its like, whats the real point of it all, do u try to makeit better or is it to just get through it alive.. and if that is what life reallly is, why were we even born, to live, and yet another conundrem, why isnt my …