Another Last Supper Mirrored

This painting is mirrored on itself. Notice how Jesus in the middle is still in focus and the various other images created to the sides. It would be very unlikely he would look so perfect in the center with an image of himself mirrored on himself - and still looking forward like that.

Like I said there are a lot of paintings that do this! This one is interesting because it's also of the "Last Supper" and has the same ability..

Here is yet another one. This time a drawing by Hermann Nitsch- called you guessed it. "The Last Supper" Here is the drawing mirrored on itself. You'll notice the center face - which would be Jesus and the only part that's red - also in focus and creates other images to it's sides. I Think this image also shows what I mean about the Last Supper being able to be turned into an animation. You'll see lines going from one character to the other, and even a baby in the stomach to the what would have to be a woman to the far right. Why would this artist include a woman with a baby? Why would it have the same mirrored characteristics? I think this goes to show that he must have already known about the secrets in the Last Supper which begs the questions - who really knows about this? The restorers must have. Whoever made the changes must have. Or could they have only known to some extent? And we're just now figuring out the rest. It is pretty complex and requires very recent technology to see properly so maybe we're just on the brink of an amazing new look into ancient art! Check out my book for more! I'm going to keep the whole thing available for free until I start to get a lot of traffic then take half off or no one will actually buy it!


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