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Hi Derek,             Thanks for your reply, Sorry I have not replied quicker, been busy today. I will be straight with you and hope you may be able to help. I have the opportunity to sell this painting for the owners. The painting as you have correctly indicated is not recognised to be the work of Da Vinci. Even though the letter of authenticity states that it is. I have been in touch with  a gallery in London, England where I live and they have approached someone you would have heard of ,  Mr Martin Kemp.  When the gallery approached him he confirmed to them that in his opinion the Portrait Of Salai was not painted by Da Vinci. As you have stated on your Blog, this is all a matter of opinion and thats what i believe. The painting must have a value and be of interest to someone. The Bank in Geneva has it insured currently for   120 Million Euros. There must be a buyer out there. If you feel you can find a buyer, or create some further interest that would be great as we can all ear…

The Apparition

THE APPARITIONThe Ruins: By Constantin-François Volney

"While thus absorbed, a sound struck my ear, like the agitation of a flowing robe, or that of slow footsteps on dry and rustling grass. Startled, I opened my mantle, and looking about with fear and trembling, suddenly, on my left, by the glimmering light of the moon, through the columns and ruins of a neighboring temple, I thought I saw an apparition, pale, clothed in large and flowing robes, such as spectres are painted rising from their tombs. I shuddered: and while agitated and hesitating whether to fly or to advance toward the object, a distinct voice, in solemn tones, pronounced these words:

How long will man importune heaven with unjust complaint? How long, with vain clamors, will he accuse Fate as the author of his calamities? Will he forever shut his eyes to the light, and his heart to the admonitions of truth and reason? The light of truth meets him everywhere; yet he sees it not! The voice of reason strikes his ear; …