Samsung Galaxy S6-VR Concept

Samsung Galaxy S6-VR 

This is what I want for my birthday. Maybe next year? I'm kinda over always being disappointed by a huge build up for some new revolutionary device. Everything just seems to be slight evolution from the previous design - and sometimes with some steps back! I'm like ughhhh, So I decided to play around and imagine the phone that I wished was announced today. Not the best photo-chop but you can get the idea. 
my Vr Concept 

With visible front facing speakers

Non-curved but with a larger wrap around screen. 

  • Dual 20mp Rear Cameras
  • Auto Eye Tracking Focus from Front Cameras - it focuses by seeing where you are looking at the screen. 
  • Sync’d OIS, 120fps 4k, 240fps 1080p etc.
  • 3d Stereo Photographs or Quad HDR (Both Cameras combine into a single Super-HD image)
  • Curved & Wrap around Display 700dpi, The curved screen enhances the Gear VR headset’s optics and provides better normal viewing with little to no glare. 
  • Dual Front facing cameras for head and eye tracking - while in Gear to provide focus and provide additional inputs. The VR view changes depending on your eye movement as well as head movement. 
  • Wink to Unlock - Iris ID. 
  • Front facing cameras also work as finger print scanner. 
  • 3d Skype & Selfies 
  • Hidden front facing 3d synthesizing speakers. 
  • 8 Microphone array - 4 front & 4 rear 
  • Stereoscopic 3d pass through VR view - with eye tracking and augmented reality zoom and projections. Able to scan environment and objects and render in 3d - in real time. 

First impression of the New Galaxy s6
The New Galaxy S6 Edge is a “butter face” in reverse. You are like damn look at that face but then ‘she’ turns around and you are like - oh…It’s not bad looking it’s just kinda boring and in this case - just glass.  I feel like they ‘gave in’ to the medal/glass thing but at the wrong time. I have the note 4 and I had the S5 before it and I actually preferred the more plastic feel. I feel like people would just say “Well medal is better” but without any substantial reasons.  For me phones are not long term investments or something like a Rolex but more of a tool that I need - and it’s really more about function. I don’t want to be afraid to drop it, I don’t want to worry about scratches, I want something that is more like your favorite backpack that has been around the world with you - rather than designer luggage that is more expensive. A tool - not jewelry. Not that it can’t be both - but if you have to compromise - let it be for utility and not for style. Medal may look ‘better’ but it is heavier and costs more and is more difficult to repair. 
I love the note when i’m home and around the house but it’s a little too heavy/ solid for the gym or running/ exploring. I use a first generation moto-x for that kinda stuff - which is by far the best/ easiest little phone I’ve ever used - if it had the same camera and screen quality the note has - wow. The note feels like i’m going to break it and that it’s expensive - but in an uncomfortable way. It’s an solid A device but a B mobile-phone. Where as the Moto-X is a B- device and an A+ mobile phone. 
 I got the note4 for the pen and Gear VR - and that is a case where you really want the phone to be as light as possible. I would have gotten the Note Edge but it wouldn’t work with the gear - but the side notifications are a great idea. Since the S6 is also going to have a Gear VR headset it’s interesting that they would choose to go with Glass/ Medal - which will make it heavier and not including the removable battery and sd card slot is just weird. I read that having a non-removable battery makes the phone more secure so a thief couldn’t take the battery out to stop the “find my phone” feature. If that is the case then they should just put in a second - really small battery just for that - win win. 
They also should have, imho, differentiated the line more. Made both versions with the curved display - basically the S6 - Edge (as it is) be the more ‘premium’ build and then make the other:
  • -Waterproof
  • -Super light Plastic with no medal
  • - Removable battery & sd card 

Then add an additional rear camera for 3d pictures/ video and stereoscopic VR pass through. It really feels like they were trying to compete with the iphone and other “premium” (Look and feel) devices and should have focused more on the future - lightweight - 3d VR - bigger replaceable battery -and expandable storage. So they would have two devices that would appeal to different types of people but neither would be a ‘cheaper’ version - just having a different focus. The more hip and less tech oriented vs the photographer/ vr/ tech nerd. (like me)
I was actually relieved when they revealed the S6 - because for the first time it didn’t make me want to upgrade. I really want a photography - 3d - vr based phone that is light - durable - and I can switch in Sd cards without having to take the back off. Taking video and photos with such high resolution takes up HD space - fast. It really feels like Samsung is trying to appeal to hip people rather than the tech people. I want a tough ass- work-horse not a gaudy, pretty little pony. 
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