Flat Earthers

"I would not believe that even if it were true."

*These were some notes I took after reading about and watching "Flat Earth" proponents. It's not done and i'll post the rest another time.

We do not have to prove that they are wrong or to have an answer for every single question. It is possible to generate questions that are erroneous and are only designed to confuse you - and then when you cannot answer correctly they will say "See you can't answer it so I am right." Like saying if 1+3 is 4 then how can 3 x 1 be 4 too? Or something that is just not real. We have a propensity to think that because something can be asked that it must be able to be answerable - and that if we cannot answer it that we are missing out on some information.

You have to understand that no matter what you say or ask or claim they will have an answer for and they think that if they are able to say something - anything at all - that it answers it.

Ask yourself - where did you, or who did you learn about this from. How did they get this information - where did they learn this from. Was it information that requires someone else to verify - an "authority' or is it something anyone can reason or see for themselves.

You have to acknowledge that it is possible for people to be completely wrong about something and not realize it, or to be wrong and know it and lie, and to not really know but claim they do and are right. If someone believes full heatedly that the earth is flat and are 100% sure - and it's a fact to them. They have to understand that the way they think the people who think it is spherical are just a sure - so one must be wrong, in denial, or lying about their belief.

There have been people who are referred to as "Snake oil salesman" they come into town, put on a show about a magic potion they are selling and claiming that it will cure baldness or heal the sick or _____ and then have someone else with them who claims "It's true it worked for me!" or even put one of their other co-hosts in the crowd and have them come on stage as if they have never met and have it 'work for them' too. Then they sell as much of it as they can to the people who have been tricked and lied and conned and they leave town before they are able to realize that it's been a delusion. The same could be done with trying to sell bricks of gold - they have one two real ones and then the rest are just painted or fake gold. The goal is to fool you - to convince you that something that is false - is true.

In the case of the internet these people are making videos with faked information and theories and ideas not because they want to help you find the truth but because they want you to watch it. That's all. They make money by the number of viewers and they also try and sell books about it - not because it's true and they are trying to "Share and spread the truth" helping you - but to fool you and to trick you into staying around and trying to get you to tell other people as well. It's a pyramid scam but you don't get anything out of it. Even if you believe 100% in this idea you have to admit that there are people who lie and cheat and steal and try to trick people and steal their money. These theifs are trickers will use tactics that have been around for hundreds or thousands of years. Animals use them when they play dead, when they act injured, people will pretend they are blind or have a sickness to get money from you. People will dress badly and hold up signs saying they are homeless then at the end of the day drive away to a large house. People will sell you pills that say it will make your breasts or penis larger or lose weight- and know 100% that it will not. People will sell you on an investment that all you have to do is give them 20$ and they will give you 2000$ a month later. People will say they are from Africa and need to send you a million dollars becuas they can't open a bank account - and what they really want is your banking information to TAKE YOUR MONEY - not to give it to you. You see they are tricking you.

The scarry and confusing part is that there are homeless people who do need help, there are some pills that will do what they claim like antibiotics, there are investments that will pay you back, there are people who may have genuinally lost their wallet and need money for gas and will really re-pay you and pay you back even more for helping them. That is the problem - but there are solutions.

What is a 'conspiracy theory' ?

Conspiracy: NOUN

  1. a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful:
    "a conspiracy to destroy the government"
There is a difference between a "Conspiracy" and a "Conspiracy theory" An example could be something like two rival schools planning on toilet papering the other. One school "the group" would talk and decide on when to do it, how to do it, etc. They are "plotting" and this is a 'conspiracy." A conspiracy theory would be someone else seeing them talking in secret, being suspicious and theorizing "I think they are planning on doing something" Are they just hanging out? Are they planning a party? or are they planning on doing something bad? What is it that they are doing exactly? You see before you know what they are doing you have a "Theory" and if you think they are going to be doing something bad (to you or anyone else) it is a "Conspiracy theory" it could also be that they are planning a secret surprise party or something non-bad and this would still be a

There have been times, plenty, when a governing or religious (or both) authority have purposely and systematically and intentionally conspired to keep the general public unaware of something or to believe something that was false - was true. The idea that the Earth revolves around the sun, gravity, the properties of light, not letting anyone outside the church read the bible, not letting it be published in English, etc. Edison conspired to try and convince the world that DC was better than AC by discrediting Tesla, saying it was dangerous - he was lying and setting up "proofs' by electrocuting dogs. These would be real examples of 'conspiracy'

