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A real Da Vinci Code ?
Posted on Wednesday, 15 November, 2006 5:38
Here's an article from Last Year from where I mention my discovories. The Last Supper is mentioned in the Last Paragraph.

"Derek is looking for publishers for the books he’s working on. One on The Mona Lisa and another one The Last Supper which he says will shock the art world and help support Dan Brown."

"He has his research on his web site and says he will keep it updated with his current research which includes discovering a new way to view the Last Supper with shows that the feminine looknig character is indeed a woman and holding a baby. He insists that this is just a painting and isn't interested in the implications beyond what Da Vinci painted."

Just in case anyone had any doubts that I found this a LONG Time ago. Last year actually! Here's the proof!

Another Last Supper Mirrored

This painting is mirrored on itself. Notice how Jesus in the middle is still in focus and the various other images created to the sides. It would be very unlikely he would look so perfect in the center with an image of himself mirrored on himself - and still looking forward like that.

Like I said there are a lot of paintings that do this! This one is interesting because it's also of the "Last Supper" and has the same ability..
Here is yet another one. This time a drawing by Hermann Nitsch- called you guessed it. "The Last Supper" Here is the drawing mirrored on itself. You'll notice the center face - which would be Jesus and the only part that's red - also in focus and creates other images to it's sides. I Think this image also shows what I mean about the Last Supper being able to be turned into an animation. You'll see lines going from one character to the other, and even a baby in the stomach to the what would have to be a woman to the far right…

Secret Images in the Last Supper

Even more intriguing about this whole thing, is that the Last Supper is just ONE painting that has secret images that form when you mirror the painting on itself. The one above is from Raphael. I talk more about this in my book, but i've found dozens of paintings that have this same propensity. I'll post them as I can. Mirroring a painting on itself was actually the very first thing I did over a year ago when i started all this. Which is also documented in my book haha I'll post that picture when i can find it, and i ever think it's on an earlier blog from a couple months ago.

Interestingly, the Last Supper Images were only a small part of my book and what i've found. The majority was focused on the Mona Lisa. But I did find that when you mirrored the Last Supper on itself it unlocked some pretty interesting things. I never saw the "Templar Knight" Because I dont even know what that it, but I did see the baby being passed around. (see posts before this on…

Holly Sheet

I found these when I was going through my hard drive to get pictures to update my site. I made these and printed them out as pictures to send to various places like Time magazine and The La Times to see if they wanted to do an article about my discoveries and book. I never got a response obviously but these are still pretty cool! This was before I even finished my book and i've come a LONG way since then!

This first picture is actually really really interesting. It's made from re-sizing, rotating, and enhancing the painting to the right of it. What's really fascinating are the images that seem to be formed when I did that - but how?! You can see a face in the upper center that looks like cat-ish. I dont understand (if it's suppose to be there and it's not a coincidence) how DaVinci could have envisioned and executed something like that? What I think it really could be is that i've started to figure out the way to really view them - to unlock other images. It rem…

OM last supper


This just made headline news on aol! What this guy found (Slavisa Pesci) is what i've already found months ago and is in my book! The EXACT same thing! Mirroring the Last Supper on itself, hidden images, and Jesus holding a baby~!

 to read it and see the pictures.

"Websites,, and had 15 million hits on Thursday morning alone, organizers said, adding they were trying to provide a more powerful server for the sites."

Wow! For the SAME thing I have been working on for a year ahh i'm freaking out, in a good way. Not only cause it confirms what I found, but because I kNOW for sure now that there is interested and it's just a matter of time! and the time might have finally come!

For anyone reading this, please please please help me get what i've foun…

It's all because of you

So i'm calling today - firsts and finally.

I've had issues with my Dad since he went crazy when I was 9. He's bi-polar. That whole side of my family is issue laden. He decided to get religous and adopt the parts of the bible that relate to revelations. Derek - having no concept of religion or god what so ever up until that point was rather confused. I remember him telling me "God is everywhere" and I distictly remember when he first said that to me, where i was and my reaction. We were sitting in my Moms 1989 Acura Legend which would some day way later become my first car - and as a child asking:

So God is in the frost seat, in the back seat beside me, standing outside the car, and everywhere around the car- in the house and in my bed, in the avacado orchard - under every tree and everywhere else in the world? God is everywhere and a man, in our own image and knows how many hairs our on our head??? - yess.


