The Earth is Flat (sike) Intro to Magical Thinking

Step 1: Convince you there is actually a 'controversy' 

 What if I told you there is a secret that is so big that you would never, could never, believe it could be so well kept. That would completely change everything you know about the world around you... Everything you knew was a lie. Are you ready to be be deceived?!

Cue intense music and poppy graphics pewww pewww pewwww!!!!

I'm going to talk to you about the flat earth theory/ society. No, I am not going to try and convince you either way because - ugh, there are not two sides to this debate. This is not about whether abortion is wrong or capital punishment - things that aren't really or readily provable. This is something that is either true, or false. The earth is a sphere or it is flat. There is no amount of belief or faith in one or the other that will then magically alter the shape of the earth to suit your whims - or so it seems.

First I should start out by asking you "the question" that will cause you to doubt - and from there manipulate you into what is very much like a scam or a mental virus.

They believe:
  • The earth is flat with the “North” pole in the middle with an ice wall, antarctica around the edge.
  • They don’t agree on what’s on the “other side” theories range from “nothing” and the earth is an infinite plane. Plain? 
  • Some think there is a clear dome containing the sun and the moon, and stars are fake or lights on the dome. Meteors are when it cracks and parts fall down. 
  • The sun is only a few hundred miles wide, 3,000 miles away and doesn’t set but move over like a spot light *(yet you can’t see it cause of the atmosphere and distance..)
  • The Moon is similar to the sun and gives off it’s own light, which actually cools things with it’s light.
  • All satellites, the ISS, and all photographs of earth from afar or showing the curvature are fake.
  • They realllly don’t like NASA. 

What is the shape of the earth?
A sphere..
How do you know?
well ugh.. I know it is.

If this is not your first 'rodeo' or you didn't pay attention in school you will be ill equipped to answer these basic questions. What you have to realize is that these people not only are very well versed in the subject they are also fluent in the various techniques of deception and debate. What they will do is use time honored and perfected skills to con-vince you into their point of view. They have had this conversation a hundred times and you may have never had is so you will be easily defeated because you will fall back on a very predictable, defensive, and counteractable state.

Imagine it's like two people fighting - one knows karate and the other does not. It doesn't matter how mad you are or how 'right' you are or how big you are - the one who knows how to fight better will almost always win. You can't play chest against a chess master if you have never played before.

So if you are going to go up against someone well versed in not just debate but in that particular subject they will already be prepared for any comment you come up with and then know exactly how to make you feel stupid and in doing so make you DOUBT something that you KNOW to be true.

The first thing they will do is ask you or present you with what are known in court cases as "leading questions' because they will lead you down a path intended to confuse and manipulate you. Like a salesmen trying to sell you on clear coat paint or special floor mats. They have developed the verbiage and what to say and not say and what to get you to admit to or say "i dont know" to - already. These will be things like:

If the Earth is round - prove it!

and then you will say something back and they will say - Well how do you know, where did you get that information? - How can you believe that? Just because you heard that doesn't mean it's true. That could be a lie - right? Similar to how a religious person out to convert uses leading questions like "what is the meaning of life" or "what if you're wrong" - questions that in themselves may not be real and that they already have the answers for.

The main goal of this is to get you to second guess and play on your distrust in the honesty of "the authority" or keyword "Government" or in this case "NASA" and then - "So you think you can trust everything the government says" haha you're so gullible!

See - they are whittling away at you by introducing, or feeding your weak spots and doubt. Of course the governments lie and there are some conspiracies and blah blah - that is not the point. What they are doing is setting you up, and tricking you into placing your confidence - your 'proof' of a spherical earth directly into a governing body - this is a form of projection. They need an enemy - a common enemy who has specifically deceived you/ "us". They are, like the "government" they are purporting against, to manipulate and control you. Do governments manipulate and control people - duh that is what they are suppose to do. You might go through that stage, like teenagers, where you rebel against authority but then once you get older those teenagers and the people who stay stunted like teenegers 'rebelling' need to be manipulated and controlled. You can't leave those dang youngsters alone or they will get doped up and pregnant, they need rules, structure! It's true. This is getting off track but it's sufficient to note that this conspiracy requires a dark and ominous government in order to function. Why is that?