What is not an example of 'conspiracy' would be a company or group of people trying to hide or divert attention or mislead the public or 'everyone' for a non-bad reason. If you didn't know the reason and believed it to be bad then you would believe it was a "conspiracy theory" An example could be Apple or any other tech company trying to keep a new phone or technology secret until it was released. They might use all the same tactics and seem like they are planning something bad but instead of a bomb it's just a new product. The governments of the world do the same thing with military and other kinds of technologies and from one government to the other - it is a conspiracy. But if you are civilian you may believe that your own governments secrecy or coverings are negative towards you personally - but it's actually the opposite. They are sheltering you from information like a parent would - because there is nothing you can do about it and would upset you. That does NOT mean that there are not true conspiracy theories about governments that are just out right bad. Watergate, criminal dealings with weapons and drugs, stealing money, etc. Just because someone is in a government position and does something wrong and uses their resources to try and get away with it - does not mean that the government itself is bad. There are priests who use their position to do bad things but that does not mean that the church is itself all corrupt. There are companies that claim to be charities which do not give the money they raise to help what they say they do and keep it for themselves but that does not mean that charity is not a real thing and that there are some people doing the right thing for the right reasons. It could be that it's only a single person in the institution who is stealing or doing something bad. If it were a small group doing it - then it would be a conspiracy. If it were the entire group - it would still be a conspiracy. But if those people are replaced with good people then it doesn't mean that the institution itself was bad or is bad inherently. That's like saying that all hospitals are bad because there was an evil doctor in one hospital. Or that all doctors are bad because one was.

This is where we run into the problem with "conspiracy theories" or "conspiracy theorists" some are actually true but some are 100% not true. But what happens when one of them is actually true - they will be labeled a "conspiracy theorist" as a negative thing not because they are wrong but because they are right! If someone were on trial for murder they may try to say or do anything they could to get away with it. They would say that "Someone else did it, him!" to divert blame. If the other person did it then certainly he couldn't have! Or if there was a witness they may try to say "He is "Crazy" or he is a "conspiracy theorist" not because he is but because he isn't and he knows the "truth" - you see the problem is that sometimes the person is crazy and is a conspiracy theorist and he is the one actually lying and the guy really didn't commit murder! This is exactly what happened at the witch trials - the word "WITCH" or "Witchcraft" could be used towards someone and then once labeled - they are then that thing they are called. That means that no matter what they do - only proves the point. If they say they are not "they are lying!" if they stutter - then it's proof, if they sneeze - it's proof, if they wore a certain color clothing - its' proof of witchcraft. If they own a broom - it's witchcraft! So you see these labels can be used as a type of scapegoat or cover. "Communist" during the cold ware. Were there really spies and bad people doing bad things, yes. But there were also bad people doing bad things and then yelling "Communist" at innocent people to divert attention and to discredit them. The same thing happens with "Conspiracy theorist" - there are true conspiracies and there are people who are figuring them out and they are trying to prevent or 'expose' the truth - whistleblowers. Journalists, good people who want to make sure bad people doing bad things don't do them or are held responsible. If you realized your own company was stealing or ripping people off or selling something dangerous or fraudulent you would be an insider aware of a companies conspiracy - totally real and there would be nothing 'crazy' about you. But if you tried to tell someone what would the bad guys in the company say? They would call you CRAZY and a conspiracy theorist or try to say or make up bad things about you - while "covering up" the evidence against them. This happens all the time with almost every crime. Everyone in jail is "innocent" but the problem again arises - some of them really are. People are punished for crimes they didn't commit - whole cases which themselves were conspiracies in the truest sense of the word. The cops were in on it, the witnesses lied, they were genuinely framed so that they are punished and the people who really did it get away with it. They are called crazy and when they say "I didn't do it i'm being framed!" They are telling the truth. The problem is often times when someone really did do it they say the exact same thing except they are the ones lying.

This is the difference between "conspiracy theories" "conspiracies" and "CONSPIRACY THEORIES"
  • Conspiracy: True, and proven. A group of people purposely did something secretly bad, either illegal or morally wrong and tried to cover it up. Watergate is an example or Hitler setting fire to the parliament building and blaming it on a mentally handicapped person to build support for his party and laws.
  • Conspiracy Theory: An idea that a group of people (or person) have done or are doing something secretive, covered or are covering it up, diverting attention from, lying about, misleading etc about something illegal or immoral. Pretty much the same thing as a conspiracy but it may or may not be true. An example would be the assassination of Abraham Lincoln vs JFK. There was a conspiracy (planning to commit a crime) by the shooters before they shot, and then once it happens - the assassination - it is real. We know who shot Abraham Lincoln so it is not a conspiracy theory - it was a conspiracy that became a known crime. If no one saw the shooter and he got away then the ideas about who shot him or those involved would have been a conspiracy theory. JFK is a prime example of a conspiracy theory because  of motive, and the mysterious circumstances surrounding it and the conflicting evidence with the official story. Either one guy shot from one window for his own reasons - official story. Or there were many people involved with motives and the resources and ability to make the official story plausible enough to create reasonable doubt.

