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This is the "Final" cover and back cover. (Cover on the right) "Discovering DaVinci's Daughter" 438 Pages, 15 Chapters, 15 - "Interjections" Over 10 - Try it yourself exercises. Tons of pictures. There's never been a book quite like it. I really like it, I think most people who read it will as well. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll roll your eyes, you'll see things never seen before. I can't wait to hear what people think about it. Hopefully this time someone will actually read it. I think I'm finally ready to take this to the next level. I have a feeling that by the end of next week everything is going to change.

It's taken a year but the constant wait is finally over, I'm done. I'm excited to not have this book looming over my head. I've always wanted to create something, to make something I could hold in my hands. I've accomplished that and more than I would have EVER expected to a ye…


How's this for a very strange coincidence. I am editing my book and spell check said "lay underneath" was wrong. It wanted me to change it to "Lie" so I typed "Lay underneath" in google to see which was really correct. This was the first site that came up for the search! WTf?? It's pretty strange that "lay underneath" happens to bring up (as the first page) an article about hidden paintings - if you didn't know that's one of the main themes of my books! Weird! I'm almost done, look for the newest, and last *it better be* version up by tomorrow!

"As part of its "Picasso and American Art" exhibit, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is presenting a look at a hidden image discovered behind the artist's painting Scene de rue, seen on the right.
Unusual brushwork patterns and colors peeking through cracks in the surface of the painting long fueled a suspicion that another image lay underneath. Picasso painted t…

The Sperm Time Paradox

From my book that i'm finishing up as I type!

"Another time theory I have is called THE SPERM TIME PARADOX. Which basically means that time travel would be impossible due to the extreme randomness and complexities of procreation. If you were to change any one single thing that would result in a difference, even a second off. It would mean that the act of conception would be altered – and a different sperm would reach the egg- resulting in a different person being born. One second off could change someone being born which would then change everything else. It’s all in the details! The only way around it would be very very careful planning and time-altered-artificial-insemination."

In the News

Today two news headlines stood out.

1. A lady working at a day care put tape over a 2 year old mouth because he wouldn't be quiet at "nap time" she left him like that for a few minutes, came back, and he was dead. WTF is the matter with her??? I'm sure she had no intention of actually doing any "harm" but regardless she killed someone's son. That's just.. uh. Can you imagine what the parents must feel like? Their child gets killed by someone taping it's mouth shut? She's being charged with first degree murder. I think this is an interesting case because although it's absolutely horrible, she probably had no intention of really hurting him, let alone killing him. But that doesn't change what happened? This is one of those cases where I think the "Crime" is punishment enough. I don't know if putting her in jail for the rest of her life would really help anyone. I doubt she would ever do anything like that again, but then a…


So I started swimming laps about a week ago. In my life i've never been able to do more than about 2 without being too exhausted to do more. It's always hard for me to do something I dont want to do, especially if it doesn't feel good. So I decided to see what would happen if I kept trying instead of just giving up after the first time. So the next day I doubled what I could do and did 4 laps. The next day, 5. It's amazing how that works. It's also amazing how fast our bodies can adapt and mature. Since I've never really swam laps I didn't know how to do that "breast stroke' Or whatever that normal swimming position is!? After only a few days it's totally easier and I can actually realize what makes me go faster and what seems harder. It's kinda cool already knowing what the best way to do it is (i've seen people swim professionally before) instead of having to figure it out for myself. If I had never seen anyone swim before would I eve…

Viva Mexico!

Mastretta MXT

Check out this awesome car! This is totally my style and one of the best and most original designs i've seen in a long time. This car is from a Mexican company and is a mid engine 4 banger. I don't care for the color but the design is spot on. The best head light integration i've ever seen!

Another beauty from down south who won Americas Next Top model!

I think that it's great that she won, but I still thought Natasha was a lot prettier. Jaslene had a very unique look and awesome body, and I think it's best she won (great statement) but I still liked Natasha!

I'm also really into American Idol this season. I have been rooting for Jordin the entire time and i'm soo soo glad she made it to the finals. It was between her and Melinda, blake was going to be in the finale for sure. Melinda and Jordin have different sounds, but Jordin was 17, bigger personality, prettier voice, and well.. prettier too. Melinda always sounded the same to me, but I would g…

Air Pollution Solution

So I was thinking about a way that could end air pollution from automobiles. Even if we switched to electric, or bio-fuel, or whatever else. There are still going to be millions of cars on the road for years to come that are still polluting.

The best solution that wouldn't even have to interfere with the gas companies, and only add to the economy would be this: An aftermarket exhaust system that would act like a filter. Not one to improve performance, but to eliminate all pollutants coming out of the car. This could be standard on all new models. All the automotive manufacturers could work together to come up with the best system possible instead of competing with each other. The world could come together and start a fund that would enable these to be made and placed on each car for free. Then we wouldn't have worry about air pollution from cars anymore. I could definitely see this working, and not causing any problems.