In order for the Flat Earth to be possible, besides the physics and observational, logical ideas - which we'll get to later- there has to be a cover up, a conspiracy, a lie so cunning and deceptive and overwhelming that it's able to manipulate time and space. 

Think about what it would take to convince you to "trick you" into believing the earth is a sphere if it were really flat?

It would also have to span hundreds of years, be a multi-generational, it would have to be kept secret and yet be kept in

  • Every book
  • Every plane, 
  • Every photograph
  • Every space shuttle
  • Every launch
  • Every gps explanation, 
  • Every telescope
 Not that such a deception is not possible  it's just so improbable that it's about as close to impossible as you could get. and THAT is where this theory finds it's footing - and where it finds its victims.

It plays with your fear and you paranoia and your distrust in authority and your desire for the lack of meaning or understanding of the world around you to be very specific. It answers the questions that you have not been able to and allows you to make them up as you go based on whatever your imagination can come up with - sans any logical or scientific guidance.

I call this "magical thinking" - listen to any children for any length of time and you'll know exactly how this sounds. How pokemons do what they do and casting spells on each other and making this impossible, and explaining things and generally just making shit up at will. It's so obviously fictional that it's considered playing around. Imaginary friends are also examples. When older people do the same thing we call it being a paranoid schizophrenic - that is unless you're talking about a movie or writing a fictional book - then it's still considered 'playing make believe' - writers do this when they try and imagine how a character gets in certain situations or how things happen. They make it up. The difference is knowing if what you're making up is real or if it's imagined and being able to keep that line drawn.

For example when researching the flat earth conspiracy I let my imagination run with the idea. What would it take for the earth to actually be flat? - THAT is what starts the crazy train. It's fun to think about if you know it's not true, it's like a mental game, but if you actually start to believe it, it will lead to a completely consuming delusion. 

So like I was saying if you don't know what you are doing or don't know a lot about why we 'know' the earth is round then when you are presented with "undeniable proof' that the earth is FLAT - you may get sucked into a debate specifically designed to trick you. Remember this is like spam, a virus, or pyramid scheme except that many of the people don't know it yet. They are genuine and honestly thinking they are right - and that you are wrong and anything you say, no matter how honest and genuine will appear - like they are to you - combative and deceptive.  "you're in on the conspiracy" if you try to say anything that conflicts with it.

They call these people "shills" and are people who are said to be 'paid by the government to go on youtube comments and try to cover up the truth" For example this very blog post would be considered as such because I'm talking against the "truth". Or I could be called a "baller" because I "believe" the earth is a sphere.

Conversely - (and this is exactly why it's so tricky)  each side of the debate, even though one side MUST be wrong, will use the same techniques and tricks and be just as genuine and sincere as the other. It's like talking to a mirror in that anything and everything you can say and do - can be done and said right back and in the same manner. As good as you are - they can match it. BUT here is something that one side will always lack - the truth. This is also where one side has the upper hand- they don't need to use honesty or integrity they can use magical thinking, beliefs and 'pseudo-science' or just outright deny anything 'science' all together. You see - they can and will use any means possible to prove their point - not to prove the truth. Because they think their point IS THE TRUTH and so - nothing can or will be able to contradict that. You'll also see the similarity in that is how the person or people on the 'side of the true truth' will also think and act and we're back at .. a stale mate where people are able to make the truth into whatever they want.

You could say that I am doing the exact same thing by writing this - right? No, yes, well it depends. Depends on what? It depends in you are trying to find the truth or if you are trying to figure out how to convince yourself and others of what you believe to be true. The problem is that someone doing that and someone trying to figure out the objective truth are often indistinguishable from each other. A good liar can be better than a bad truther. They are different skill sets. Like people talented at doing things and then people talented at leading people.

