Gar, how gay

Pirates of the Caribbean just came on which made me flash back to one of the, if not THE worst experience i've ever had in a theater when I saw the third of the, well they are pretty much the same thing over and over and over again for 3 movies. Pirates, ar, pirates fighting, coming back to life, sailing somewhere, doing it again, fighting some more, dying. ETC ETC. One thing I do like about them is how they are shot - the look of the movies, but when that same look is repeated constantly it just gets old. The main girl is gorgeouS (and out of place), but the whole love story is just weak. They dont even act like they like each other let alone love each other which is what the movies is suppose to be about, i think. I don't really like Pirates or that whole era. Garr I'm a pirate" who gets off of stealing and pillaging? Wtf. That's stupid. It's like a shit stain in human history - that whole sailing boat thing. Slavery, pirates, scurvy - stupid.

Nothing good ever came from pirates besides buried treasure~!

Now this is some cool buried treasure! A 10k or older/nearly perfectly preserved wolly mamoth baby! Elephants are my favorite animal, i've wanted once ever since I rode on one when I was like 3. And when i'm rich, i'm going to live in a freakin zoo. There are even pigmy elephants so that might work out better. I'm going to name it socrates.

What's cool about this baby elephant is that some of the genetic material might be preserved enough to make a clone! Which is awesome. Totally Jurrasic park-eske. There is even someone in Syberia making a Mammoth preserve~!


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