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More than Clever

wow, and i thought I had too much time on my hands.


Gotta admit i love these chains

Last night after not being able to sleep and feeling some kind of delayed withdrawals I came to a point i've only ever felt one other time in my life.
I don't really know how to describe it with words. I guess I could start by saying that it's a decision that most people never find the strength to make, and that some people never have to make.
In our lives we all go through certain stages. Being born, childhood, adolescence, to maturity, and finally independence. In the same way a baby bird has to leave it's nest forever never to return, some people have to do the same thing. A baby bear leaves it's mom and fends for itself. But an elephant or lion sometimes never leaves it's family. Which is why i say that not everyone has to take this step. Some stay with their family their entire lives, and some go straight from their family into making their own. They are never alone or independent. Others, by instinct or because they have no other choice must take this leap …

Fate III

Yesterday I went to get baby bird formula from Petsmart to feed Jr. I managed to get it to eat a little bit, and decided to give it a break before trying again.
I put it outside in it's cage to see if the sun would help it, which it did. I heard it chirping so i looked out and saw two other birds on the table next to it. They were it's parents...
I wasn't sure what to do. Should I let it go? What would happen, birds can't pick up their babies and carry them back to the nest. I figured it would just hop around and end up exhausting itself.
Then i had an idea to put it in something it couldn't get out of, but that it's parents could get in. I got my laundry basket and put some towls down inside and set it outside.
Only moments later the parents were next to it. And what happened next has to be one of the most "touching" things i've seen. They figured out how to get down inside after only a couple minutes and took turns feeding it.
I brought it back i…

Fate II

In a strange, and hopefully positive twist of fate- With what should have been one of the best week for me, ended up being one of the worst. In any case I'm hoping that this is a sign that things will get back on track.
In a previous post I said how a bird died on my back door (by my dog who thought it was a toy) Well tonight I was outside again, and i heard this rustling under my chair. I was like wtf is that! Then i saw something fly up towards the bushes. I had to tell my mom about it because we were so freaked out last night. And it's so weird it would happen again.
Nothing happen and she went to bed. Then a few minutes ago I heard something knocking on the back glass slider. I went to look and in the exact same spot where the other bird died last night - was another one, exactly the same, and obviously a fairly mature baby, which must have fallen from it's nest.
I happened to have an extra cage, which i ran to get. When i got back, it was still there and up on the doo…

Transformers Two

I had to go out and watch a movie last night and was going to go see "Hangover" again, because I needed a laugh. And seeing as it's literally the funniest movie i've ever seen, i thought it would be nice.

I went to check the times and saw that Transformers 2 was out and had forgotten it was being released on a Wednesday.

I went at 6:30 and was like - why are all these people here? When i got in the theater i had to sit two rows from the front. The entire theater was filled. After watching the movie, I was confident that it would be a huge success. I read today it grossed 55$million in a day. Breaking many records. The highest for a Wed release and 3rd to Star Wars and Harry Potter for a midnight release.

I have to say that it was 100x's better than the first, which i liked, but not that much. My favorite part was the cussing robots, and how I would go from laughing to in awe of what cgi has become. I also felt that there was some truth to the story which i will no…


Last night I was outside listening to my mp3 player, when i heard my mom yelling "derek, derek!! come here fast" i finally heard her, ran over - and after stubbing my toe on a chair looked down to see my dog and a dead bird under her. I dont know how that could have happened. Maybe it was already sick and couldn't fly? Or fell from a nest - but it didn't look like a baby.
After that happened, i said "That is not a good sign"
Today Both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died. There was also a rumor that Jeff Goldbloom also died in New Zealand after falling from a cliff while filming, which so far seem to be false.
They say that today has had the most web traffic since Obammas inauguration, and I bet that by the end of the night will top that.
Michael Jackson had the best selling album of all time "Thriller" and is probably one of the most famous people in the entire world. This is definitely going to be one of the biggest news stories of the year an…

Perez vs.


"i touch my eye and it was bleeding, I see my fingertips and it was bleeding, i touch my eye, it was falling out of my head"

William of the Black eye'd peas and manager beat Perez, from cause he called him a fag.

Then says in the video link'ed above.

"Fuck you cause you fucking lied, you fucking mother fucker, you know very well and i know very well and god knows it was not a random fan that hit me, you said a random fan hit me, you're a fucking liar.. i think fergie's ashamed of you, you're shameful you're sub human, i would have had more respect for you if you him me yourself, you're a coward."

"I am a human being and no one deserves to be treated that way"

"i've lost all respect from you, and furgie you fugly bitch"

are just some of the highlights of his video about the incident.

Perez hilton is a man who writes about celebrities, and gossips …

Sleeping Dog




Make me a supermodel