Eventually it becomes HOW MUCH THEY BELIEVE in it - so it's not about the truth but about belief - about faith - about how much they have invested personally into it. THEN it happens that they are confronted with new things they have not had the chance to make up answers for and when they realize that the OVERT show of belief just turns people off.

 People don't like to feel like they are being converted so you have to do so covertly.

An example would be me personally knowing about and then using these tactics in this post to purposely try and manipulate the readers to believe or not believe in ___. You could think that that is exactly what this is but my  intention is give the information required to decide for yourself. Which is exactly what I would say if I was secretly trying to convince someone too - right? Or is that what someone would say? or Am I saying that to ... you see how it's a perpetual loop. A confusion. That's usually a good sign you are working with false information or under a false premise. If you have to use magical thinking to understand it - it's likely false.

So they adapt and like 'mad men' or advertisers they learn what does work. They practice like lawyers and they get better and better at defending and promoting their idea. Then they combine and collaborate with others and before you know it they are developing a following that is like a virus and continues to divide and conquer and gets stronger because each new mind they infect brings new skills and talents and points of views to the table. They learn new skills, they can make better videos, they can see which get more views, they can see which get more likes - and they grow. People start to notice and so they show other people and those other people go there with the expectation to laugh at them - and then aren't prepared for the mental manipulation that goes on.

I guess the main way this works is that they present an alternative to the commonly accepted - authoritative account of ____ and then sensationalize it to the point of being absurd, and then back down and very plainly and accurately (appealing to the stoic) and appeasing the skeptic - present the idea as if it were, obvious, scientific, and factual. They will use the same "lingo" that someone telling the truth would use.

"Undeniable truth" "Facts" "Proofs" "Evidence" "Indisputable evidence"

and then downplay and make fun of the opposing side with antonyms. A little example is they don't use the word 'sphere' but use "ball" because it sounds dumber.

or they use slightly conflicting terms, semantics as evidence of the frailty of the idea. eg; "Theory" - means that it is "Just a theory" but then don't define what a theory really is and that something could be called a theory and be true, or was a theory and then became proven but is still referred to as a "theory"/ They could play the semantics game of "ball" round / sphere and then say - no wait it's not round it's an obleque or like a pear shapes! They can't even decide! so they dont know for sure! But they leave out the fact that the earth is made up of multiple layers and consistencies and these layers are moving and changing. The water is a different shape - obviously than the land. Look around - there are no round lands, there are mountains and valleys and deserts. The water is not a perfect sphere because the moon pulls on it causing it to bulge - which causes the tides since the moon is revolving around and pulling on the water. Or that the highest elevation isn't the same place as the highest above sea level. You have to think about the water air and land as separate things and they each have their own shapes.  The surface of the ocean is not the same shape as the land with it's mountain and deserts etc. So when we talk about the actual shape it's mostly round-ish depending on which boundary you are referring to but could fit inside a sphere rather than a 2d circle.

They are also like antibiotic resistant bacteria in that they learn and grow and become immune to arguments against them. Like the borg.   Like politicians they always have an answer and that answer, while it may appear off the cuff and said with a very apparent and honest tone - is deceptive in that it's been rehearsed and pre-programmed to confuse you. To assure you. or to provoke you.

They will take every 'proof' used for a round earth - which they collect and then dissect and have a seemingly logical response for - but what they don't have to do is a source or have proof of, because the people who want to believe it will take it at face value and the people who already know they are lying won't take the time to retort them or call them out because.. it's like arguing with a child about how 'super man' or the devil or the dog (who ate their homework) couldn't have broke something when it's obvious they did. You know what i mean? You let it go and let them have their make believe because- you don't care. But the problem is this is how cults start. This is how people take advantage of other people. This is how people trick other people into pyramid scams. This is how a lot of people lose friends and develop mental disorders and become paranoid about make believe things.

This is why I am taking the time to write this because when people stop at "you're stupid and crazy to believe that it's so obviously wrong" - and then don't go through the process of explaining why or how we know the earth is a sphere - you're only feeding into it. How? Because there is always a failsafe measure - like a cult - that those who have opposing views are 'the enemy' and the more the enemy 'attacks you' or your belief - the more it PROVES it's true. see? The hundreds of people who say you are wrong are 100 reasons you are right!