Think about those air purifying systems that you can buy fr…

New Cover & Title

I'm changing the title of my book to "Discovering DaVinci's Daughter" from "The Anatomy of Mona Lisa" No one really wants to read a book about the Mona Lisa and it doesn't really properly describe what my book is about. It's also making a statement, DaVinci had a daughter? Going a totally different direction with the cover too. I like this one the best so far. After I finish the final revisions and change a couple things i'm going to be making a press release and get this thing off the ground. I just sent out a few emails to the NYtimes and LAtimes, discovery channel and some blogs. We'll see what happens, I usually dont get any responses but i've come a very long way since the last time i tried. If any one's reading this and can help a brotha out, I'd appreciate it! hahaha
I also updated the section on my site about what i'm calling "Existent Philosophy" which is my evolving way to think about the world. Kinda inter…


You have to look really close but in this image it shows Jesus holding a baby over his shoulder. This was made moving the left and right sections over the middle. There are three parts to this painting. The Left side of the table, the middle, and the right side. Each are of equal width. When you take each part and place it over the other ones in various ways it makes a new "scene" I'm still working out the mechanics but this was probably designed to be crossed with the naked eye instead of it being totally transparent, but you can still get the idea. If you cross your eyes while looking at it, it starts to change as the various images cross and one side dominates the other. Obviously you gotta have really good control of your eyes. But once you can control their crossing you can see this painting how it was intended to be seen! It's obvious there are hidden secrets in this painting, it's just that no one thought it could be this complicated.. How could he have d…

The Last Supper

I've been working with THE LAST SUPPER for the last couple nights. This is one of the images i've made. It's the painting turned into a square shaped, then a copy of itself rotated on itself. You'll see what look like abstract cartoons going from the center to the top. It's like an animation with each step up being a different frame. I've also made these which show a totally different scene from the original.

Guess i'm not alone!

HA! I'm not crazy! I found this online today, this guy is figuring out the same thing! He can't get anyone to listen to him either. Interesting! I'm changing the name of my book to "Discovering DaVinci's Daughter" Changing the cover, and making some slight revisions. Should be done by the start of next week. Then i'm going to try to get what i've found out there. It's time.

"What if you found the true name of the lady in the painting called" The Mona Lisa" By Leonardo daVinci within the painting itself? What would you do? You see for the first time in over 500 years I have discovered the true name of the lady in the painting called "The Mona Lisa". Through Leonardo's theories, thoughts, reverse writing, reverse psychology and his fascination with mirrors I have figured out the process in which Leonardo daVinci used to to create his "Pictures Within Pictures". Imagine scholars from Oxford to Harvard,and in bet…

Random Update

I'm almost done reading my own book! It's really cool to finally read it as an actual physical thing. I'm really enjoying it. I actually read half of it in one setting so I think that's a good sign. Especially since i've already read it plenty of times as I was writing it. I've found a few errors and things I want to change but they're very slight -thankfully. I've also still only sold one book.. So she's got a collectors edition haha.

I'm going to have to change the chapter on autism since I know a lot more now and also the Sections about the Shroud of Turin and The Last Supper. I've figured some additional things out that would be great to include. I added them in as almost side notes but need to elaborate more since they are almost as great of a discovery as what I have with the Mona Lisa.

They say that the Shroud of Turin is the single most studied human artifact of all time so it's pretty cool that I've confirmed that DaVinci crea…

Aspergers Syndrome

I didn't even know what aspergers syndrome or what Autism really was until I realized I had it a few months ago. I randomly found a site by Temple Grandin who's an autistic writer and after reading an article she had called "thinking in pictures" i realized I thought in the exact same way she did. I thought that's how everyone thought! I've always known I was extremely different from most people but have never been able to explain what it was. It was as I was living in a completely different world. I tried my hardest, for my entire life, to understand it and "fit in" and actually did. But it was all forced and thoroughly thought out. I actually wrote a paper in college about the proper way to act to be "cool" called "Shallow Knowledge" (I got a B haha) I'm going to make a section of my site about autism and what it's taken for me to overcome the adverse effect and what I think it is, why it's caused, and how it's …

Cinco De Mayo, in Mexico w Mom!

I just got back from a 3 day cruise to Enceneda for Cinco De Mayo. It was my twin cousins 40th (they look 25) so we had a group of about 17 people. I was with my Mom. We hadn't been talking for a while so it was nice to get over that and do something fun for the first time.. well since I can remember!

It was so cool to see her happy. I had almost forgotten how special she is. Not only that but It helped me realize where my "crazyiness" comes from. Unlike my Dad's side where it's a little too literal, she's crazy in a fun way. The kind that gets up and dances around when people are singing karaoke. The kind that starts blowing the emergency whistle on her life preserver during the drill when two people randomly started fighting. Basically she's just really fun and doesn't care what anyone thinks! She's one of those people you remember your entire life after meeting her for 5 minutes. That kinda "Special" It was cute, she started crying whe…

Another Da Vinci Victim

Here's something a little scarry - especially for me. I found this article on it's about a woman who killed herself after she became obsessed with the "Da Vinci Code" Obviously this one hits pretty close to home since she was freaking out about the very same thing I've been doing/ researching. I went through the very same thing she did when I first started on all of this - fortunatly I didn't kill myself but I understand why she did.
Without going into too much detail - the fictional accounts in the "Da Vinci Code" are based on a lot of non-fictional stuff. Yes, there is hidden codes and messages in Da Vinci's art - a "code" BUT the story elements of the book are not real, just based on real things. There is a difference. She read the book (like I did) realized that a lot of it was based on reality but once she started to see things she had never read about before *much like myself* she assumed that people woul…

It's "official"

I'm an official author! I have one book sold to someone I didn't even know! That's a good feeling, one is def better than nothing. Thank Sarah!
Now that i'm done with The Anatomy I'm working on two more book.
1. The Anatomy of Mona Lisa: Gallery
This will be a visual guide with the hundreds of picture i've created that go along with the book. It shouldn't be too difficult to put together. It's just going to have the various images, composites, and things i've made that are related to the book and help to explain things better. Everything in the book is based on pictures that anyone could see, so this will be a great way to see what i've discovered. The basis of the book is a new way to view art, Da Vinci's especially. Since The Anatomy was black and white and only 6 x 9 I couldn't include very many pictures. With this version there will be hundreds. Not only the images explaining what i've found but the digital art i've created alo…
After watching the first season of lost on Dvd I couldn't help thinking why everyone wanted to get off the island so bad? It's one of my biggest fantasies to be "trapped" on a desert island. I think that would be awesome.