I first considered God to be a man from the sky, invisibl…

mmm purty


I see dumb people, Walking around like regular people. They only see each other. They only see what they want to see and they don't know they're dumb.

That quote makes me laugh so hard. I made it my myspace headline haha It's so freakin true - so is this one from the life of David Gale:::

"Come on, think. I want you to reach back into those minds and tell me, tell us all, what it is you fantasize about. World peace? I thought so. Do you fantasize about international fame? Do you fantasize about winning a Pulitzer Prize? Or a Nobel Peace Prize? An MTV Music Award? Do you fantasize about meeting some genius hunk, ostensibly bad but secretly simmering with noble passion and willing to sleep on the wet spot? You get Lucans point. Fantasies have to be unrealistic because the moment, the secod, that you get what you desire, you don't, you can't want it anymore. In order to continue to exist desire must have it's objects perpetually absent. Its not the it that you want, it's the fantasy of it. So desire supports crazy fantasies. This is what Pascal means when he says we are only truly happy when daydreaming about fu…


Derek, this blog is not for your personal angry rants. That is what a journal is for.

I spent the last 2 days in bed, without eating, going through caffeine with drawls, and angry as hell. Words of wisdom - do not write down what you're thinking - well write it down it'll help, but dont post it until the anger goes away! bad derek, bad.

I'm funny as hell when i'm mad though, at least I think so!

I'm like dude - take a chill pill. Then i'm like fuck you derek i would if i had one, obviously I dont! hahahaha I'm trying not to think that it takes a pill or liquid to solve any kind of problem - suffer through it, think it out, and then once you figure out how to conquer it - you will be able to the next time it happens. and you wont need anything but yourself. But damn, it's not easy!

I'm working on my newest book, it's going to be really cool and really different. You'll want to actually buy it. It's going to be about YOU. It's going to be …

Save to draft dammit

Wow so I dont reccomend not eating for 3 days and going through energy drink withdrawls and typing about how much you hate the world. Not a good combo, you tend to say things - not that you dont' mean - but in a way you wouldn't normally say them. It's strange how not eating can affect your mood - the same way it does with animals. You dont fuck with a hungry lion, a full lion is more tame. Lesson Learned

Ironically, as i typed my last post which had a lot to do with people i'm angry with and seriously dislike, yes i even used the word hate.. Ironically and this is truley ironic for me at least, one of those people was my dad - who i typed some pretty harsh stuff about. Well RIGHT as I posted that blog (which i've now removed and wont be posting anytime soon) he walked into the room! (he lives in the city I'm living in but i've only seen him once since i've moved here) WTF. I thought I was about to loose it. I hadn't slept or gotten out of bed in 2 d…

Duh. I already figured this out and had it on my web site for months. Annoying

Experts skeptical on claim of new discovery in Da Vinci's "Last Supper"
The Associated Press
Published: July 25, 2007

MILAN, Italy: A computer analyst claimed Wednesday to have discovered new images in Leonardo Da Vinci's "The Last Supper," one of the world's best-loved religious paintings.
But some experts were skeptical, dismissing the claim as another spin-off of Dan Brown's best-selling novel "The Da Vinci Code."
Slavisa Pesci claims to have discovered new images in the 15th mural in the dining hall of Milan's Santa Maria delle Grazie church by superimposing a reverse image on the original image.
When doing so, Pesci said he observed, for example, that the two figures on either end of the long table appear to become knights, and that another figure appears to be holding an infant.
"It came to mind to scan "The Last Supper" and print it on transparent paper, then superimpose it in reverse on the original image: the result is…

Duh. I already figured this out and had it on my web site for months. Annoying

Experts skeptical on claim of new discovery in Da Vinci's "Last Supper"
The Associated Press
Published: July 25, 2007

MILAN, Italy: A computer analyst claimed Wednesday to have discovered new images in Leonardo Da Vinci's "The Last Supper," one of the world's best-loved religious paintings.
But some experts were skeptical, dismissing the claim as another spin-off of Dan Brown's best-selling novel "The Da Vinci Code."
Slavisa Pesci claims to have discovered new images in the 15th mural in the dining hall of Milan's Santa Maria delle Grazie church by superimposing a reverse image on the original image.
When doing so, Pesci said he observed, for example, that the two figures on either end of the long table appear to become knights, and that another figure appears to be holding an infant.
"It came to mind to scan "The Last Supper" and print it on transparent paper, then superimpose it in reverse on the original image: the result is…

Photo Ideas

Biting light in the dark

Skull drawn on face

Fire fridge

holding kitten in hand with nothing in the background (light shining down on it, kitty power)

Mirror with no reflection (but camera there)

Face with no features.