Research cults, Research Pyramid Schemes, Research Scams - they all use these same types of techniques. The same type that work in advertising, in politics, and in conditioning and controlling people - especially children.

One thing you'll notice about this post is that i've sure written a lot about how people can be tricked and how and what lies are - but I have yet to even get into why the earth is a sphere or more so why the earth cannot be flat. That's because some people are not going to be convinced by "the proof" because each side is going to give what they are calling "proofs" and then give counter proofs against each other. So it's really not about picking a side and then debating the other but about checking yourself and your version of reality and understanding the situation properly. 

Why are you debating this? Why are you in doubt? Why are you curious about this? What is the source of the confusion? Who is gaining something and who is losing something? What is that something? (Time)

You have to understand that while this is something that is either true or false - that people on the false side will believe it's true with the same audacity that someone on the truth side will and in the same way that you wouldnt' change your mind  and think the earth is flat - they may not change their mind that the earth is a sphere. That is why you can't simply give "Proofs" or "evidence" because those words - as they are defined have been taken and abused.

If one side gives "Undeniable proof" and then the other gives another "Undeniable Proof" how do you, personally, rectify that? 

That is where the work comes in and it's freaking annoying. I don't know what is more annoying to have to come up with proof of a spherical earth or not already being able to do it?! That is how 'they' got me, for like 20 seconds the first time I watched one of those videos. "Well how do you know?" - "Isn't it just because that is what you were told?" - oh, you're right! I dont know! WOW i have never thought about it before WHAT IF IM WRONG. 

That opens up a whole world of possibilities! It also opens a cascade of magical thinking, which is fun and addictive, to explain this new 'truth'


 Go with it for a second as if that were true and think of what that means? Nasa, globes, space, moons, planets - all simulations or faked. Gravity? That is fake too! So what happens, like in a murder mystery movie - it plays with your 'magical thinking' or suspends your dis-belief - which is fun - and breaks your imagination from reality and adds in a little bonus of fear and superstition. Whatever the reason we all like to think about conspiracy theories is  that is what we find appealing about something as 'absurd' or as 'enticing' as a flat earth. Not that it's flat physically, because, so?  Obviously NOTHING would change about reality since it would have had to been flat before you believed it was flat - since you were born and before and nothing really changes. What it does change is all of the other things that it implies. The conspiracies, the technology, the trickery, the manipulation - everything that would be required to make us, and you specifically believe that the earth was 'a ball.'

All it takes is introducing a little doubt - and then your imagination will do the rest. Then they give you the road map and the things to read and watch that will take you as far as you want with the theory and that road has already been paved with everyone else who has ever taken the time to ask the questions:

What is on the other side if the earth is flat?
What if you keep going?
What is on the edge?
How does the sun and moon work?
What are seasons?
Why is it a different time and day in different parts of the world? and so on.

While we have answered these questions through history and they have all fit into a spherical earth model - that same scenario can be used as the source of the deception itself. "that's just what you have been told, how do you know?" and then they present to you "new proof" - or "doubt" and if you are not already versed in why and how we know the earth is spherical and why the season are the way they are and how the moon works and eclipses - and you don't take the time to re-research those things you may fall into/ be infected by this 'new' idea.

Photographs of the Earth from Space?