We know that people will lie. We know people will blame it on someone or something else. "He did it!" "The devil did it." We also know that imaginary and fabricated scenarios will be used to deny or cover something up as well - children are very obvious when doing this. There is a video of a cow getting in a house, laying on the floor with a little girl and when asked the girl says that the cow opened the door - obviously the girl did. There is an example of a woman who said that a black man stole her car with her kids in it - when she really did. As we get older we resort to the same things to explain things that are not true we just get more 'realistic' the issue is we do not have to prove the truth we only have to give 'reasonable doubt' - at least in court. What goes through the mind of a child while they are fabricating a magical story to deny or describe something that they KNOW is false? There is a universal aspect of the mental development of children that is just like the aspect of not being able to understand "under" - if a ball rolls under something they think that it has "disappeared" they are not able to comprehend the idea that something goes under something. It seems obvious and that they are "dumb" to us when we are older but if you wait a little bit that same child will eventually realize - and understand the concept of "oh, it's UNDER" and something is covering it from my view - it's still there. This is how magic tricks work, we are tricked by using these concepts by deception and trickery - for entertainment value. This idea of "Magical thinking' the imaginary friend, the made up stories to explain things that they are currently not capable of comprehending can extend into adulthood and affect us at any age. If there is a magician on stage and does something we cannot explain - does that mean it's truly magic or that we just don't have all the information? After the trick is explained we are like - 'oh yeah, duh, i'm so stupid!" but what we don't realize is that everyone falls for the same trick like all babies fall for the "under" 'trick' - but some of us may not develop 'skeptical thinking' and this is where we return to the idea of the CONSPIRACY THEORIEST.

They believe that everything is a lie and the only thing that isn't is whatever they want to believe in - with or without evidence. They pick and chose and deny anything that does not fit within their version of reality. The manifestation of this is the CONSPIRACY THEORY of Santa Clause. regardless of the intentions there are children told that there is a man who knows what they are doing at all times and is judging whether they are good enough to be given presents or punishment at the end of each year. He brings these presents in a single night to all the good children in the entire world and he gets into the houses through the chimney - he has 12 reindeer who pull his flying sleigh, and elves who make the toys at the north pole. These all seem entirely plausible when we are children and the evidence is at every shopping mall, the presents left, the cookies eaten, and a general consensus between other children/ peers but most of all because this story was told to them by a trusted source - the authority - their parents, who will not lie to them. This is the source of the 'magical thinking' it is generated by the false premise that "Santa Clause is real" You will also see how to explain any of his phenomena - which require 'magic' generate erroneous explanations - "he travels at x speed, he has a sled, he can teleport or walk through walls, he can be at more than one place at once" - but you see his existence in the way described requires a suspension of disbelief in the reality you have lived in and experience at every other point in your life and will continue to experience - because that is the way in which physical reality exists. It has physical laws, demonstrable, proven to work time and time again, and can be self - replicated, meaning that it doesn't just work for one person one time but for everyone at all times. You drop something and it falls. Light gives on heat. Fire burns. You need to breathe air to survive. You can't walk through walls. etc. These rules that we develop and learn throughout our lives are being refined and established from the moment we open our eyes and until this very moment. The problem with this is that there seem to be exceptions for things that seem like they should or have to be always true. If things always fall then why don't then in outter space? - Gravity. If there is always days and night every day then why are there not in north pole? These 'exceptions' make it seem like there is not true reality or that truth is relative. When we contemplate this seemingly uncomprehdable dilemma we can either become extremely skeptical or revert back to magical thinking. We either use "magic" as an explanation and don't think about it anymore or we use magical and skepetical thinking that will result in a mental paranoidic loop.

What is the land area of the Flat earth? What is the distance from each of it's furthest points to the other? What is the shape of it? What is on the reverse side of this earth? What happens if  you go to the edge, where would you go if you fell?

Is every single image taken from space or high altitude fake? How do you explain the seasons? Are the sun and moon revolving around the earth? How do you explain eclipses?