Face melting

Light bulb in mouth

I dont know who Chuck is but I love him!

Chuck Palahniuk Quotes
» A minute of perfection was worth the effort. A moment was the most you could ever expect from perfection.»
All God does is watch us and kill us when we get boring. We must never, ever be boring.»
Did perpetual happiness in the Garden of Eden maybe get so boring that eating the apple was justified?» Every woman is just a different kind of problem.»
Everyone smiles with that invisible gun to their head.»
Find out what you're afraid of and go live there.»
Give me rampant intellectualism as a coping mechanism.»
I admire addicts. In a world where everybody is waiting for some bline, random disaster, or some sudden disease, the addict has the comfort of knowing what will most likely wait for him down the road. He's taken some control over his ultimate fate, and his addiction keeps the cause of death from being a total suprise.»
I don't care what they do with my book so long as the flippin check clears.»
I used to work in a funeral home to feel good about …

Gar, how gay

Pirates of the Caribbean just came on which made me flash back to one of the, if not THE worst experience i've ever had in a theater when I saw the third of the, well they are pretty much the same thing over and over and over again for 3 movies. Pirates, ar, pirates fighting, coming back to life, sailing somewhere, doing it again, fighting some more, dying. ETC ETC. One thing I do like about them is how they are shot - the look of the movies, but when that same look is repeated constantly it just gets old. The main girl is gorgeouS (and out of place), but the whole love story is just weak. They dont even act like they like each other let alone love each other which is what the movies is suppose to be about, i think. I don't really like Pirates or that whole era. Garr I'm a pirate" who gets off of stealing and pillaging? Wtf. That's stupid. It's like a shit stain in human history - that whole sailing boat thing. Slavery, pirates, scurvy - stupid.

Nothing good ev…

LA Vice, Lohan bust

Unlike all the idiots who hate on Lindsay Lohan I honestly feel compassionate for her. I can't even quit energy drinks so I can only imagine what cocaine is like! I dont even want to try i cause I would be in Rehab in a week flat. hahaha

She just got arrested again for a dui and had some coke in her pocket, opps. Under the article where people can post comments you can find stuff like "A waste of humanity" "should be locked up and the key thrown away" wtf is the matter with people? She's a 21 year old girl with a lot of money and drug problem - big deal. Just cause she's famous doesn't mean she should be perfect! Lets put them in her shoes and see how they handle it. Cast the first stone!? Just like always, ugly girls who are poor and lonely, hate pretty girls who give them a reason too. It's that simple. It's a jealousy thing really - even in her mug shot she's freakin hot. I couldn't even get most girls lookin like that after hours…

Lessons Learned - (preview)

When someone tells you exactly what you want to hear - they are probably lying.

If someone forgives you for something - you've done to them a little too easily. They probably already did the same thing or worse!

If someone does something once, they'll probably do it again and again, especially if they promise not too.

If someone says something that confuses you, they were probably trying to.

If someone says "maybe" it usually means yes.

If an old ex suddenly starts talking to you, they're probably on a rebound.

Sometimes when things are "too good to be true" they aren't just as often as they are.

The more animate someone is w/ their words, the more they have to hide.

Even when you think you've heard the whole story, you've really heard about half.

Never trust anyone who doesnt like animals.

If someone earns your trust, then looses it - don't let them have it back.

When you cna't find something, check your pockets (twice) the clothes you wore la…

Bright Idea

This is cool, I want to learn how to do 3d stuff like that

"This can be a challenging time of year as you face parts of your own life that just don't fit into your overall game plan. The most complicated problems stem from the major changes you want to make, but cannot. In your dreams you know something big is going to happen, yet your life continues to plod along in slow motion. Instead of trying to force progress, just enjoy yourself right here and now."


My life didn't start to get any better until I stopped talking to two people who consumed me. Two people who said they would do anything for me, but never did. They said they did, but words aren't enough. You shoudln't have to make excuses for people just to justify associating with them. Sometimes people really are just selfish, ignorant - idiots with so many insecurities and lies that they dont know

Let go of anyone who complicates your life and makes you feel bad about yourself. Especially when it's in the guise of love or friendship - let them go. People who are weak, hold onto and bring down people who are strong. Misery loves company and that's company I won't keep.


