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Mona on the Moon

Image Normally I would think this would be a little bit too far fetched to believe but curiously before I saw this picture and read about it, I had thought something similar. On my way up to Vegas one time It was a full moon but I could see it during the day. I thought the craters and things reminded me of a face of a sad woman! Ever since then I would always see the same face on the moon. This is actually very possible, since Da Vinci said to make glasses to see the moon closer - so he was definitely looking at the moon. Mona=Moon? I dont know but I thought this was interesting! I also think it's really weird that we only see one half of the moon at all times, yet it's suppose to be spinning, and we're suppose to be spinning. That kinda freaks me out! not to mention that the shadow of the earth covers the moon perfectly during an eclipse. It doesn't seem like these things would be just coincidental yet I can't think of

The Lioness Laying with the Lamb:

A part taken from my upcoming revised version of my book. In Africa, in some African country and some African plain, there is a Lioness. She’s quite famous now, not for her furosity but for her compassion. A compassion strong enough for her to be deified by the local tribesman. It started as an unbeleiveable story of a Lion that adopted a baby gazzel. The tribesman said it was a miracle, the scientists said it was a fluke, and I say it’s a sign. At first they thought she was just playing with it, toying with it before she would eat it. Sometimes a lion will be confused if an animal doesn’t run away from it, so it’ll just push at it until it does – then it attacks it and finishses it off. Many thought this was the case- the gazzel did not run, the Lion was confused. They said the Lioness had emotional issues because of how her pride taught her, maybe her mother didn’t love her enough? Whatever the situation, there she was. Watching over, playing with, cuddling with this little baby

Whhhhat is a map?

Thank you very much South Carolina, I needed that more than you woul.. could know.. Wow. What to say about this? What not to say? 1/5 of US Americans couldn't point out their own country on a map?? wow... is that true? could that be true? I guess it could be, but I might not have beleived that before watching this video or hearing her answer... I have a feeling she is one of them, although she might not even know what a map is.. I think what she was trying to say, wasn't that other countries need our help with edukation like "South Africa" "Iraqies" and "Asian" countires (hahahahahahahaha they're probably smarter than us!) but that we need to provide more maps to those in need.... But yet, I some how doubt that any school in the US, or any country for that matter doesn't have a map... maybe no globes, at least a skribble of a map - right? Although i think it might have something to do with the education systems because there is NO way

Huff and puff and blow the baby out

Derek, is that really you? I just texted my brother because he hasn't come trailer yet and it sounds like my new nephew is on the way tonight! That's kinda cool because there is a lunar eclipse tonight - maybe the gravity is doing something? - but also cool because he missed my dads birthday by a day! I know I wouldn't want to share a birthday with that crazy bastard. I wonder how horoscopes really work? Like how could the positions of the suns and the moon, and the plantes have anything to do with a brain? Isn't the brain already pre-genetically-programmed? The only thing I can think of (So far) is similar (in some way) to crocodile eggs... the temperature of the eggs while incubating makes them either male or female - so it's not genetically pre-determined at birth. So it could be something like that, but instead of temperture it's solar radiation? hahahahaha wtf? There has to be some kind of explanation because there is way too much to all that shit for

There is no Santa..

Inspiration comes in many forms. Through truth, through lies, through the realization that a lie is a truth or the truth is a lie.. From a love letter written or received. From pleasure and most of all from pain. The truth doesn't hide from those who seek it. When you're ready it'll find you. When you give in to it, when you're ready for what it'll bring you - it gives itself up to you. The truth can hurt - thats for sure. But knowing is always better than not knowing. Living in truth, is better than living a lie. My biggest pain comes from the lies from others but most of all the lies i tell myself. I'm learning to not just search for the truth, but to accept it once i find it and most of all to distinguish truth, from lies.. and even more importantly to see the truth in lies, because they have to be based in some truth. This is something that kinda went from me trying to write a personal journal to myself, which I haven't done in months - to what you&#

