2016 Nissan Maxima Design

The original design morphing into my rendition. 

2016 Nissan Maxima. The front it awesome, the back is pretty nice. This is getting a lot of hate on the design. I think it’s the bulkyness of the bottom half that makes the top half look disjointed. The A and D pillars seem too thin for the rest of the design. But I think with a lot of new designs you can’t really appreciate them until you see them in person.

I was curious what it would look like with a body colored A pillar so I photo-shoped it and then got a little carried away with some other details.

My version is on the right.

update: March 2015
I coincidentally happened to see one of these by Palm Springs California. I recognized it as soon as I saw the grill in my rear view mirror. There is something about photo-shopping something that ingrains it in to the memory. What's cool about getting a video of it is that there have only been the press release pictures of it and in only one color. So I may have been one of the first to catch the new design out on the roads. Carparazzziiii 

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