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I've been working on transferring my Leonardo content from itsjustlife.com to discoveringdavinci.com I'm still working on a lot of details but in the process of creating the new site I updated it with 10xs more content. There is even more to include not even mentioning when I start on my book's contents. Previously I wasn't able to include much about what my book was about because the book itself wasn't done. 

Now I've realized it's going to be best to do it the opposite way - create the site and then release a book after. Since it's been almost 10 years that i've been working on it i've generated a LOT of material - probably 1% of which would ever be able to fit in the book I was planning on - so what do I do with the rest? What about all of the stuff that wouldn't fit in a book and the stuff that couldn't be included because of the actual book - printed -book -  medium?  

It could even be that I don't have to write a book at all. I can turn what was my book and all the content it had generated - and turn that into a site. That way I am not restricted by page numbers or printing costs or the quality of the images. In a book you can't even zoom in to an image so for some sections I would have had to re print the same image dozens of times. While on a website it could be interactive and in 100x's the quality. The single hardest thing about writing my book wasn't the "writing" but figuring how how to organize it in a sequential format. What goes first? How do i avoid repetition? Or the worst was trying to combine multiple re-writes and sources into one - I would have to literally re-read - and then re-write and re-structure and re-organize each and every section, chapter, and even some paragraphs. 

Since I didn't know what I was doing when I started I made a lot of mistakes. Or really more like mis-steps. I didn't fail I just realized that what I had been doing wouldn't work so I would have to start over - and then that would happen again and fast forward almost 10 years and I have dozens of different versions of the same book. Turning those into a single book is more difficult than turning that into a site - and it was something I realized I had to do a long time ago anyways. It would be like printing out everything about Leonardo da Vinci - it would take thousands if not hundreds of thousands of pages. It makes no sense to do it that way when it could all be included in one place - easy to find and explore. It also allows easier navigation, and being able to update it with new content and revisions. That was another really difficult thing about writing this book: not having what it was about completely figured out. How could I finish if I didn't have the ending? 

What happened was my book became like an unpublished messy blog more than a book because it took so long and I ended up writing so much. That is why it's called "Discovering da Vinci's Daughter" and not DiscoverED - I had and still do not have it all figured out. So if my book was about discovering something - I couldn't ever finish it until I had finished discovering it. It's been like a conundrum - can't finish or publish my book because I can't finish it - and I can't publish my work and re-search before I publish my book. 

A few months ago I had an epiphany - I can turn my book into a web site. Not just a preview of what my book was about - but the actual book itself.  Since then I've been brainstorming exactly how to go about that but thankfully I had already been planning on doing it anyways - I had just been always prevented since I hadn't finished my book. Instead of trying to fit in and edit hundreds of thousands of pages into 500 pages I can include even more. Instead of worrying about getting it all "perfect" I can post it and then go back and update it. That is the trouble with books - you print them and then you can't change them anymore. With a web site I can publish - edit - delete - re-post and refine it. I've always been hesitant to finish because I knew my writing wasn't necessarily up to par - or that I would go back and wish i could do it better - and then put it off again. Publishing it this way free's me from the restriction of a book and turns it into more of a journal. It's not suppose to be edited and well - written - it's suppose to represent exactly what it was when it was written. You don't go back and edit your journals or touch up your baby pictures. 

There are some things you work on and finish and other things that you may never be able to finish. Some things require an ending - you could keep painting a painting over and over and it may never ever be 'just right' and it could always be "just a little better." That is what the Mona Lisa represents - a constant evolving display of his life and talent. Conversely something like a stone arch has to be completed and installed. You can keep designing a car forever but eventually you have to have it built to drive it. With a book you have to get to a point that you can press "print" and with a letter you have to get to a point you can press send. 

I also have a lot of really cool things that I haven't been able to share or even hint about. The "spoiler alters" for my book so to speak. Like wanting to be able to tell someone about a movie you saw but you can't even talk about it until they watch it. Or in my case, I couldn't share what i've found before I finished figuring it out or someone else might be able to figure it out first. Now I've gotten to the point where I'm just ready to finish and I've figure it out enough. It could literally take me a life time to process it all alone - so my goal now is to just show enough for others to continue on - so I can move on. 

I'll be updating a lot more with a lot more content. I'll also probably be publishing the previous version of my book from 2007 - it's become kinda like a prequel. It's like i've spent the time since I wrote it trying to validate what I discovered - and in the process - well that process became half the book itself. There is what I found and then how I found it. Two completely different stories one of which isn't actually a story. It's a, well, "discovery." haha . . .

Stay tuned future readers! 


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