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ocd, stopping not girly, useful, ouch!


Model weight examples, pics. Why>? Stupid stupid stupid, win 5x's and then get eliminated for being "over weight" when she looks the best out of all of them. Travisty!

Theater Men

Sitting in seat next to us, and imagined, or didn't talking to the guy in front. Leaving at same time. Same car parked 2 spaces over when left.

9.9 Hot or not

65k, only 7 showing, wtf


Derek held his first wee baby and now wants one of his own! It's kinda crazy how just holding one sparks all those parental instincts, you just feel it inside you.

Dreams will have to wait

I guess it's a good thing for your car to keep you awake and alert while you're driving it. This kinda makes me want one. But really, id rather have a car that put me to sleep, and then drove itself and woke me up when i get to where i'm going. Waiting...

dancing chihuahua