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Mona App?

So now there is an Iphone App (eww)  for comparing Da Vinci's self portrait to the Mona Lisa... doah!

The question isn't if his self portrait and the face of Mona align (They obviously do)  it's why?


'Lionardo' - By Me

Drawing robot


2-6-10 *taken from previous version of my website in response to the criticsm that the faces aligning is coincidental.

One of the reasons for writing my book is to explain something I found. It's something that's innately controversial and almost un-believable. That the worlds greatest work of art by the worlds greatest genius is a painted homosexual love child - more or less. I came to this "theory" in a very specific and guided way. Meaning that I didn't just randomly think - oh the Mona Lisa is Da Vinci's painted daughter with his lover Salai. It was something that took me years to work up to. I started by comparing Da Vinci's self portrait to the Mona Lisa - which align and was discovered by someone else. She said it came to her in a dream.

This is the Mona Lisa (the image to the Left, and Da Vinci's Self portrait - (which was originally facing the right) and has been re-oriented and re-sized to align with the face of the Mona Lisa. You'll…

Monna Lisa

From Vasari's Bio of Da Vinci:

"Leonardo undertook to execute, for Francesco del Giocondo, the portrait of Monna Lisa, his wife; and after toiling over it for four years, he left it unfinished; and the work is now in the collection of King Francis of France, at Fontainebleau. In this head, whoever wished to see how closely art could imitate nature, was able to comprehend it with ease; for in it were counterfeited all the minutenesses that with subtlety are able to be painted, seeing that the eyes had that lustre and watery sheen which are always seen in life, and around them were all those rosy and pearly tints, as well as the lashes, which cannot be represented without the greatest subtlety.

The eyebrows, through his having shown [Pg 101]the manner in which the hairs spring from the flesh, here more close and here more scanty, and curve according to the pores of the skin, could not be more natural. The nose, with its beautiful nostrils, rosy and tender, appeared to be alive.…