What about photographs from space ships? "CGI" "Composites" faked! Then they will show you the NASA photographs and the caption that says "This image was is a composite and rendered" and say "see fake!" nasa even admits it's a fake! but they leave out what that really means or why it's a composite. If you want to take a picture of something really big that is larger than your cameras pov (the area you can see on your screen as you take the picture) you have to take MULTIPLE pictures while moving the camera around and then stitch them together - via a computer - after. So composite doesn't mean "fake" or 'cgi' it means stitched together and altered TO FIT on a single image, yes, with a computer - computer generated image. Every digital picture is a cgi! That doesn't mean that it's not a representation of a real thing taken accurately.  What you'll see they do in this instance is call the images 'cgi' but in the same instance find it impossible to deny that man can get in a plane and take pictures. Then any pictures that they cannot deny are impossible - must still be fake.. They will confuse you with things like "the horizon" and how it never changes! And then say that is evidence that the earth is flat - but they won't tell you what the "horizon' really is. They'll give examples of how we shouldn't be able to see certain objects in the distance if the earth is really round and that the curvature should block it - but then discount refraction, or they simply fudge the numbers hoping you won't notice. All they have to say is "it's too far away to be possible to see if there was really a curve" but then fail to give you the correct information/ numbers/ math and other things that make that example absurd.

Actual Proofs

Full Moon Silhouettes from Mark Gee on Vimeo.

1. If the earth were flat then the the highest point, the highest mountains, would be visible from every other point. We would be able to see the himalayas. Isn't that kinda a no-brainer? But the atmosphere/ clouds get in the way and obscure it, that's why! - no. If you got a telescope and looked at the horizon at night - you would see stars. "But the stars are fake!" -no.  Or look at the moon as it rises - you can see it clearly so that means that whatever was in front of it and between you and the telescope would also be visible. If the atmosphere got in the way of you seeing the mountains it would also get in the way of you seeing the moon or anything else visible from where you are.  There is nothing there to get in the way because it is around the curve of the earth. Hold up your flat phone and put it eye level, then slowly poke a finger over the opposite side of your eye. Then do the same with a ball. If there were something higher than your flat phone between your eye and your finger then you would be able to see it as well as your finger or else it would block that view. If the earth were flat every mountain would be visible from every other lower point. You would be able to see every plane in the air. - Live stream from ISS

2. Satellites and satellite photography. You can see them float across the sky - and see and receive images from them. You can see the ISS with a telescope. How do you cgi something seen with the naked eye you bought yourself? You can see a live feed from the ISS. You can actually check when it will be passing over where you are located and look up and see it. I've confirmed this myself. 

3. The moon, the sun, eclipses, seasons, tides, all perfectly explained with a spherical model. You can see the Moon with your own eyes - even better with a telescope and if you take the time to understand how it works - you would soon realize that the theory wasn't designed around the model but theory designed to explain the model. Meaning people were like: hmm what are eclipses, why are they around. IF the earth were flat why does it have a round shadow on the moon during an eclipse?

4. All other planets and known bodies are spherical. This is explained by gravity and how bodies are formed. 'BUT Those are fake pictures!' - They can be seen with a telescope and their orbits observed and tracked by anyone - including you. To think that could be a conspiracy or some-how faked is definitely magical thinking because it means they made some kind of holographic sky or altered your mind to see something that is not really there.

To test this out and make sure I wasn't falling prey to only believing 'what i've been told" I set up my camera to do a time lapse of the night's sky. The stars moved as expected and I even noticed two satellites. Every other light kept moving but there were two red dots that stayed in the same place. These are 'geosynchronous" satellites - which stay in the same place above the earth and allow gps. This is an example of something I can test with my own eyes and cannot be faked. That is unless you bring in the aid of "magical thinking" which can make anything you want possible. "Miracle" - but that doesn't mean it's true - just cause you can imagine it.

What does the "flat earth" really claim? You won't find a clear answer or explanation because of all the various sub-theories that have to be generated to make them true - will conflict with each other. Then you have fellow 'flat earthers' starting their own groups and going against each other because they disagree on the 'details' or 'facts'. You don't see any scientists or astronauts or pilots arguing over the shape of the earth or why there are seasons.

What is the flat earth's shape? Round? Triangular?  Disk? Or "infinite planar"

What is on the other side?

What is at the edges.

The main theory is that the north pole is located in the center and the edges are an ice world (antarctica) and goes around the rest of the flat earth which is centered on the north pole.

