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I've been working on transferring my Leonardo content from to I'm still working on a lot of details but in the process of creating the new site I updated it with 10xs more content. There is even more to include not even mentioning when I start on my book's contents. Previously I wasn't able to include much about what my book was about because the book itself wasn't done. 
Now I've realized it's going to be best to do it the opposite way - create the site and then release a book after. Since it's been almost 10 years that i've been working on it i've generated a LOT of material - probably 1% of which would ever be able to fit in the book I was planning on - so what do I do with the rest? What about all of the stuff that wouldn't fit in a book and the stuff that couldn't be included because of the actual book - printed -book -  medium?  
It could even be that I don't have to write a book at all. …