St. Ann Hidden Images

The painting

The Sketch
This is something most people might not understand how or why, but it's proof that Da Vinci intended for this drawing to be mirrored on itself and reversed. The image under shows why. The first one is it mirrored directly on itself without being moved.

In this one the mirrored (and transparent) copy has been moved over slightly. Those aren't the same faces, those are two different faces that combine perfectly when mirrored on each other. You''ll notice in the original there are TWO women and TWO different faces. When mirrored on it's self there should be FOUR - right? Where did the second, darker face go? - it combined with the other one! That means that although they dont look like it they are mirror images of each other. This couldn't happen unless it was designed to do this. Like I said you would have to understand how unlikely it would be for this to happen without there being intention behind it.

Not only do the two different faces combine perfectly together. There are other images that are formed. YES there could be random things that look like images that are just coincidence but this is a LOT more than that. The hidden images actually are made when the drawing is mirrored on specific places. Not randomly. Under the two faces you can see what looks like a figure holding it's hands up to the sky. There are also dozens of other images that are formed and trapped within.


Michael said…
You have used images from the National Gallery of England that you do not have permission to use, this can result in a $150.000.00 fine, You also are using information obtained from the website of / Michael W. Domoretsky and will be put on notice by The da Vinci Project, Research Group.
You will be notified by The da Vinci Project, Research Group as other's have been, such as have been put on notice.
The da Vinci Project, Research Group

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