This was a debate people had before mathmatics, physics, optics, etc were developed and evolved. When columbus was going to travel to india it was under the premise that the earth was round - some people said "he was crazy' or more so that a round earth was crazy - but others agreed with the idea and were able to understand why. Ship navigators who used sextants and could navigate the oceans all did so with a round earth model. Space flights, rockets, satellites - didn't go to fly in order to prove the earth was round - this was already well established. The physics, gravity, and mathematics used for these to happen and all of our technology to function - operates not under the assumption but upon the fact that the earth is round. This is not a debate and the delusions and paranoia and  misconceptions and magical thinking required to accept a flat earth over the Spherical is .. beyond reasonable.

Anyone who has traveled the world or talked to people around the world knows it's different times of day and even days depending one where you are. That makes no sense in a flat earth model because the sun would have to be visible. "oh it's a spotlight" You can still see spot lights, that is not how light works. Even if for some reason you couldn't see the sun, you could see where it was illuminating. You would see it bouncing off the clouds, the atmosphere - and from any plane you could see the lit ground from where it was "day" just as you can see the moon lit even though it is not giving off any of it's own light.

You have to really question how people are able to get past the day and night point. it again requires a conspiracy so magical that it's able to alter every single phone call and diary and video and skype call and calendar and mathematical model - not just since we've had the technology to do that but for hundreds of years and keep the facade up. I've literally traveled around the world a couple times and time changed, the days were different, Iv'e talked to people who confirmed it was a different time and a different day. I lived in another country on the opposite side of the equator. I've been to China - to make that work on a flat world is. I don't know. It would require magical thinking in the same way it requires magical thinking to explain how Santa is able to deliver the presents to everyone in one night.

Debate over the possible

This is not a debate over Christopher Columbus being the first to discover the "new world' - which we were unknowingly wrong about and new evidence has been found to dispute that. Sure there was some conflict over that 'new truth' but the debate over the shape of the earth is on a completely different level that requires a conspiracy of reality so vast that the very thought of which is so strange, so crazy, so appealing to our imaginations as to force us to imagine the world like children yet again. 

Like being able to climb up on your roof and then not jump - but fly - and be able to do so just because you want to. And that's fine, and that's fun. But you have to be able to know the difference between that and physical reality. You have to be able to know the difference between conspiracy and people selling you on a conspiracy that is not possible. You have to be able to tell that the ones claiming conspiracy - ARE THE CONSPIRACY, even if they do not know it. But they probably do. They could be trolling you - and then it got out of hand ,then they started to get paid, and then they went with it.

This is an interesting 'debate' which really makes you realize these people really do believe what they are saying. The problem is that they believe that IF they are able to say something back or have an answer then it means it's real. Like a child who believes that if they can fill out an answer in a fill in the blank test - that it means they are right. No, that's not how it works. 

Are they for real?

These people who get sucked into this idea then go about, like a religious salesman trying to convert people as well. They then develop followers and believers and before they know it - they get attention. Not just from people who believe them but people who do not and you know what - they start to love it. They love the attention. They get more views, more followers, the crazier they get, the further they push it. They adapt and focus on it more and get more followers - who then make more videos and then show more people and then it happens. 

They become popular and they become one of the 'experts' in a field and it's something they like. People are listening to them for the first time. People are talking about them, about their ideas! It's probably very seductive. It's also exactly why they stick with it. They also probably already know, deep down, or very shallowly and fully that they are lying. That they are being deceptive. They also know that other people they are tricking - don't know that it's a lie. They don't realize the only reason they are being seduced into the idea isn't to spread truth but to promote someone's channel, to sell their books, to help them get more followers.

They are preachers of a new religion, 'promoting truth', claiming to have all the answers, all you gotta do is attend. It almost doesn't matter if it's the truth because they don't know what the truth is. They forgot what the actual word means. They forgot how to find it and they have to. The only way a lie stays alive is by pretending to be true.

These people know know how to trick most people with their carefully crafted parlor tricks - but what are they going to say to a trip to space? or an expedition to the edge of the world? When reality sets in. It's easy to sit behind a computer and troll yourself and play the video game that is your imagination. What goes on in their mind when presented with the truth? That they cannot deny? They will either accept it or deny it - but that has no bearing on the truth and reality. What you have to remember is that this is not a debate over something fictitious but something already proven beyond a reasonable doubt - that you have already accepted and have had absolutely no conflict with until you saw a youtube video. 

