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The shining is one of those movies that the people who only see it once won't appreciate. If you go into hearing that 'it's scary' you'll be disappointed. It's not your typical horror movie. It's not your typical - movie movie. It's just weird in a way that is hard to put your finger on. It's a movie with a lot of layers.

It's an example of a weird type of paranoia- questioning- is there a hidden meaning or isn't there? Are you just reading too much into it and seeing things or was it intentional? This is also a great example in that it definitely has some hidden meanings but also brings some vagueness since the director is dead and can't verify if they are his intention or coincidence or just accidental.

The idea that he filmed the hallways and blueprints of the hotel being 'impossible' is definitely true. It invokes a type of sub-conscious confusion in that we realize there is something 'wrong' with the orientation but you have to actively focus on it to figure out what it is. This phenomena is a type of "change blindness".

There are also other theories presented online and in the movie "Room 237" (It and The Shining are both on Netflix right now) 

The Minotaur and the maze (obvious) 
The Moon Landing Hoax 
Native American Holocaust 

Without going into the actual theories themselves it's interesting to add in the idea of a twist. Meaning that the hidden messages are there and they are about the things you think they are about - but they are not real in themselves. Meaning the director is playing with you and adding things he knows are false - to make you think they may be true, or at least to make you question it. This all adds to the effect of the movie and takes it into a new realm and off the screen and into your mind - lending itself to multiple watchings and discussions over it's intentions. 

Not so 'hidden' is the Apollo mission sweater. The placement of the toy cars are also said to be alluding to the launch pad. 

There can be fictionalizations of possible fictions which the director himself may not even know are true and add them in - just because that is the underlying theme of the movie. To mess with your subconscious. Stanley Kubrick researched subliminal advertising and attempted to turn that into a type of psychological effect for the movie - playing with our minds. 

These same types of effects are typically enhanced with music and sound effects or adding tension. A deeper study into the human psyche can enhance these even further. 

Another aspect to this, which is especially prevalent in these examples and this movie is the idea of innate or instinctual.. um phenomena? And others that have to be known to be perceived. Altering the continuity of the hotel and the ways the rooms are arranged is innate and doesn't require knowing anything special. The Minotaur and the maze, Indian & Moon mission themes would have to be known about to some extent to even be noticed let alone going into the more conspirital aspects. You can't know that a conspiracy theory is being alluded to if you don't even know of it's existence. 

The same could be said with written works - you may not know the references and even if you thought the use of something was an interesting choice - you couldn't know what that actually was. 

I've done a lot of research into Stanley Kubrick - his movies- and in particular the ideas and theories surrounding them. Not because they are interesting or I believe in them but because I am trying to understand how they are generated, how they originate, how to understand if they are true or not - and what makes some people believe them and others not. 

Some aspects of my book are similar in that I am analyzing various theories about Leonardo and his art and i've found it difficult to know how to decide if they are true or not. I used to be especially paranoid about being paranoid or reading too much into things but i've come around to realizing that it doesn't really matter - and if I don't know - and no one else does - then there is nothing wrong with presenting the ideas without stating that they are true or false if you're not sure. I think it's called 'speculation' but we can't forget that because something isn't 'proven' or you or someone else may not think that it's true - doesn't mean that it is or isn't. That's been a really interesting aspect to researching anything and everything - doesn't' matter what it is - how do you discern if it's true or not?  

After dealing with the same conundrum over and over (thanks internet) i've realized that you can just analyze both sides - consider both being true at the time - switch your point of view - argue against yourself - back n forth - and see where that takes you. You don't have to decide! That also doesn't mean that there isn't a truth to discern - either! 

Even "Jack's" hand placement in the picture at the end is a symbol. Again - even if you don't know what those symbols mean - doesn't mean that they are not representative of something. Conversely it also doesn't mean that it is representative of something real, or isn't used for fun and not some subversive cause. 

This is a great lil movie to watch about the hidden messages in cinema. 
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