What's this world coming to?


"This world is going straight to hell" 

I always find it a little ironic that when something bad happens that people will usually take it as a sign that things are getting worse. When in fact - things are getting not just a little better but a lot better. The 'problem' isn't that more bad things are happening but that less are - so that when things do go wrong they are exemplified and sensationalized. 

In California the weather is almost always great so when it rains - it becomes a big deal even if it's just a drizzle. It's "Dangerous" and you better watch out! Meanwhile in other parts of the world it rains more often than not and it's not newsworthy at all - actually it's more news worthy when the weather is nice. 

There is also the types that find certain groups of people getting "more" or equal rights a sign of bad times. The kind that thought the world was getting "worse" when slavery was abolished or women were allowed to vote or the world becomes more liberal. For those it's not a matter of the world getting "worse" but more so that the world is changing from what they are used to - like when it rains. They seem to have lost the perspective that not only is change inevitable but that it is essential and like rain - it may get your socks wet or make you uncomfortable but without it we wouldn't have anything to eat or drink. 

People may get offended and hurt by other people's words and beliefs or who think differently than they do - but forget that not too long ago they would burn you to alive or cut out your tongue. The whole - sticks and stones things. Sometimes we forget that it's a good thing to only have petty things to complain about - that someone's social media comment upsets us rather than where we are going to get our next meal. 

These graphics (and the site) show the direction where the world is really heading and it's a great time to be alive even if some people don't think so.

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