They say "how can you trust what others tell you?" How can you trust what they tell you? How can you trust what i'm telling you? That's not the question - the question is

 "How can you trust yourself?"

"Never underestimate the power of denial" - Ricky Fits.

The truth becomes something they are able to convince themselves of - and others - and not something in and of itself that exists without their experience of.

The earth is a rounded ball rotating around a rounded sun - and it continues to do so, regardless of our beliefs.

How do you know what the truth is? Experience. Prove it. Evidence - check that evidence. Don't believe what others say - verify it.

Why am I writing about this?

My personal interest in this is two fold.

One is I like to understand the mentality behind 'crazy thinking' and

Two I want to be able to discern the truth in my own ideas. How do I know that the ideas in my book are not just crazy delusions and how can I prove it?

 The flip side of all of this is that there are new and controversial ideas that come up - similar to Christopher Columbus not being the first to 'discover' america - that will end up being true but that start out just as doubted and ridiculed as the idea of a flat earth - or more so the idea of a spherical one when that started. My goals in that research is also two fold in that I want to recognize when i'm being lied to and how people lie, to use that to help them understand how to avoid being deceived but then to use that same technique on myself to dissect an idea.

My ideas are going to be controversial and alter some perceptions about history and the past and is in an area that is already saturated with conspiracy and fictionalization/ sensationalism.

Anything about da Vinci will bring up the "Da Vinci Code" and that is all about conspiracy theories. So if I mention that I am writing  a book about Leonardo da Vinci discoveries - it brings up those ideas even if my books has nothing to do with them. It makes people skeptical before I even present what I found. It's like even talking about the flat earth or aliens or any conspiracy makes you 'guilty by extension' or in my book I refer to it as "he who smelt it -dealt it" meaning that if you talk about it, you did it- or you are a proponent for it or you created it. So when I talk about what my book is about it does sound like the Da Vinci code which is fictional and then makes it seem like I am like one of those other books that came about the da vinci code rather than being about da Vinci himself.

Or it would be like writing a book about the flat earth - just to ride the wave of it's growing and momentary popularity. It would not be difficult to write a book about the Flat earth - make a couple videos about it and make some money off of it's 'followers' and people who are against it. I would be interested in reading a book about it just to see how they write a book about it and follow their logic. For me it's the perfect example of trying to understand the mentality of the truth that i'm able to indulge in but still always know that for sure - 100% is a big fat lie - even if they think it's true. You can't really do that with things like religion or unsolved mysteries because you can't prove it and people have been trying to for hundreds of years. It takes a lot of work and research to sit at that table and debate it properly.

So in other words these types of things interest me because they are examples of who and how I don't want to be. I want to make sure I am after the truth and not either tricking myself or being delusional. The problem with focusing too much on that is that if it really is the truth and you're not being delusional the same doubt that enables people to believe the earth is flat is also able to convince yourself that your truth - which is the truth - is also false.  You know what I mean?

That it's possible to arrive at the truth - look around - freak out - and go back to the comfortable position of being in doubt - and to do that - after already realizing the truth requires another form of denial and deception that is equally as cunning and confusing. You can try and achieve such a level of skepticism and stubbornness that no matter what - everything is false. Every truth is false.

The Elf

Let me introduce you to the elf. He's also been called the devils advocate - he is the guy in your head or in the youtube comment section that will always go against anything you say - no matter what. They aren't after the truth they are just there to prove you wrong. He's very helpful to strengthen your argument and solidify the facts - to double check your sources and make sure you are being honest with yourself - but if you're not able to turn him off he is capable of driving you just as crazy and steer you just as far away from the truth as a troll. He's what enables you to change your mind as to what the truth is - good when something was actually wrong - BAD, very bad, when that thing was actually true. So how do you know the difference?

You don't, yet. But you will. or more precisely - you already did. yOu just forgot.

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