Mind Control

My new personal hero is Darren Brown. He has a show on the Sci Fi Channel called Mind Control. He's done some of the coolest things i've ever seen and I want to be just like him when i grow up. He knows so much about the human mind he can make someone think their car is a different color. Play tick tack toe - blind folded and win. Know when someone is lying, and subliminally hypnotize them and make them not be able to walk. He doesn't just do things himself but teaches other people to do things as well. He taught this girl to play the piano in a week without playing on one who then played a concert in front of hundreds of people. My favorite thing so far was last night. He got this lady and kinda told her all this random stuff that must have been subliminal programming and then told her to walk across the room and stop at a random point. He wasn't watching but when he made a motion with his hand - she stopped. THen he had her do it again and told her to walk across t
Dont worry they're listening when you pray when you say their names when you feel the paint evey little piece every single time When you loose the ones you love they loose you too when you love the ones you loose they love you too when you need the ones you love they need you too and i know that when they died a part of you died too but remember that when you live a part of them lives too in you brakes in stormy weather faces in the night

A shadow of a man

I hate knowing all that i know, only to have to let go. I hate when all the things I dont want to know, find me anyways. I hate not being able to trust anyone, and knowing that it's one thing i'm always right about. I hate being able to figure anything out - except why I can figure everything out. I guess I have to do what I need to do- before what I want to do. The world isn't what I make of it, it's not what you make out of it - it's what it's made of itself. Two people can look at the same thing in two different ways but it's still the same thing. Neither is right, neither is wrong - my right is your left. My "up" on this side of the world is someone else's "down" on the reverse side. These aren't words you're reading, they are specs of light on a screen. You see them, you think about them, you think you know what they mean, but you'll only know what they mean to you. But they aren't yours, they're mine. No o

Baby, don't you break my heart slow

My favorite song, from my new favorite artist Taylor Swift --- I liked the way you wanted me every night for so long baby I liked the way you needed me every time that things got rocky I almost believed you but was mistaken do you mean what you says? When you said our love could last forever well id rather you be mean then love and lie id rather hear the truth than have to say goodbye i'd rather take a blow at least then i would know but baby, dont break my heart slow i Liked the way you'd hold me everynight for so long baby i liked the way you'd sing to me everytime that things got rocky I once believed in you Was i mistaken? Did you say, Do you say what you mean? when you said our love could last forver Cause I'd rather be mean then love and leave id rather hear the truth than have to say goodbye id rather take a blow at least then id know you'd run around and lead me on forever when id stay at home, still thinking we're together i wanted our love to la

You've got to find what you love..

"Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure - these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart" -Jobs

Britney Spears New Song

Click here to listen to it . It's ok. She's actually sings!


Jordin Sparks First Single: - no matter what you say about love i keep coming back for more keep my hand in the fire sooner or later i get what i'm asking for no matter what you say about life i learn every time i bleed the truth is a stranger my soul is in danger i gotta let my spirit be free to admit that i'm wrong then change my mind sorry but i have to move on and you leave you behind i can't waste time so give it a moment i realize nothing is broken don need to worry about everyhtin ive done gotta live every second like it was my last one dont look back got a new directin i loved you once i needed protection you're still apart of everything i do you're on my heart just like a tattoo i'll always have you im sick of playing all of these games it's not about taking sides when i looked in the mirror it didn't deliver it hurt enough to think that i could it hurt to stop and admit i was wrong then change my mind sorry i gotta be strong and leave you be

The Big O

Image This pretty much sums up my last post. I found it randomly, how weird.

The Big O

Image This pretty much sums up my last post. I found it randomly, how weird.