If the Earth were flat you would be able to see it's highest points from every single point. If you say there is not a telescope to see that far then how can you see the moon? How far away is the moon compared to the Himalayans? If the atmosphere interferes with the optics then how far would you have to travel up, assuming every single plane isn't an illusion and flight is possible, to see it?

If you can look down from a flight and see the features of earth below you - how high do you have to go before you can see everything? If it were flat you would be able to see everything from a certain height up - and all would be equally clear with no atmospheric distortion keeping you from seeing the edges differently from below you since the atmosphere is equal from all points from the ground to the sky and the only thing changing the view from any point would be the power of the lens and camera. Since we have cameras capable of seeing other planets and the moon in detail and in entirety you should be able to see every point from every distance above a flat earth if you go up high enough. Take each corner or each edge point and have them align to the center of the flat world - then go up - to what would be the center of the flat earth - from that point you would be able to see everywhere. If you say that for whatever reason you wouldn't then you have to at least admit that going straight up from any location - especially your own is possible and you are then able to look down and see your house, then your street, then your block, then your city, your county, and so on. In a spherical world you would eventually see a circle with half of the world visible - as seen from the moon or any distance great enough with an an accommodating angle or pov. Doing the same with a flat earth you would see not half of the world but the entire world in a single glace - as you see it displayed in maps. These maps are shown this way so that you can see the entire world in a single view but are morphed in specific ways to enable this. This is not how they actually are since the world is a sphere and you can only see half of it from a single point of view or from a single place you would take a picture from. Imagine that you wanted to draw a map of your own head or body. You cannot take a picture of your front and your back at the same time and from the same place. To make a map of your entire body you have to either take a picture from different angles - front and back, or you have to take pictures while you are turning around. Then you have to show these pictures - a composite - together to see both the front and back. Now you may also realize that you have to do the same for each side of you as well - the left and the right in order to show all "North, South, East, and West" views of yourself. Now if you want to take these pictures/ drawings/ maps of you and make them flat - showing all of your sides at once - you would have to either place them next to each other and realize they are 4 pictures of a 3d object from 4 different angles/ places/ views or you could try to combine them all into a single view/ drawing/ map and it would look weird and deformed depending on how you do it. This is called a "projection" and this is how a round figure can be displayed as being flat. Take a basketball (or any ball) and draw stuff all over it, make your own designed planet. Now hold it in front of you - can you see the back of it or only one side? Now if you want to be able to show what you have drawn on it you have to either re-draw it and turn it, re-draw it and turn - or you could pop it - and then cut it up to make it flat. Now you see how a sphere can be turned flat - but in order to turn that cut shape into something that is square or rectangular you have to do some math - again these are called "projections' and these were what were developed and used to map the earth. If the earth were flat then you wouldn't have to do anything and just draw it on a flat piece of paper - and that would be it. But then you run into the question of - what's at the edges?  If you walk or fly in one direction - any direction without turning you would eventually get to an edge - what then? What is there? This would be the first obvious error. With a sphere if you do the same thing - going in any direction you will come back to the same point. Hold up a ball and turn it with your finger touching - draw a spot - then spin it and your finger will come back to that spot - there are no edges. Hold up a flat piece of paper and your finger will come to an edge of the paper. In a flat earth there is always an up and a down from a single plane, with the spherical earth there is always an away and a towards the center of the circle. Imagine tying a string to a ball and then swining it around you head - the place where the string is attached will always stay facing towards your hand. That is what the moon is doing - it is swinging around the earth and we always see the same side just like you see the same side of the ball you are swinging around your head - but there is no string. This "string" is called gravity. If you hold a ball, or anything and then drop it to the ground gravity is what pulls it down. It is not pulling it down to a flat surface but to the center of it's ball. Like a magnet that doesn't attract medal but attracts ANYTHING and EVERYTHING - even air and light. Gravity is like the earth having a giant magnet pull anything to it's center and it does this equally from all points around it's center. If you have a ball magnet it will attrackt medal from any point and it will stick to it there. The same happens to the earth. If you go sky diving you are not falling flat to the ground you are being pulled to the center of the earth in the shortest path possible. The only reason you would fall in any way but straight from where you are to the center is wind. That is why if you drop a pencil it falls straight down but if you drop a piece of paper it will fall more randomly. That's why you can make a paper airplane that 'glides' or planes that fly - they are riding air just like surfers ride a wave.

The bible was the only dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia. There were no books to refer to for information about mathematics, statistics, measurements, it was all - what you see is what you get. The earth is obviously not moving or we would "feel it" etc.
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