Galpin Fisker - Rocket (Karma Killer)

Take a new 2015 Mustang and let Fisker work his designery magic and bang - you get a Rocket. Before I knew about Elon Musk - H. Fisker had my dream, or at least one of them, careers.

 To start my own car company.

The first step - like Fisker took would have been to take existing cars and rework them in what is known as "Coach Building" which is what the Rocket is and also what companies like Saleen do. The next step is to make your own car - which Fisker accomplished but then through a lot of bad luck didn't quite work out. He did build one of the best looking sedans of all time - but who's substance couldn't compete.

The car was called "Karma' and ironically it is being re-vamped by another company doing something very similar to what Fisker did with this mustang. Taking the Karma and taking out all it's eco-tech and putting in a huge Corvette V8 engine. It's going to be called the "Destino" and will end up costing around the same as the Rocket "over 100,000" and while Electric is the future - that Destino is destined for my garage.

Rocket Photos by Galpin Auto Sports & Drew Phillips
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