Click here to see an animation I made

Mirror Mirror


Lies, tears, and fears - oh my

So you know that feeling you get when you think you've figured something significant out, about yourself? I just had one of those. I'm not waiting FOR something to happen. I'm waiting on someone. Waiting for someone else - other than myself to tell me something I feel I need to hear. "You've succeeded" "you win" - "You're right" Like I need someone to grade me - give me that A+++. But I guess that's what being an adult is. It's realizing you're not in a class room anymore. That you dont have to do what you're told to anymore either.. but not just teachers but your parents too. The only re-occuring dreams i've ever had always revolve around the first day of school. The fear and anxiety involved. What if I can't find my class. What if I walk in late and everyone looks at me. What if I say my name wrong when they take roll? What if, what if.. There is ALWAYS the same fear in my dreams, even LAST NIGHT

Last Supper Hidden Images, Cont.

As I was putting together the visual guide to my book (Which is pretty much done) I obviously wanted to focus on the Last Supper since there are 15 million people out there interested! I explain how I came across the process, and noticed the hidden images. I've always known there were a LOT of things in the Last Supper, but my book was focused on the Mona Lisa. I was going to go back and do a different book on the Last Supper because I knew it would take a lot of work to go through the painting and see the different things inside. When this hit the news (by someone else) the article said Pepsi found a baby and templar knight in the paiting. I had noticed the baby - or at least the bundle the baby "Should" be in months earlier. I never noticed the Templar knight because I didn't know what a templar knight looked like! Like I said there are hundreds of images hidden inside that are made when the painting is crossed on itself. It's like trying to find waldo, b

That's my book!

This is actually a great review of my book! It really is such a random mess at times, kinda like paint splattered on the wall and calling it art. Some people "get it" and some people don't. But the problem with that is that I don't try to make the splatters, i'm trying to paint a real picture but i'm learning how to paint like that. I'm more of a finger painter, pounding my hands on the keyboard hahaa. It also didn't help that a lot of my book was written at different times in the year, in different frames of minds, and with different intentions. A lot of it was rushed, where i felt forced to finish asap. And besides, I wasn't a professional writer, and my editing skill are like maybe freshman year of college or worce. BUT, i've learned SO much these past few months. I have my own writing process now and I get a little better each time. My writing also improves, I'm a lot more careful AS i'm writing because I know i'm going to have


I just had my first interview! I think it went well. It's with Saddleback Valley News which is the local paper in Lake Forest. I can't WAIT until my old work gets it hahahaha I dont think anyone there believed that I was really writing a book! Speaking of which. Last night I outlined a totally new version. So yet again... i'm going to have to re-write my book. God, it's been literally 4 times now, not to mention the small refinements and editing. I was thinking of changing the title to "Dimmi" which is what Da Vinci would write to get his pen going. I think it means "Tell me" so it's like asking a question. Where as my last book(s) were written to this imagined audience of judgemental skeptics. This new version is going to be written without any other expectations other than those i place on myself. A book that I would want to read. Since the biggest compliments i get are from the interjections, i'm going to focus more on them, and

If there was a line, I crossed it.

I've spent the last two days finally working on the visual sidekick to my book. It's going to explain things a little better and have all the really cool images i've made over the past year. It'll be like "where's waldo" for 2007 via art from 1500 haha. But you wont know what waldo looks like, or if he's there! As I was putting the book together and writing the descriptions that go with the different images I kept putting even more things together. I've come a long way since the first night I stared on all this crazy stuff, yet i'm finding that the majority of this past year was actually trying to explain the first 3 nights.. All the thoughts and theories that seemed almost impossible at the time have been unraveling ever since. I'm kinda amazed that the theories I pulled out of no where, have been mostly right! Weirrrd. My best explanation is both simple and complex at the same time. It's basically how your brain works - well fo

UFO Haiti

WTF is this? A lot of people are saying it's fake because the palm trees look the same. But they are moving with the wind? And if they are the same does that mean they are the same because they are digitally put there? or because they are props? But first of all this is like tranformers quality graphics that's been recorded on a handi cam. How could someone make this? I dont' think it could be made with a model and props, digitally - yes. But if it is computer generated its REALLLY Good. LIke star wars quality good. That stuff takes weeks if not months to create. There are also other lights in the sky that meet the two you see fly by the camera. The "ufo" also look how you would imagine them to really look. Not flying disks but detailed. IF this is real then it beggs the obvious question. Is this an "alien" or is this a man made craft? I think we have the ability to make something like that so it could be some man flying that thing. I'm usually

