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This was a 10ft Great White shark that was almost bit in half by another great white shark that was up to 20ft. Thats only 5ft shy of the fictional Shark from the movie Jaws. Swimmers have been advised to be cautious and stay out of the water. No shit

In the Realms of the Unreal

My xbox360 can now get streaming Netflix. When it's hooked up to the internet, I can browse through hundreds of Movies that will play instantly. This is a great addition to the movies I get in the mail from them, and the blockbuster movie pass that lets me rent as many as I want for a monthly fee.
The Netflix on demand is probably the best thing to come along in a while. It's like being able to go to rent movies - but in my room. It's been an enabler for my insomnia but in a good way. I've been watching a lot of stuff, usually 3-4 movies a night.
Lately i've been on a documentary fix. I think of them as being educational more than entertaining.
Realms of the Unreal: was one of the most interesting one i've seen. It's about the life of Henry Darger.
Henry lost his mother and little sister when he was really young. He didn't even remember them. He was left with his disabled father who couldn't leave the house. So at a young age he was the one who had t…

Pirate Speaking Lessons

Practice makes perfect!

1 in a million

This is exactly why I will not get a flu shot. I would rather get the actual flu, and be sick for a while then risk getting something like this.
The "swine flu" is only deadly if there is already something wrong with you - with your immune system. Or you're really young or old. If you're healthy the swine flu is like getting another kind of flu, just stronger.
Not to mention that actually getting the flu isn't for sure. But why risk putting some weird virus in your body, that you might or might not need.
I'm not one for legal actions but something should be done to help her. Especially since the 'real" reason behind a vaccine, and most drugs is to sell them. Imagine if they made it mandatory for everyone to get a flu shot - like how they do with other shots to go for public school. Then imagine 304MILLION people paying x amount of dollars for them. Thats a lot of money to be made.
It's so sad


The above "ghost" clip reminds me of the Grey gorillas in the Movie Congo. Watch the one below starting at 2min 15 seconds. In the whole movie when they first get down to the caves, the gorillas are going in and out of the caves and it looks just like the "ghosts" in the clip above. Coincidence?

Magic Mirror

"The mirror is an assembly of 768 motorized and laminated C-shaped prints along the surface of a picture plane that texturally mimics a homespun basket. A seemingly organic smoky portrait comes in focus to the sound of clacking steps made by the sculpture’s moving parts. The Weave Mirror paints a picture of viewers using a gradual rotation in greyscale value on each C-ring."

Doesn't mean Anything

New song by Alicia Keys. It's one of the songs on my current mp3 playlists.


I dont know how i feel about this.. Is it a joke? I'm sure it would actually work, but is this lady serious?

Miley ASL

For all those deaf Miley Cyrus fans out this. This is hilarious


Surfacescapes Demo Walkthrough from Visual Story TAs on Vimeo.
Although I dont know much about Dungeons and Dragons or have much of an interest in it. I do like that computer. If they could use that same technology to work with photoshop and all the programs I use - wow. The future is now

2010 Veritas RS III

HELLO. 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. 215mph top speed. Can't think of a better way to spend 1millllion on a car.


Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson (Cover)


It's just weight

"i couldnt stop reading, i normally get about 2 paragraphs into wieght loss writings and roll my eyes and dont read on, but yours, i just kept reading, you really hit it home, i have struggled with my wieght for yrs, and more so recently since i have gained a hell of alot, and i have used every excuse known to man, but you made some strong points to me in that, and isnt it funny that after every doctor, fitness specialist and even friends i have spoke to about all this, YOU are the only one who put it in plain english and really gave me a WOW moment"
I can't say that I'm a weight loss guru. I can't say I have all the answers. But I can tell you that if you want to lose weight. And if you're an idiot like me who knows exactly what you need to do to get rid of those extra lbs that keeps you from looking how you want. I figured it out. Go to this link. Read it. It's all you need to know. It's free. You dont have to pay for some pills or exercise equip…

09 OC Auto Show

My favorite car of the show
It's so ironic that the "Best buy" sign is behind the most expensive and fastest car in production. 1001hp, w16 engine and 1.5million dollars. The more than amazing Bugatti Veyron.
As seen in Transformers 2. This is exactly what the next generation corvette should be.
aahh yeah
The best attraction at the auto show
Cadillacs future
Probably the second car id really want to buy out of the whole show. Bmw 1series convertible.
Acuras Rip off of the BMW's x6, not nearly as nice
The all to happy mazda3. Probably the best car under 30k. The interior is better than any thing else out there.


