Split Depth Gifs

Split Depth Gifs are a type of animation that uses two lines superimposed over an animation that is altered to use them to provide a type of depth perception. It uses the rules that govern our vision system which then manipulates it to enable us to perceive the animation in a type of 3d - even though it is a single image.

In other words it is digitally including a "window" that acts as a secondary Q for depth information. If the lines are covered after something moves towards it - it means that it is now "in front of" it where as it previously was not.

I saw a comment posted on Reddit that was really interesting. People who are depth perception blind - who cannot see 3d - even 3d movies - are able to experience these in a way that other types of 3d do not allow for. To experience 3d you usually require two eyes working in tandem which process two images that are slightly different. To view 3d movies they provide two different images via various processes to each eye. People who are depth perception blind see the world - even if both eyes work - as if they only had one eye. So they see a 3d movie as a normal 2d screen.

What these split depth gifs do is provide additional information - depth Q's which seem to enable the depth perception ability whether seen with one eye or two - even to people who are 3d blind!

This one is enhanced further because it blurs the background and heightens the gun - as a real eye would do in focusing on something coming nearer.

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