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Doubts on the Deluge

"Sea is the name given to that water which is wide and deep, in which the waters have not much motion." - Leonardo da Vinci

This post is combining two posts: "Doubts on the Deluge" 3-12-2011 & Creationism debate 4-5-14

Here a doubt arises, and that is as to whether the Flood which came  in the time of Noah was universal or not, and this would seem not to  have been the case for the reasons which will now be given. We have it  in the Bible that the said Flood was caused by forty days and forty  nights of continuous and universal rain, and that this rain rose ten  cubits above the highest mountain in the world. But consequently if it  had been the case that the rain was universal it would have formed in  itself a covering around our globe which is spherical in shape; and a  sphere has every part of its circumference equally distant from its  centre, and therefore on the sphere of water finding itself in the afore-  said condition, it becomes impossible for the w…