I got some samples of my photography book in the mail. The cover and everything looks awesome I was really impressed with myself!- Especially how the cover and back cover look printed. It's comic book sized and not-hard covered. 245 pages. 400 pictures, 4 countries, and over 7 years.

Pretty good for never havein taken a photography class, used lights and almost every single image being candid.

I'm not really expecting anyone to actually buy it at the price it's at (53$) cause it's not worth 50$ but that's how much it costs to have a book printed with all those colored pictures. It was more to make to make more than to sell.

My next book should actually be more appealing for someone to actually buy - hopefully. If not i'm fine with being a starving artist/writer/ photographer/ - I may not have a job, money, friends, love, or anything but some dreams and aspirations - but at least i'm not ordinary, fat, shallow, or practical.

Although my life is up in the ai…

I hate that

I couldn't even begin to express how much I hate the disney channel. Every since i've been living with my two neices it seems to be on constantly, which wouldnt' be so bad if Disney could do something other than play the exact same shows, the exact same espisodes of those same shows - over and over.

Hanna Montana!? ahhhhhh I hate her, just because I've heard that name 123432x's and then her alter alias miley curtis or whatever. Her and her two personas.

What really urks me is how shallow and stupid these shows are. This is what is entertaing to children? Where are the cartoons? Thundercats, X-men - where our idols saved the world instead of bitching about fashion and girl fights. It really pisses me off. Our Children our being brainwashed! I'm being brainwashed too!

I'm obsessed with Taylor Swift. I like country music now.

I had the most vivid and realistic dreams about my Dad last night. Then I wake up to hearing "Grandpa's going to come over and g…

In a court of LAW

These are from a book called Disorder in the American Courts, and are things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down and now published by court reporters who had the torment of staying calm while these exchanges were actually taking place.

ATTORNEY: Are you sexually active?
WITNESS: No, I just lie there.

ATTORNEY: What gear were you in at the moment of the impact?
WITNESS: Gucci sweats and Reeboks.* *______________________________________*

ATTORNEY: This myasthenia gravis, does it affect your memory at all?
ATTORNEY: And in what ways does it affect your memory?*
WITNESS: I forget.
ATTORNEY: You forget? Can you give us an example of something you forgot? ______________________________________________________________*

ATTORNEY: What was the first thing your husband said to you that morning?
WITNESS: He said, "Where am I, Cathy?"
ATTORNEY: And why did that upset you?
WITNESS: My name is Sus…

Must Get Rich

This is why splurt

Man Vs. Wild

The guy on man vs wild is freakin cool. I would totally want to get lost in the wild. You wouldn't think that it would be too difficult to accomplish.. hmmmmm


Literally. Stare at the white/ negative side for 10 seconds without blinking or moving your eyes. Then close them. What do you notice? I have never heard of this before but randomly perceived it when I was inverting this picture. I was trying to see if it looked better inverted, or not. Sometimes things look really cool inverted, and other times just stupid. I look like a super hero haha But really, when i was switching back and forth from the inverted to the non inverted version I noticed that after it changed, It appeared to turn -non inverted but in a new color, almost skin toned. So then I tried to enhance the effect by going between the negative white version and a white background - then once the inverted image is removed I would know if it's the other picture doing it, or my eyes. It was my eyes! It's already been known that when you close your eyes after looking at something, an image of it is retained for a split second or longer - usually depending ont he brightness…

By By food baby

I weighed myself yesterday and i'm 142, the lightest i've been since .. well when I passed it a few years ago. I've lost 50lbs! I didn't even work out. Basically push ups every once in a while, eating right, and not being an idiot. I also stopped eating meat which probably helped a lot as well. I think most people dont realize that you really dont have to eat all that much. It depends on what you do all day. If you just sit around at a desk or something, you dont need to eat 2000 calories a day. Fat is basically calories on reserve - you get fat to prepare for times when you wont have access to as much food, like hibernation or winter. To be fat all the time is just un-healthy and dumb. You have to be able to conquer yourself control and hunger because food is just like an addiction. It's going to take a couple weeks of discomfort, just like going through withdrawals, before you get used to eating less BUT the discomfort fades and you'll feel 10xs better than w…