This is why i'm a vegetarian.


"Angelica Salas, executive director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, wrote e-mails to Minneapolis-based Target and Wisconsin-based BuySeasons, Inc. calling the costume "distasteful, mean-spirited, and ignorant of social stigmas and current debate on immigration reform."
The group said it also planned to send letters to other companies that are selling the costume.
Lizette Olmos, national communications director for the League of United Latin American Citizens, called the costume "really disturbing," reported the Minneapolis Star Tribune.
Target is removing the costume from the site after receiving several complaints, company spokesman Joshua Thomas said Friday. The store never intended to sell the outfit but included it in its online offerings by mistake, he said."

I think there should be illegal to be an idiot. This has nothing to do with immigration or Los Angeles. It's a literal "Alien" not a "Latin."
A c…

Justin Bieber

This is what youtube can do. Justin started posting videos of himself singing and eventually was signed and now he's hanging out with Usher and supermodels.
I put the top 100 songs on my mp3 player, and one of his came on. I was like, who is this? It sounds like a little kid rapping. And it was. Then I looked him up and watched some of his older youtube vidoes. He's really good.

Balloon Boy?

What.. What???Embedded video from CNN Video
There's a 6yo in there, that took off in a home made flying balloon?? I don't understand.
How did he get this to take off by himself? Where is he sitting? How is it suppose to land? If they designed it to fly, they must have designed it to be able to land? How does it steer? Where can i get one?
This little guy is either doomed, or destined for infamy.

"The bizarre scene played out live on television and prompted fears that the flying saucer-shaped balloon would crash with the young child inside. The balloon rotated slowly in the wind, tipping precariously at times. CNN was reporting that the boy may have fallen out of the balloon as it went airborne. Cathy Davis of the Larimer County Sheriff's Department told CNN the balloon was owned by the boy's parents. "We'll just have to respond the best we can," Davis said. "This is a first and we'll do what we need to do." The Colorado Army National Guard was…


So last night around 12:25 I heard what sounded like gunshots. Two of them. It made me wonder if that's what they really were, and if I should call the police or something. But since I wasn't sure, and I couldn't figure out what it could have been. I just put my mp3 player back on and thought about what it could be.
Less than a song later there was a helicopter circling right over my block with it's light shining down. Wow, I guess it was a gun shot?
Now I began to wonder - is it more reassuring that the Lake Forest Police have a 3min response time? Or less reassuring that there would be guns going off?
I thought, that's pretty fast. Like amazingly fast. One of the advantages in living between two of the safest cities in the United States is that there isn't much crime. Which means that there isn't much to be done. So when something does happen, it gets full attention.
These were all the thoughts going through my mind as I locked the front gate. Then about …

Massive Bomb

"The Pentagon is speeding up delivery of a colossal bomb designed to destroy hidden weapons bunkers buried underground and shielded by 10,000 pounds of reinforced concrete. Call it Plan B for dealing with Iran, which recently revealed a long-suspected nuclear site deep inside a mountain near the holy city of Qom."

Does anyone else see the problem of bombing hidden nuclear weapons? Not only is pissing people off who have nuclear weapons, but bombing nukes.. seems kinda stupid.
How do you feel about the development of this bomb? It comforts me72% It scares me15% I have no strong feelings13% Total Votes: 73,654
So do the 72% of people who find comfort in a bomb???

Wet Willie

"I know, it's pathetic. I'm an old horny woman, all right? Give me a break."
"The childhood prank known as a 'wet willie' involves putting a wet finger in someone's what?" "Anywhere you want to put it, Max!"

People are on Aol leaving comments like "what if this were a man saying it, it would be sexual harassment!"
But that's the thing, she isn't a man. And they aren't in an office. And people have the choice to take comments like that as a compliment, or to be offended. c'mon. You find me attractive, no no i'm so hurt?!

Half A' Brain

"At 27, doctors determined that the right side of her brain had essentially rewired itself to make up for function that was likely lost during a pre-birth stroke. But her childhood and young adult years were fraught with frustration.
"It was very hard for me," Mack said. "It was very hard for me growing up. No one knew the truth about my brain."
Mack's parents, Carol and Wally, realized shortly after her birth that something was wrong. "There wasn't a group to turn to," said Carol Mack. "Michelle didn't have cerebral palsy, I knew that. She didn't have Down's syndrome, I knew that. I had no place to turn."
Ten years ago, Dr. Jordan Grafman, chief of the Cognitive Neuroscience Section at the National Institutes of Health, finally diagnosed the problem.
An MRI scan revealed she was missing nearly all the left side of her brain. While it was clear Mack has some problems, Grafman said he and the family were shocked b…

Play on

Carrie Underwood is doing something clever. She's previewing a new song a week until her cd comes out. This weeks is "Mama's song" the full cd is available November 3rd.


