Lytro cinema 755mp Light Field Camera

  • 755 Mega Pixel Light Field Sensor Array
  • Variable Frames per second up to 300fps - in post
  • 3D From a single lens -in post
  • Refocus to any point - in post
  • Depth of Field “Chroma Key” (you can select only the area you want and add in a background, remove one via depth.)
This new Lytro Cinema camera is the future. The cons are that it’s huge and expensive but when this technology is at DSLR or phone sized everything is going to completely change. One camera records all the light rays in front of it and knows their direction. If you add in additional cameras you can essentially digitize an entire scene. This means you could rewatch that scene from any pov and move around while it’s being played back. So you could put on a VR headset and watch a movie as if you were literally a fly on the wall - and able to move around while it’s playing. Not just movies but sporting events and concerts - wow. They also have a 360 Lytro camera which could potentially sync up with these to digitize as large of an area as you want. Imagine being able to visit an amusement park or zoo digitally via VR but in real time, not just previously recorded. The only real thing limiting this from happening right now is price and the data / processing power required - all of which will be feasible in less than 2 years.

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