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Yes on (h)8

What are Family Values?
A family living in a house, raising a family, with father and one mother? The "traditional value" to life? That's the best way to raise a child.

But really, and everyone should understand that it doesn't matter the arrangement of sex's in the family. it's the Quality of the parent(s). There could be one kid growing up in a traditional house hold, who's abused and grows up damaged. Then there could be another kid who grows up with just one mom, who is raised "right" and is raised to become great.

Then, there could be another kid raised by two women, who are also great parents, and who raise the kid to be great. The sex's of the parents don't matter. It's not true that same sex parents raise gay kids. In the same way that straight parents always raise straight kids. It's more about who you are, nature, not how you're raised -nurture.

Real family values should be about the love and commitment between the par…

Synthetic telepathy

Fact: they can tell what you're thinking about in a MRI. Electricity going through your brain, are like electricity going through your computer and the internet. Super-consciousness is real.

"Vocal cords were overrated anyway. A new Army grant aims to create email or voice mail and send it by thought alone. No need to type an e-mail, dial a phone or even speak a word.Known as synthetic telepathy, the technology is based on reading electrical activity in the brain using an electroencephalograph, or EEG. Similar technology is being marketed as a way to control video games by thought."I think that this will eventually become just another way of communicating," said Mike D'Zmura, from the University of California, Irvine and the lead scientist on the project."It will take a lot of research, and a lot of time, but there are also a lot of commercial applications, not just military applications," he said.The idea of communicating by thought alone is not a new …

Black & Gold

If the fish swam out of the ocean
and grew legs and they started walking
and the apes climbed down from the trees
and grew tall and they started talking

and the stars fell out of the sky
and my tears rolled into the ocean
now i'm looking for a reason why
you even set my world into motion

'cause if you're not really here
then the stars don't even matter
now i'm filled to the top with fear
but it's all just a bunch of matter
'cause if you're not really here
then i don't want to be either
i wanna be next to you
black and gold
black and gold
black and gold

i looked up into the night sky
and see a thousand eyes staring back
and all around these golden beacons
i see nothing but black

i feel a way of something beyond them
i don't see what i can feel
if vision is the only validation
then most of my life isn't real

'cause if you're not really here
then the stars don't even matter
now i'm filled to the top with fear
but it's all just a bunch of matter


11 Year Old Pirates Theme

i'm trying to learn the guitar, this is hard.

The start of mortality

Egypt, pyramid and building show what you can make when you work together, Afterlife- imortal in physical form, more than spiritual. Hyroglivics and life story there to raise, raised king. They literally thought they woudl live again. The pyramid preserves their body, and phyiscal stuff. Waiting for the time they can be revived.

Like freezing people now, hypostorage.


Boy Breaks Into Zoo, Kills Animals

What a little bastard! If he's old enough to do this, then he's old enough to be responsible. There's something wrong with him.

"The child then went on a killing spree, bashing three lizards to death with a rock, including the zoo's beloved, 20-year-old goanna, which he then fed to "Terry," an 11-foot, 440-pound saltwater crocodile, said Neindorf.

The boy also fed several live animals to Terry by throwing them over the two fences surrounding the crocodile's enclosure, at one point climbing over the outer fence to get closer to the giant reptile.

In the footage, the boy's face remains largely blank, Neindorf said, adding: "It was like he was playing a game."

By the time he was done, 13 animals worth around $5,500 had been killed, including a turtle, bearded dragons and thorny devil lizards, Neindorf said. Although none were considered rare, some are difficult to replace, he said.

"We're horrified that anyone can do this a…

Dancing with the *'s