Trick Eyes

I thought I should post some of these. They show how complex our vision system is and how much we still dont understand about it. I think Da Vinci was aware of some of this and used it in his art. If you think about how the different colors create different effects and make things appear to move - when they are NOT. Then you could imagine what someone who was the greatest painter in the world could do with that knowledge.

Do you see what I see?

These hidden images all seem to be in the same style. Like an abstract cartoon. See if you can see the hidden pictures inside. I'll make another post later with them enhanced and traced around. Still working on the specifics to seeing these propperly. There is something i'm missing. I'm getting closer and closer though. I figure what I really need to do is get such proof that no one could dispute. The ironic thing is that I know once some experts who know about photo manipulation and advanced optics take this seriously - they will be able to do this a LOT better than me. I just dont think they would believe that painting from over 500 years ago could contain this, and no one has noticed it before. But like I always say, Da Vinci is considered the greatest genius who has EVER LIVED, so this isn't as far fetched as you might think.

St. Ann Hidden Images

The painting The Sketch This is something most people might not understand how or why, but it's proof that Da Vinci intended for this drawing to be mirrored on itself and reversed. The image under shows why. The first one is it mirrored directly on itself without being moved. In this one the mirrored (and transparent) copy has been moved over slightly. Those aren't the same faces, those are two different faces that combine perfectly when mirrored on each other. You''ll notice in the original there are TWO women and TWO different faces. When mirrored on it's self there should be FOUR - right? Where did the second, darker face go? - it combined with the other one! That means that although they dont look like it they are mirror images of each other. This couldn't happen unless it was designed to do this. Like I said you would have to understand how unlikely it would be for this to happen without there being intention behind it. Not only do the two different


After buying lotto tickets tomorrow and contemplating the moral dilemma of what to do if I were to win with a ticket I bought for someone else... guess what's on tv RIGHT NOW. That movie with Nicholas Cage where he gives the waitress half of his winnings! I turned the channel randomly RIGHT when he was telling her that he was giving her the money too! That's a pretty weird coincidence. I'm totally going to win!


My favorite new artist Josh Hodge just posted a new song on his myspace. Shadow: Driving in the poring rain wishing you would wash away thought i left you far behind back where we both said good bye your in every face i see even strangers on the street you live in this radio there's no where that i can go try to run i try to hide i leave your memory behind like a shadow you wont leave i take you everywhere with me take you everywhere with me i would walk across the world miles away from where we were if that would free me from your chains help me forget your name try to run try to hide i leave your memory behind like a shadow you wont leave I take you everywhere with me take you every where with meeee oh I can't shake you I can't make you go away and I can't this haunting me for one more day i try to run i try to hide and leave you memory behind like a shadow you wont leave take you everywhere with me try to run i try to hide i leave your memory behind like

It doesn't matter anyway

So as I was walking to 711 to buy chips, beer, and lotto tickets I couldn't help but note the irony involved. I'm living in a trailer, in a trailer park, and basically survinging out of a back pack. But hey there is a really nice pool and gym, i'm getting tan and a 6 pack! There is cable tv and Internet too which is more than most people in the world have. I only have 3 pairs of clothes and the same shoes i've worn for 5 years. I dont really have to decide what i'm going to wear that day, It's usually the same thing I went to sleep it, and worked out in.. so i'm sure i'm a lil stinky too. hehehe I was thinking how much i've changed over this past year or two. Where as I used to never be able to go out without getting ready, now I just kinda walk out in my pajamas and slippers! And I do mean walk - I dont have a car! It really sucks actually. You can't really do anything in California without a car. If you dont have one after you're 16 you