Some interesting news lately.
They found a vegetarian spider in central America. Which would be the first of it's kind. Almost like finding a shark that eats sea weed. link Its a type of jumping spider which just happen to be my favorite insect. A couple months ago I was at a jacuzzi and was playing with one. It would jump on my hand, then back down, then back up again.
T-mobile's Sidekick customers will be getting a 100$ gift certificate and a free month of data service. Their servers crashed and all data on all sidekicks was lost. They tell you not to turn off your phone, cause if you do you'll lose all the info on your phone when it turns back on. Pictures, #'s, notes, address books, etc. I just switched from a sidekick to a G1. I still have my old sidekick(s) and am curious what will happen if i turn them on. I would be one of the rare customers who would be happy with all the data being erased. I was trying to figure out how to do that anyways. There are some notes…

Puff App


Space Vacuumm

"Whether the friction of the heavens makes a sound or no:
Every sound is caused by the air striking a dense body, and if it is made by two heavy bodies on with another it is by means of the air that surrounds them; and this friction wears away the bodies that are rubbed. It would follow therefore that the heavens in their friction not having air between them would not produce sound. Had however this friction really existed, in the many centurie that these heavens have revolved they would have been consumed by their own immense speed of every day. And if they made a sound it would not be able to spread, because the sound of the percussion made underneath the water is but little heard and it would have heard even less or not at all in the case of dense bodies. Further in the case of smooth bodies the friction does not create sound, and it would happen in similar manner that there would be no sound in the contact or friction of the heavens. And ifthese heavens are not smooth at the c…

Water on the moon

"Since man first touched the moon and brought pieces of it back to Earth, scientists have thought that the lunar surface was bone dry. But new observations from three different spacecraft have put this notion to rest with what has been called "unambiguous evidence" of water across the surface of the moon.The new findings, detailed in the Sept. 25 issue of the journal Science, come in the wake of further evidence of lunar polar water ice by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and just weeks before the planned lunar impact of NASA's LCROSS satellite, which will hit one of the permanently shadowed craters at the moon's south pole in hope of churning up evidence of water ice deposits in the debris field." llink
"The moon is not luminous in itself,but it is well fitted to take the characteristics of light after the manner of the mirror or of water or any other shining body; and it grows larger in the east and in the west like the sun and other planets, a…

Land Glider

This is Nissan's Land Glider Concept. It can lean into turns like a motorcycle and will try for Zero emissions. It's pretty cool


"I wish to work miracles; it may be that I shall possess less than other men of more peaceful lives, or than those who want to grow rich in a day. I may live for a long time in great poverty, as always happens, and to all eternity will happen, to alchemists, the would - be creators of gold and silver, and to engineers who would have dead water stir itself into life and perpetual motion, and to those supreme fools, the necromancer and the enchanter.
And you, who say that it would be better to watch an anatomist at work than to see these drawings, you would be right, if it were possible to observe all the things which are demonstrated in such drawings in a single figure, in which you, with all you cleverness, will not see nor obtain knowledge of more than some veins, to obtain a true and perfect knowledge of which I have dissected more then ten human bodies, destroying all the other members, and removing the very minutest particles of the flesh by which these veins are surrounded, …


So i dont know if it's because i've watched 100 episodes of grey's anatomy in two weeks or.. what, but I think there's something wrong with me.
I am not a hypochondriac at all, I bite my nails, germs don't phase me, i've never gotten really sick or seriously injured. I'm about as healthy as they come.
But today I was sitting outside reading and smoking and drinking.. and all of the sudden I felt this weird feeling in my left arm. Towards the top of my wrist. It felt like I could feel my blood pumping through my arm.. I could feel the exact spot and vein where it was pumpin. It felt kinda tingly, and happened about every 10 seconds or less. I was like, wtf? then I looked at it and right where i felt it there was a vein and in the next few minutes it got bigger - so i knew it wasn't just my imagination. Literally, It felt like i could feel the blood pumping through the vein and then it got more pronounced and looked like i had just done 100 push ups and t…