I just happened to glance up at my reflection in the mirror in my restroom. I was kinda surprised how sad I looked but then I realized something - I am not sad at all, I was just like literally skipping and singing around the house - i'm in the one of the best places emotionally and mentally that i've ever been in my entire life. Like ever, ever. So when I saw my reflection it reminded me of something - Leonardo's self portrait sketch. That expression looks sad or disappointing - but it also looked exactly like the one I just unknowingly had in the mirror.

What is it? It's being exhausted and having so much I want to do and that I'm excited to do - but don't have enough time left. For me it's until I have to sleep but for him  it was that he was about to die. It's easy to say at 31 that I'll do it tomorrow and watch a movie instead, but once you are in the zone - taking a break because you have to is a different thing entirely. It's more of a
"I wish I could stay in the zone, i wish I could do and know more - than my body and time will allow"

So that's pretty interesting. That you can't really understand an expression until you feel it - and then recognize it in the mirror. I would never know what it looked like had I not seen my reflection - even though I may have been feeling the same I didn't know what it LOOKed like. Like someone who doesn't know an uncomfortable smile or a flirty smile because they are too young.

 "You'll know what that wink was all about when you grow up! little fella  ;-) "

It wouldn't be likely for a younger person to recognize the expression of someone who's showing something usually reserved for wrinkled faces.

The only other time i've experienced the same type of feeling by looking in the mirror is the complete opposite. Being hung over and feeling like i'm dying and looking in the mirror and looking surprisingly good - nothing like how i felt. I would be like - woah, that is how I look? That is NOT how I am feeling...

Kinda like how the nicest people can have resting bitch faces and the meanest people are always smiling.
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