Cuddlefish Robot

An aquatic robot based on the movement of a cuttlefish. 

Cuddlefish can change color and shape to mimic not only their surroundings but for comedic effect.

"A four-finned robot ripples through the water, taking inspiration from the movement of cuttlefish.
 Created by Pascal Buholzer and fellow students from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich, the copycat robot, named Sepios, demonstrates that its finned design can be an environmentally friendly alternative to propellers. Underwater plants are likely to get tangled in spinning blades, but Sepios was filmed diving into a forest of seagrass and then effortlessly moving through it, even in stormy conditions. The symmetrical arrangement of its fins allows it to move easily in any direction while each fin can be steered individually for precise control. In a demonstration, it gracefully navigated its way through a metal frame." - Source


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