Mind controlled Prosthetic Limbs and Wings

This double amputee is able to control both prosthetic limbs with his mind. Can you imagine what that would feel like to look down at something and be able to control it? Especially something that you once had and then lost?

What if we used this technology not to control limbs that have been lost but additional? Like, wings?!

Leonardo da Vinci thought it was his destiny to create a device that would allow men to fly like birds. Unfortunately the time he lived in didn't allow for that. Even though some of his designs would have worked it wasn't their design it had more to do with the materials he had. Ropes and wood - not ideal for flight. He also lacked a type of power source other than human muscles and wind. 

All of these limitations have been conquered and while it would be pretty complicated it's definitely possible. All it takes is someone to take it seriously and a whole slew of new sports, gaming, adventures, and travel could start.

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